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Tribbing Real or porn bullshit?

So to all of my 5 female viewers, who most mostly happen to bat for the other team, is tribbing (see video http://xhamster.com/movies/3181642/mature_lesbians_tribbing.html) a genuine way of lesbian intimacy and a way of reaching an orgasm or is it another male driven fantasy in porn?

Just wandering, would be much obliged if someone can educate me ;)
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How my fitness training is going.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

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Hey my story is still on literotica and 23000 + vi

I remember this awesome tale!!! Was my first attempt at writing and it was ridonculously good, literotica users says so :P

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We win, we win

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100 things every 20 something needs to realize

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Things that make me go mmmmmmmmmmm

1. girls kissing girls

2. blowjobs

3. girls who swallow

4. girls who aren't afraid to take what they want

5. tattoos and piercings
[imag... Continue»
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