my country cousin pt2

sundra and i made it back to the house with just enough time to clean up after the mornings sex.i did notice on the way that there were two more cars there and wondered who had arrived.
when we finally got to the kitchen oh wow her older s****rs were there claire and carol both in there mid twentys and both very hot claire being a favorite of mine with her black hair and blue eyes,god i lusted after her but damm she had her two k**s with her i didnt think i was going to get a chance there.
well wasn't lunch interesting and i was sitting next to claire blast i was getting a hardon just sitting next to her.just then i felt this hand on my thigh and grab my cock.i looked at claire she was looking right back at me with a huge smile,not to mention she had a grip on my cock and was starting to stroke me under the table oooh damm that felt good but i couldn't blow my wad ai front of every one so i slapped her hand away. thankfully sundra distacted her we she asked her mother if she could take me riding in the afternoon
my aunt kate dissapointed her and me a little by saying no dear you will have to stay here and help me prepare dinner for all these extra mouthes,sundra pauted a little and ok mom.but then claire said i will go riding with peter my cock just about lifted the table of the floor at that point go i had to get him undercontrol.
my aunt said that was a good idea strangly carol volunteered to keep an eye on her k**s while we went riding
after lunch and an erection that had finaly subsided claire and i changed to go riding i was wating for her outside the house well she wasn't wearing her usual riding gear she came out wearing these tiny jean shorts that huged her arse so tight it was impossable,mmmm that wasn't the best part it was the white transparent shirt that didn't really hide her brests at all,she came up to me and gave me a big hug well after her lunch time efforts i grabbed and sqeezed her arse she purred into my ear hold your hores buster wait till we get to the big tree then im gonna let you fuck me anyway you want all afternoon..
well the ride to the tree was almost a blur except after we got away from prying eyes she removed her clothes and so did i we loved riding naked and had done so for years,but never with the promise of sex before.
when we arrived at the old tree there was no pretence not even a word we crashed together in a frenzy of lust handsan tounges .a blanket was tossed onto the ground and we collapsed onto it by automatic agreement we found ourselves in a 69 position i probed the fantastic folds of her vagina with my tounge and found her clit i put a lip lock on thst and was rewarded with a fuck yes im gonna cummmmmm.i was surprised when she peed a little into my mouth with her orgasam but not put of in fact it aroused me even more.
meanwhile she attacked my cock with gusto sucking fast and hard trying to get to my nuts like an express train i she wanted my cum but that wasn't my plan i wanted her cunt.
i lifted her of me and layed her down she opened her pussy with her fingers and grabbed my cock and pulled me into her and said the words fuck me hard.
so i gave no quater and gave as requested giving as powerfull strokes as i could she replied in kind.after awhile she said fuck me from behind baby .(she really ment it when she said all afternoon)we had started to get a really nice rythum she kept comming i kept trying not to this was sssoooo good i wanted it to last forever and i think she did to but we kew it could not.mind you it did go for quite some time.isaid i cannot hold it much longer she said i want to reward you for this come in my mouth peter dear so resumed the position we started with i atacked her clit as before and she resumed vacuming my cock with her mouth aaaah fuck im cumming she didn't miss a beat as her own orgasm overtook her.we lay there for sometime kissing she said thankyou my husband is a lazy selfish prick in bed i said no thankyou that was fanttastic i hope we can do this again she said maybe, we shall see, well litte cousin its time we rode back for dinner its late.
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3 years ago
Getting lucky with two different cousins in the same day is almost too good to be true. I guess you must fuk better than you spel,!
3 years ago
needs details
3 years ago
Nice story, thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Yes yes yes. Lived it,,been there done it