My first sexual experience.

I was on the bus and to my right, on the other side of the bus, was a gorgeous girl sitting with her legs up on the seat facing me. I could see her panties and the outline of her pussy; I couldn't stop looking and she didn't notice because she was too distracted by her phone. I felt my cock start to grow and after a minute or two of looking between her legs, my hard cock needed to be in my hand. I don't have a massive dick, only 5 inchs, so it's not that hard to hide really. I got my bag, set it beside me to block the view of my cock and started rubbing myself. It felt amazing! I was sitting on a public bus, looking up the skirt of a gorgeous girl and wanking my cock furiously. It only took about a minute before i needed to cum, so I opened my jacket and got ready to shoot my warm load all over my shirt. Just as I was about to cum, the girl got up, pressed the button and got off of the bus; needless to say, I was devastated. However, this is only where my story starts to get interesting. I was so in to what I was doing and what I was looking at, I had failed to notice that there were two girls (each a couple of years older than me) sitting a couple of seats behind the hot girl. These girls were not as hot as the previous one, but still very nice to look at. I looked at them and saw that they were looking back and giggling, I have never felt so embarrassed! I quickly put my dick back into my pants and as i was zipping myself up again, the two girls came over and asked me what I was doing. I said 'nothing', but they knew exactly what had been going on, they had seen everything. One of the girls sat down next to me and started to rub me outside of my pants, the other sat on the seat to my right and opened her legs for me to see. Soon my cock was out and being wanked off by this girl, i couldn't believe my luck, her hand felt so much better than mine did and when she pulled my foreskin right back and put her mouth over my throbbing helmet, I nearly came in her mouth right there and then. I managed to compose myself though and soon found my fingers buried deep into her soaking wet pussy, I had never even seen a pussy before, let alone finger one, so let's just say i had no idea what I was doing. She didn't seem to mind though, she seemed to be enjoying whatever it was I was doing and showed her appreciation by taking my whole cock into her mouth while she grabbed my balls and rubbed my asshole. I didn't know whether to look at what she was doing to my dick or what i was doing to her pussy, both made me want to cum. Soon, the other girl came over and joined the fun, i think she saw i needed to cum and wanted some of it. She took my cock in her hand, spat all over it and started to wank me off as fast as she possibly could, it felt better than anything I had ever felt before in my life and after about 10 seconds of this I was shooting my hot, sticky jizz all over their faces. It looked great to see someone with my cum all over them! The girls got up and returned to their seats after i had covered them in cum and proceeded to clean themselves up then act as if nothing had happened. It was my first, and maybe still my favourite sexual experience ever.
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3 years ago
mmm hot story m8. how old were u?? x
3 years ago
So risky ... so fun!
3 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
good story