Thai Massage

I was down in the south of England for a few days seeing some friends and on the last day I had decided to go and get myself a massage as I had been playing a lot of tennis and needed some relaxation. I searched the internet for somewhere near by and eventually found someone giving a relaxing Thai massage within walking distance of where I was staying. I phoned and booked a massage for later on that day and couldn't wait to lay there and have my whole body rubbed by some expert hands.

The time was nearing so I set off and found the house where I was to be receiving my massage and when I got there I was welcomed by a very petite and attractive Thai lady wearing a see-through dress, I was instantly happy with my choice. She made me take my shoes off and follow her upstairs, and as I walked below her I could see straight up her skirt at her tiny little ass cheeks. She asked me to take off my clothes, so I did, but was slightly confused when she said 'everything' after looking over and seeing that I still had my boxers on. I'm a little embarrassed about the size of my penis, but obliged anyway and took them off. I laid down on the massage table and she began to cover my body with hot oil and massage me front head to toe, it felt so good that I nearly fell asl**p, at least until I heard her say 'turn over please'.

I slowly turned over and couldn't help but feel very conscious about the fact that my dick and balls were right there in front of her. She didn't seem to mind though and began to massage the front of my body, but when she started to rub the inside of my leg, I couldn't help my erection from growing. I was now laying there fully naked with a beautiful woman massaging very close to my small, but still very obvious hard on. I have to admit I was quite embarrassed, but she said nothing and didn't seem at all fazed by it.

The massage continued for about 10 minutes and I was really starting to relax again when she suddenly stopped, then covered my dick and balls in hot oil. She then began teasing the whole area with her fingertips, rubbing up and down my shaft very gently and I seriously nearly came within seconds. I was holding back as much as I could, but when she cupped my balls with one hand, grabbed my dick with the other and looked at me and said 'everything ok?' I couldn't hold back any longer. My dick looked so good in her tiny hand, glistening with oil and harder than it had been for years. I answered short and simply 'yeh', then she started to wank me fast while she tickled my balls and around my asshole. After literally about 5 seconds of this, I was cumming all over her hand and my stomach. She continued to wank me even when my dick had started to lose it's stiffness and although it was sensitive, it felt great and I didn't want it to end.

She then got some tissues and cleaned me up; even this felt good. I got dressed, paid for my massage and left. Trust me, I WILL be going back next time I'm down that part of the country!
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2 years ago
i knoe that problem !!
3 years ago
Yup! We're gonna need a name and a place for this one my friend!!
3 years ago
Great where was it lol?
3 years ago
can you message me where this was please