Premature cum in hotel

I work in a hotel and the other night whilst working on the bar, a fairly attractive young girl (roughly 20) was flirting with me all night. She kept joking and saying I should take her back to her room because she was too d***k (she wasn't!) and needed help to get there. I obviously couldn't leave the bar, but when my shift was over at around 3am and she was the only one left in the bar, I thought this was the best time to make a move.

I told her to go and wait for me on the 8th floor, in the fire escape stairwell where I knew no security cameras would see me going there. She said ok and went to wait for me. I finished the last few jobs and started to make my way to meet her, I was so excited now and couldn't control the erection that was now bulging out of my work pants. When I got to the stairwell there she was, standing there in her bra and knickers and she looked amazing. Her tits were easily a D cup and were almost falling out of her bra, I needed to get them out!

I walked over to her, so nervous, excited and horny and we began to kiss. She immediately reached for my cock and started rubbing it through my pants. I took her bra off and unleashed her brilliant tits. I then went down on my knees and took off her panties, her pussy was neatly trimmed and already soaking wet, I could smell her juices flowing. I turned her round, bent her over and buried my face between her legs, tonguing her sweet pussy and asshole. She started to moan and begged me to get my cock out. I obliged, but as soon as it was out I knew I wasn't going to last long!

She began to slowly wank me off and soon pulled my foreskin right back and started sucking hard on my bell end. I was about to cum when she stopped, bent over and told me to fuck her hard. I approached her wet hole with the tip of my cock and as soon as she felt me touch her lips, she reached between her legs and grabbed my cock to guide me inside. This was too much for me and I felt myself begin to cum, and boy did I cum! I covered her pussy, hand and ass crack with massive thick loads of creamy spunk and she was NOT impressed. She turned around, covered in cum and started to push me, shouting and calling me pathetic. She grabbed my boxers, wiped all of my spunk on to them, threw them at me and stormed off. She didn't even give me the chance to recover and go again, or at least make her cum.

Regardless of how it ended and the fact that my cock never got to taste her pussy, I had a great time!
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