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I enjoy sucking real man was figured out at a younger age then some. I was 18 just moved to college and ended up in a dorm room with someone right around my size. I never played sports never got fat just stayed in regular skinny shape, he on the other hand had a really muscular ass and waist it was just shaped like an apple however he stood and it reminded me of a womens booty. Also his thighs were extremely smooth and skinny and he stayed tan. I didn't talk to him much the first week. But that cbanged the day I left for work on a saturday and forgot my bag when I got back to the room he was in a dress and wig applying make up to his now very feminine face. I was surprised and so was he. He stood up quick and ran for the bathroom. I didn't know what to do but felt really turned on by the situation but didn't know why. I felt really light headed as I remember dressing in my mom and s****rs clothes growing up and being afraid of getting caught. I looked around a bit as I shut the door and locked it. I turn on some music and began to grab a few things. I mainly grabbed his purse of make up a pair of his panties and a tight little dress that was blue. I went into my bathroom and began my own transformation. Shaved my body face and left only a little bit of hair on my body. It was right above my penis in a little triangle shape. I began with the make up after leaving the shower and had lotioned my body. I enjoyed the sensation on my skin and my penis was hard instantly I started coating my legs with lotion. And eventually got done applying make up. I grabbed theballed up panties and realised they were color coordinated with a pair of thigh highs that were balled up with the panties. Ialmost instantly came when I rolled that first stocking up my leg. I pulled the dress over my head and slowly slid it down my frame. It fit like like a glove. As I final with the strap I notice I have breasts forming in the top of my dress still I move it around until they are formed into perky little a cups. I rub them with excitement. As I look in the mirror at my work I turn around and smack my ass as I grab the door handle. I make sure the coast I'd clear as I walk to his bathroom door and ask him if he is okay. "No dude don't thunk I am..." I quickly reply, "Don't... don't do that because then I wouldn't be okay..." pause..... "what do you mean?" I had to tell him. "I did it too you know. All the time when I was young and then.. I just didn't... but come out here, please. You need too see something."

He stepped out his door still dressed and confused until he sees me dressed up and he smiles... I quickly say to him. Show me your butt." He turns around with a twirl revealing two big meaty booty cheeks that dance when shaken. I place a hand gently on his ass cheek as he is shocked but didn't move.. instead he peeks over his shoulder sexually... "Wow you have some pretty lips... you ever use them? " "Never too late to start.." he replied as he chuckles.. I have him come i my room and reveal to him my toy box with a couple fake dicks. Each one bigger then the last.." I bought them altogether, and can only use two of them... the smaller two are just so perfect. I came once from anal and it was while riding on my 8" All-American dildo. Mine is in black no offense white men but I just like the color of the cock black I think white boys are way more attractive. But anyway so the phone time I came was on my black cock... I was riding it for awhile and getting pleasure shot through my body I would shudder every time. Eventually I stick it to the floor instead of the wall and slowly slid down it feeling inners be pushed around by this big black intruder I finally felt the balls tickle my tight balls ass my ass cheeks each the wood flooring. I moan as I began to slightly pop up and down and get used to the movement again.. I did that for twenty minutes with more and more lube and finally I began to really ride it. I moaned and gasped as I trashed on this rubber cock fucking me like a real momster cock... I began to really ride it and would let it almost all out of my ass before engulfing it and moaning... I did that about ten times before I felt it... everything bursted I couldn't move really I shuddered and continued to slowly fuck myself as my cock poured it out and I slowly attempted to get over the effects. I remember the first feeling afterwards being that wasn't my intention but it ended up being everything I ever dreamt of. I tried many times after that and never got anywhere close to it.. so I began to lose interest but thought about it a lot...

I snapped back to reality as he began to lift up my skirt, I spread my legs a little as he draws the thong off to the side allowing my cock to spring tp life. I carry a 6 1/5" circumcised cock that's now wrapped up in the lips of a man in a dress wearing lipstick.. it was heavenly. Deep throat although I'm sure it wasn't all that deep. I finally began to moan as I came and filled his mouth as he enjoyed the taste and cleaned off the surrounding area she wiped her lips and smacked them with a moan of success. I grab her hand and lay her down on the couch and toss her skirt up revealing a nice shaved cock and very perfect tiny balls. I quickly began to stuff my mouth with her cock coming close to my throat I began popping my mouth up and down sucking on her beautiful cock. As I hear her moan and her penis began to move I stopped and spit on her dick getting it sloppy as I stand up I turn around and grab her cock morning it towards my tight hole. I feel the wet head against my hole and push as I pushed him in amd push it out of my ass so he slides in nice and smoothly. I moan deeply as he hits a spot only hit in doggystyle for me I began too lift up and tighten my as as I raise ip and realise the hold as I ride her thickening cock I grab onto her knees as I began to work it a little faster feeling the effort pay off as I shudder and began to moan and gasp I began feeling my knees get weak as I fuck myself faster on her cock I stop fast as she continues stroking I feel it the build up and then I spasm forcing my legs apart as I squirt cum like water and moan so very womenly I began to subside and lay back on my roommates chest to catch my breath her dick remains in me as I lay my head back and find her smelling my hair so I turn my face towards her and deeply kiss her.. I began to slowly glide up and down her cock knowing my ass is sore and tired. I f***e myself into it as I hold her head against mine the kiss lasting until her final shudder and she pushes off as she thrusts a few more times
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2 months ago
college is so much fun when you have an understanding roommate
6 months ago
Great story.
1 year ago
nice story
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
Loved your stories please write more!
2 years ago
What a turn-on!!
2 years ago
Very hot huni. Yummy xxx
2 years ago
u got an old man hard!!! thx.
2 years ago
wow I'm so hard i need to take care of it
2 years ago
Got me hard!