The Sauna - Part 2

Part one of my story actually happened. My story continues as a fantasy.

It all began in my 40’s. My professional suit and tie, desk job and fast food life began to take a toll on my waistline. I needed to drop a few pounds and tone my body. The transformation began when I changed my eating habits and joined a local health club where I worked out routinely during an extended lunch hour three to four times a week. I was beginning to reap the rewards of my commitment and hard work. I actually enjoyed stepping naked onto the scale to weigh myself in the men’s locker room. I also relished secret glances of other naked guys who stepped onto that same scale, watching them as they soaped and toweled their naked bodies in the showers.

This particular men’s locker room had a good-sized sauna next to a gang of open showers. After working out most guys routinely hit the sauna to relax tired muscles before cleaning up. Typically, after exercise, I would strip off my shirt, shorts and jock, wrap a towel around my waist and head into the sauna – which easily had room for a dozen guys. Some days, like this particular day, I was tired and entered the sauna naked and just d****d a towel over my lap for modesty.

When I entered the sauna some guy was already in there. He was leaning back against the sauna wall with his eyes shut and paid no attention to me whatsoever when I entered. I enjoyed the heat for a few minutes when another guy walked in. He was younger than me, and had a handsome, hairy body. I tried to look without looking, if you know what I mean. This guy was completely naked and instead of covering himself with his towel, he laid it down on the bench and sat down on it.

Again, the first fella was very nearly asl**p and completely oblivious to the presence of the two of us. No one said a word. Within seconds, the second guy began touching his body; running his hands down his hairy chest – across his taut nipples. Next he began to caress his cock and balls. Granted, most of us touch ourselves routinely – mostly because it feels great, right? I thought nothing of it. But when I looked again, this guy was doing more than touching. He was actually stroking his cock; not just tugging, or scratching or adjusting – he was stroking his dick. Stroking it hard! His manhood was a full mast within seconds and glistening from the sweat of his workout and the heat of the sauna. He was totally unashamed; completely uninhibited which blew my mind! The look of ecstasy on his face, along with nuts that were rising and falling in their sac was an indication that he was enjoying the moment.

I couldn’t keep myself from watching. Somehow he knew I couldn’t help myself because his eyes were glued to mine. He wasn’t looking at my body; he was staring into my mind and soul. All those years of trying to hide my desire were laid bare – totally naked in a moment of completely unexpected bliss. Somehow in that moment I became aware of my own pleasure. I glanced down at the towel on my lap now tented vertically by my full erection. I, too, must have gotten hard the moment he started stroking; maybe in the moment that he entered the sauna.

Suddenly, the embarrassment of that moment came over me like a wave and I considered leaving immediately to grab a cold shower. But my lust was stronger than my sense of reason; I couldn’t avert my eyes from his incredible body. This guy dropped his glance and saw the towel that once had covered my modesty and now stretched and bobbed like a circus tent in the wind from my erection. He smiled as he looked me in the eye again – pleased by my admiration.

Somehow in the moment I lost all shame and removed my towel. Instinctively, my right hand reached for my member, stroking it lightly – lifting and cupping my balls. He smiled again with approval. By distance, we were just a few feet apart; but somehow our lust was in perfect sync. I had never done anything like this. But nothing else in the moment mattered – including the fella who previously has been oblivious to our presence when I first arrived.

In the bliss of the moment, we watched as the third guy suddenly recognized that something was going on in sauna right before his eyes. We continued to stroke, and I assumed any second that he would bolt from the sauna and leave us to our desire. But to my surprise he stayed and watched. He must have enjoyed what he was seeing because moments later he removed his towel and began to pleasure himself.

Now there were three naked guys in the hot sauna jerking off. The three of us continued stroking until all three of us shot hot streams of cum upwards on our bellies and chests. My orgasm was one of the most intense I had ever experienced; it continued for fifteen or twenty seconds as thick ropes of cum shot onto my hairy chest as though they had been trapped in my nuts for years. No words were spoken; just moans of pleasure as balls tightened and cocks erupted.

All three of us wiped up the mess with our towels without saying a word. We exited and headed to showers together. As we soaped and toweled ourselves no one spoke a word; but our knowing glances retold the story of what we had just experienced together. It was a moment to remember and a stepping stone of more fun times together.

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5 months ago
great story, scene. part 2?
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very HOT
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Sexy Thanks!