Daughters Boyfriend

I guess you could say I’ve always been an easy lay, the first time I had sex was when I was 14 years old and that was with the friend of my older b*****r. He was 17 at the time and he was not very good, he cock was hardly even big enough to open my then virgin pussy. But over the years my pussy has been feed a lot of cock and other things to keep it happy such as; dildos, fingers, and ever a cucumber. Which after I used in a salad.
I’ve been working lots of nights, the reason is there is a person at my work who I want to have in me and fill my hole with their cum so that I can go home and give it to my husband.
I was at home and had just got up and out of the shower one afternoon, when there was a knock at the door. It was my daughter’s 16 year old boyfriend. I know they’ve have had sex for I’ve heard them downstairs, so I’ve put her on the pill. I’ve seen the way this boy has looked at my body and I’ve got a good idea what he would like to do with me, I like the idea and if the chance comes up I’ll let him have me. I know that’s a fantasy of every boy to do his girlfriend and her mom and maybe at the same time.
Anyway I was at the door with my house coat on talking to the boy and he wanted to wait for my daughter to come home from school they were to go to an early game that night. I decided to let him come and watch some T.V. and wait for her, it was going to be about an hour before she got home at least and my husband was still at work.
I went back to my room to dressed and get ready for work that night, as I was getting ready my mind started have sexy thoughts about him having me on the bed. I laid on the bed and played with myself as I thought of this boy in me, I was going to let myself cum when my body said lets have him now.
Still naked I put my house coat back on and went to find him in the f****y room, he was there watching TV. I sat on the chair across from him and ever so slightly let my house coat open a little so that he could see up my legs to my hairless pussy. Watching him try and get a look was such a turn on that my pussy was getting so puffy and wet, my lips were on fire they wanted cock so bad. I could see his cock growing in his pants and was not a bad size for someone so young. I let him keep looking and I moved my legs so that there was more he could see, I pretended not to notice anything.
He finally had enough and made a comment about being able to see up my house coat, I didn’t move and I looked down and said with a smile on my face “ oh my your right you can” then I opened it up and stood up totally naked and walked over to him and told him that he could fuck me. He was shocked and scared and didn’t know what to do, so I took his hand and sucked his finger then ran his hand over my body. We walked to the bed room where I had him undress before me and I saw his cock bounce out of his underwear. I was almost ready to pop at that time. I went to him and started to suck the pre cum off his cock and he came in my mouth, he tasted good but being so young he didn’t last long. I swallowed it then went back on the bed tell him to eat his girlfriend’s mom cunt. I know men like it when woman talk like a slut in bed, and besides I am a slut. Lol
As he ate me I told him how to do it and that I knew he was fucking my little girl, one thing about being so young it didn’t take him long to get hard again.
This time I took his cock in me as I let him ride me as I put my legs above my head so that he could have a good look and ride on me.
He rode me good a hard and told me that he had wanted to fuck me for a long time, I let him know that I knew he wanted to and that if he did a good job he could do me all the time.
When I told him that he came inside me and that boy filled me with a good load, I milked his cock and balls taking every drop of his young cum. I’m a greedy fuck slut taking all his cum and leaving non for my little girl, but he’s young and will have more ready for her tonight.
We got done just in time to get him dressed before she got home, my juice still wet and creamy on him.
When we were done and I told him he was a good boy and that I’m going to have him again and again. That was the first I had him, since then I’ve had him about 15 times. The last time my husband got home early and he found us on the bed; he was a good husband and let him keep going. My little toy boy was getting me in the ass at the time, mmmmm it was so good. My toy boy has a smallish cock so it’s easy to put it in me, but then my ass hole is used to being used.
My husband had me suck him off as he watch the boy toy use my ass……
I’ll tell you more about what happen maybe some other time.
Xo xo

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11 months ago
Can't wait to read more!
11 months ago
this is to much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you need to do the next chapter may be with hubby involved a bit more
11 months ago
hot story
11 months ago
Very hot story, you better do him in front of your daughter.
11 months ago
hot we love sluts
11 months ago
that was one hot story
11 months ago