My Afternoon Boy Toy

Well since by blog post I’ve finally gotten around to telling you all about my afternoon play session with Nick. Let me give you the back story on the whole situation. A while back, one of our close friends Jill had a party at her house. As we were enjoying ourselves we noticed quite a few young people partying it up with us and we asked Jill what it was all about. She explained that her nephew had asked her if some of his friends could come to the party as well, so she said it wasn’t a problem. After a while she brought her nephew Nick over to meet us. She introduced us and explained how Nick was home from college and he had another year left until he graduated from Pharmacy school. My husband and I made small talk with Nick about having any work lined up after college, and as he was explaining all this I was totally noticing how handsome he was and what a package he was carrying in his shorts! Dave (my husband) noticed as well and kept nudging me back into reality and the conversation. Well Nick excused himself to go back to his friends and Dave smiles at me and says, “Damn Cindy, I thought you were going to drop to your knees and suck his cock right there”, I laughed and looked at Dave and said, “Can I”. He just laughed and we continued to party. Jill came up and said that Nick told her he thought I was very attractive, Jill said she told him that Dave and I use to swing fairly regular a few years back, and told him that although we didn’t do that as often as we use to, if he thought he could handle an older woman, he may have a shot if he played his cards right. Well the party ended and we left, but a few days later Dave and I went to eat at one of our regular restaurants in town. Out of nowhere Nick walks up and was our waiter. We exchanged the usual chatter, nice to see you again, and what not and ordered our food. Nick told us that he was going to get off work in an hour and wanted to know if we’d like to get a drink. Dave just smiled and said sure so we made plans to meet him at one our local watering holes after dinner. Dave saw me smiling and said, “Here we go, I know where this is heading”. I told Dave if the subject did come up and he wasn’t comfortable that we would tell Nick absolutely not. Dave surprisingly told me he wasn’t against it, but wanted to see how Nick approached it before he’d make a decision.
Well we met Nick at the bar and he was acting nervous as a whore in church. Finally Dave told Nick to relax and asked him if he wanted to discuss our lifestyle. Nick said yes, so we explained our relationship, and the rules we’d always used, and how if either of us was not comfortable with a situation it was over then and there. Nick asked questions and we gave him answers and he began to loosen up and feel more comfortable. He told us how he and his girlfriend of five years just split up a month ago, just before his 25th birthday, and he hadn’t been with anyone else since then and was feeling really horny all the time, but he was concerned that he couldn’t perform with Dave in the room or joining in since that was one of our rules. He totally understood the use of protection or current STD test before agreeing to any participation. We had drinks and Dave and I told Nick we would talk things over and we’d go from there. Well Dave and I were both pretty horny from talking to Nick and basically how he wanted to fuck me, so before any discussion we went home and fucked like sex starved teenagers. Afterwards, Dave told me if I wanted to have sex with Nick that I could, and since he trusted the guy it could be without him in the room, but he wanted the full minute by minute dissertation afterwards. I didn’t think much about it and a couple of weeks went by until my girlfriend and I saw Nick at lunch at the restaurant. We were outside on the patio eating and Nick stopped by to say hi. My girlfriend excused herself to use the restroom and Nick sat down for a minute. He asked me if Dave and I had discussed it and I told him Dave gave me his blessing. I reached my foot up under the table and placed it on Nick cock which was semi erect already, then I looked him in the eyes and asked him, “So when do you want to fuck me Nick”. He stuttered a second and said, um I don’t know, but I get off work at 4. I said well, be at my house right after work, and we’ll take it from there. Nick went back to work and my girl friend came back and we finished our lunch and left. I got home at around two, took a shower, shaved my pussy nice and clean and put on my underbust corset and some black stockings. The door bell rang about 4:15 and I opened it to see Nick’s blank stare when he saw me standing there in my lingerie. I told him to come in and asked him what that paper in his hand was. He explained he had his yearly check up a couple of days ago and had a full STD test done and he was all clear. I looked it over and led him upstairs to the bedroom. At first I was a little frustrated because Nick just stood there. He obviously was scared out of his mind and by no means was an experienced lover. I decided to just take control and began to unbutton and take his clothes off. Once I got Nicks shirt off my pussy started to get wet. He was one ripped young stud! I unbuttoned and dropped his pants because I wanted to see if that bulge in his pants I was always staring at was worth the wait. Oh my was it, Nick’s cock was hard as a rock already and at least 9” and so fat I could hardly grip my hand all the way around it. As he stood there I gently stroked his cock and kissed his chest, then I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. As his cock disappeared between my lips I looked up at him and saw his head tilt backwards as he moaned loudly. I gave his cock about 20 strokes with my mouth and he exploded in my mouth and all over my C cup tits. He began to apologize for cumming so soon, and I just stopped him and laid him back on the bed and told him to relax. I began to suck his cock some more and it didn’t take long at all for him to be rock solid again. I moved over the top of him and buried my pussy in his face as I sucked his giant sticky cock and he began to eat my pussy like it was his last meal on earth. His girlfriend must have taught him something because he had me cumming on his face within minutes. I spun around and strattled him, rubbing my pussy lips on his cock. I asked him if he’d ever had Asian pussy before and all he could do was shake his head no. I asked him if he wanted some Asian pussy, and told him to beg me for it. He said, “Please give me your Asian pussy”, and he kept repeating it over and over. Nick reached over the bed to his shirt and