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It had been a long day at work. Too long to be indoors while the long summer sun was about outdoors. I left work, picked up some ingredients for dinner and made my way home. When I got there I set about unpacking, wondering where my girl was. She called out to me from the bedroom in a quiet tone from the bedroom. I kicked off my shoes and walk toward the bedroom. I could hear other voices and peeked into the bedroom. There she was, lying on the bed completely naked, her iPad propped up watching some early evening porn. As I stepped into the room I was ordered to stop. Her small Asian body glowed in the sun as she lay there. She looked up at me and told me to take off my clothes, put them in the hamper, then go take a shower. I could see her pussy was glistening with delicious juice and I wanted to have her there and then, but she insisted on the shower first. Maybe she was learning something from the porn she was watching ordering me around like that.

As I stood naked in front of her my cock grew hard. I cupped my balls and stroked the shaft a few times. She came toward me and placed here lips on my cock, sucking it for a good 5 seconds before instructing me once again to take that god damned shower.

Of course I was being quick, I had a horny as hell woman waiting for me, her juices were flowing and I wanted in on that action. The water blasted over my head as I rinsed my hair. As it drained away I could see she was at the door watching me. “Hurry up would you” she said, again in an unfamiliar instructional tone. Her cheeky grin said otherwise as she stood there rubbing her pussy with one hand and pinching her nipple with the other. “Give me some” I said. Two fingers slid into her pussy and came out wet. She advanced close enough to reach me with here outstretched arm, pushing her fingers into my mouth. Oh yes, those melting moments of passion. By now the water was off and I was towelling down. My semi hard cock was again fully charged and in her hands as she led me back into the bedroom. Again she told me to wait as she lay on the again. It soon became apparent why her pussy was so wet as she’d been playing with her favourite little toy, her We-Vibe (the couple vibrator one, bit like a C shape). She turned it back on and slid it in to her pussy, looking at me with an evil cheeky grin. This was driving me crazy but I could tell she wasn’t going to let me too close for the time being, so took matters into my own hands as it were and started stoking my cock. This excited her some more and I could see she was drifting off into ecstasy land, so I made my way to the bed, rubbing the length of her legs from foot to inner thigh. As my hands got close to her pussy, coming in from each thigh, I could feel her tense up. Seeing her pussy tighten around the vibrator was driving me nuts. She turned onto her side so the vibrator pushed hard onto her clit which in turn exposed her cute little but. This was my time to pounce. I grabbed one buttock, pulled it open, making her pussy lips open up and invite me in. My tongue plunged in and lapped up the overflowing juice – nothing much beats that delectable nectar. Initially her groans were soft, but as my tongue explored further they became more frantic.

The tide of power was changing now from her being in charge to me taking over. My tongue continued to lick her pussy, squeezing it in the space between the clit stimulating part of the We-Vibe and the top of her pussy. Each time I made a long lingering sweep of my tongue from the top to the bottom of her pussy she let out a groan. I was loving it. I could see her fingers clawing into the bedsheets each time I did it, more so when to circled her butthole with my tongue, doing a full figure eight lap of pussy and ass. She’d tensed up again and letting out a little scream as I again licked around her butthole. My cock was so full of pressure it was seriously in danger of exploding. She rolled onto her stomach and pushed her butt into the air, biting down on the pillow in front of her. I used both hands to massage her ass as I pressed my tongue harder and harder until it crept into her hole. Her ass relaxed the more I did it and the further my tongue went in. It is such a sight to see when her ass is up high, both holes are glistening. As I admired the view I let my fingers probe a little – that pussy was so wet – I slide my index finder in and out a few time then sucked the juices from it. Two fingers went in and again I sucked them clean. The fingers went back in as she turned to me, “I want to taste it too”, so I pulled them out and offered them to her. She sucked my fingers deep into her mouth, leaving them cleansed from her juices.

It was as if she had awoken from a slumber, cause she was back in charge. “Lay on the bed and don’t do anything” she instructed. She moved closer to be, setting herself up in a reverse cowgirl position, but not on my cock, but on my mouth. She positioned herself saying to me “I liked what you were doing down there.” Needing precise clarification I asked, “what exactly was that?” The spread ass cheeks pressed against my face cheeks were a pretty good answer – she wanted some serious rimming. So a serious rimming is what she got. She sat up very straight and I tongued that ass with pleasure, even getting to taste pussy juice on my bottom lip as my tongue went in and out of her butthole. At the same time my chin was pushing the vibrator into her pussy – no chance of escape. Again her body tensed up as time to orgasm beckoned. Her body started to shudder, her groaning stopped and a short sharp soft scream came from her mouth. She ripped the We-Vibe from her pussy and threw it across the bed. The flood of cum entered my mouth, but only for a few short moments before she jumped away. Shaking and shuddering she lived through her orgasm in an over sensitised way, giggling and groaning all at the same time. My cock couldn’t take it and longer and I grabbed her ankles and pulled he near. I slide my member up the outside of her pussy letting the juices lubricate my shaft. I almost came in an instant from that sensation and the heat from her pussy. Rubbing the head of my cock on her pussy got her going all over again. As she lay on her back I pulled her ass up toward me so I could slide my cock all the way along the length of her pussy, my balls sliding on her butthole. She likes that, naughty girl. I made the sliding motion so the head of my cock went to the top of her clit, up and down, up and down. She placed her hands on my shaft so I could increase the speed. The pressure of her hands and the wetness of her pussy I was sliding on was bringing me so close to cumming, I had to slow down. The feeling is so amazing I just don’t want it to stop. I hadn’t even been inside her at this stage and my cock was going to shoot its load. She wanted me to keep doing what I was doing, so I did. We got a good rhythm going and the sliding got to the point I simply shot a stream of hot jiz toward her face, just getting it on her neck and chin. Yep, one big load with a meteor trail up her stomach, and no, I have not put my cock in her pussy by now.

Far from being disappointed, I knew I would be repaid in a generous fashion.

Those occasions don’t happen every time I get home from work, but when they do the memories are lasting memories.

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