Public Train Humiliation

Every time I'm on any kind of public transport and I think I can get away with it, I tend to have a little play.. for me, its the most exciting thing to do. This particular time was possibly the best wank I have ever had. I had been down in London for the weekend seeing a friend who I hadn't seen in a long time. Whilst down there, I had to sl**p in the same room as him and being that I tend to masturbate on a daily basis (a few times a day if I'm completely honest), let's just say by the time I was leaving I was absolutely busting to cum.

I was getting the train back up home and it was going to take 7 hours.. I couldn't wait that long. For the first few stops there were people all around me, but the further up country we got, the less people were on the train; so eventually, I was alone. I jumped at this chance and immediately unbuttoned my fly and took out my cock and started to rub it; my cock was rock solid before I even took it out and I honestly thought that I was about to shoot my load as soon as I wrapped my hand around it. I managed to compose myself though and started slowly moving my hand up and down my shaft, it felt so good that I soon found myself laying back on my seat with my trousers and boxers at my ankles. I didn't notice however that the train was slowing down to pick people up at the next stop and when I felt the train stop and opened my eyes, I was mortified to see 3 young girls, all of which mustn't have been much older than 18, looking at what I was doing at laughing. I saw then getting on to the same carriage as me, so I quickly pulled up my trousers and put my cock away.

They entered the train and came over and sat on the seats just to my right and sat looking at me and laughing until one of them said 'you have a really small cock, aren't you embarrassed to get that out in public?' I didn't know what to say, up until this point in my life I always thought my cock was an ok size.. but hey, at least they weren't annoyed. I finally managed to answer her and replied 'is it really that small?', to which all of they said 'YES!' Two of them came over and sat opposite me and told me to get it out again so they could get a proper look. I said no at first and told them that I was embarrassed and didn't want to show them it again, but they were very persistent, until I gave in and took my trousers down. The second they saw it again, they all started laughing and making that hand sign that signals 'you have a tiny cock'. I wanted to put it away, but one of them looked and me and said 'go on then, finish what you were doing before we caught you'. By this point my cock was standing up once again and I was ready to get rid of this load that had been building up for days, so I obliged and began wanking myself off. I went slow because I didn't want to cum too soon, but one of the girls said 'hurry up little dick, I want to see if that tiny thing can even cum' and this for some reason made me 100 times hornier. They were all staring at my cock and repeating things such as 'is that as big as it gets', 'I wouldn't even feel that inside me' and 'hurry up and cum you small cocked bastard'. Soon I couldn't hold off any longer so I starting furiously wanking my 'tiny cock' until a massive load of cum sprayed all over my t-shirt, the seat, my hand and best of all one of the girls thighs. The girls then told me I was pathetic and disgusting, and told me that they were going to go and tell the train driver what they had just seen, but i never heard anything from them again and will always remember it as one of the best sexual experiences I have ever had.
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3 years ago
if that relly happened u were bloody lucky not to get reported to the cops.