pulled out a condom. He rolled in on really quickly and then I lifted myself up and placed the tip of his cock at my opening. His cock was big, but my pussy was wet and it only took a few short strokes to get him all the way in. I slid up and down on his giant love stick slowly and gently at first. His cock felt good, but all of a sudden it felt really good. I lifted off of him and noticed his condom had broken already. He peeled the rest of it off his cock and told me that was his only one. I asked him if he’d been with anyone since his test and he said no, I haven’t been with anyone since my split with my girlfriend. I immediately slammed my pussy down on his bare cock and it felt so good. Dave is the only man I had been with in the past 20 years that had fucked me bareback. I rode that dick hard for no more than 2 minutes when I felt myself getting ready to cum. Nick began to moan really loud as well, and I told him that he better not cum yet. He told me if I didn’t want him to cum, then I would have to stop for a bit. I briefly thought about it, but I didn’t want to interrupt my own orgasm so I just continued to ride him. Just as I screamed out, so did Nick. I felt his hot streams pumping into my pussy as I convulsed on top of him. His load was so hot in my pussy it made me keep cumming. I just sat on his cock until it subsided and slowly raised up to let his limp cock slide out of me. Cum ran down my inner thighs and I rolled off and laid on the bed next to him. He rolled over to the side of the bed and began to grab his clothes. I asked him where he was going. He said, well I figured you would want me to go now. I told him he wasn’t even close to being done satisfying me. I told him I fucked him the first time, now he had to return the favor. He just smiled, and then lay back down on the bed. He said that was the hottest sex he’d ever had. I told him that if he really wanted to please a woman he needed to take control and really make love to her. I told him he needed to fuck her like she was the hottest bitch on the planet. He just nodded and said he would keep that in mind. We both dozed off for about 30 minutes and I woke up on my side with Nick’s hands caressing my entire body. He would lightly pinch my nipples as his hands glided by. I felt his fully erect cock up against my ass, and then he slowly lifted my leg with his hand. Next I felt his man mean at my sloppy hole once again. He eased it in my sore pussy and began to make full strokes in and out. It felt so good in me once again. He then rolled me onto my back, push my legs apart and slid his cock back in me. He hooked his arms under my shoulders and laid his body against me and kissed me on the neck. I began to moan louder with his thrusts and as I was about to cum he just stopped with his cock ball deep in my pussy. I whispered to him not to stop, and then he whispered in my ear…..” Cindy, Dave is lucky to have you, but right now you’re my whore, and you’re not in control anymore, I am. So you will do what I say until I am through with you.” I just nodded my head yes, then with both hands he pulled my head back by my hair making me arch up into him and he slammed my pussy hard with full strokes. I moaned so fucking loud, and felt my pussy wanting to come. I told Nick I was going to explode and asked him if I could cum. He told me NO, then stopped and pulled his cock out of me. He rolled onto his back and made me suck his cock. I tasted all our juices mixed together and his cum that was still in my pussy. It was all white and foamy around his balls from it. He told me to clean it up, so I did, then pulled me on top of him reverse cowgirl. I slid onto his cock and rode it up and down until he grabbed by hair again and pulled me back on top of him. His hand slid around my neck and he gave it a light squeeze and he thrust himself into me. He reached his other hand down and rubbed my clit as he fucked me and I felt my orgasm building again, I was about to pass out from stimulation when he stopped again. I yelled out FUCK NICK! I NEED TO CUM! He yelled back, YOU’LL CUM WHEN I TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN CUM! I sucked his cock again and my pussy throbbed. I reached back to feel it and it felt totally destroyed. It was gapped open, dripping with Nick’s jizz from the last round still. Three fingers just slipped in like it was nothing. My fucking pussy was being tortured by Nick’s big cock. He flipped me up doggy style and pushed back in me balls deep. He held onto my hip with one hand and pulled my hair causing my back to arch again with the other hand, and then slammed me from behind. He would periodically stop and rub the tip of his cock up and down my pussy opening, and then bang my clit with it before sticking it back in. I asked him between quick breaths if I could cum now. Finally he told me I could. The waves shocked my body and I convulsed so hard I thought I was going to break my back. My eyes shut and I was about to black out when another wave would run through me snapping back conscious. My knees couldn’t hold me up and I collapsed face down onto the bed. Nick wouldn’t stop thrusting into me even though I screamed for him to stop. He pushed my legs together tight with his legs to tighten my pussy and rocked his cock into me. Then he groaned and yelled out as he released another load of his seed into my worn fuck hole. I could feel his cock jerking violently inside me and his hot streams hitting my cervix. He rolled off of me onto the bed and smiled at me. He asked how I was going to tell Dave what happened. I told him to grab the laptop on the dresser next to him and hand it to me. I left Dave the blog message on Xhamster as Nick was getting dressed. Dave leaned over and kissed the middle of my back and told me he had a blast. He said maybe someday we could do it again. I told him that I doubted it, but you never know. I asked him to let himself out as I laid there playing with Nicks cum as it drained from my pussy, thinking about how much I loved my husband for letting me do this. He would be rewarded very well later.

Xoxo everyone,

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10 days ago
great imagination really well written thanks for posting
1 month ago
Great story and well written
4 months ago
Wow... great story!
7 months ago
Some of the sexiest memories are of the hot experienced woman getting the sex treat she wanted and leading the horny guy to give her what she wanted. A one night and out would normally mean a strike out but you might relive those hot moments of sex pleasure discovering of what a hot woman really is like and pursue it again and again.
2 years ago