Sorry LB, been busy. I'm going on vacation!
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First and fore most, Thank you to Ms Lovebites for the most awesomest introduction gif ever:

And now back to the nitty gritty

I never know what to put up here. Perhaps I don't care about it or perhaps I just don't want to get as involved with this site as I once did. I guess at this point in time I'm using Xham for exactly the reason it was created 'Just porn, no bullshit' So I'm gonna throw a few random stuff together in this bio and leave it at that. I mean honestly it's not as if the ladies frequenting this site log on everyday with the thought of 'OOOO I wonder what Raistlin put on his profile today' SAD but true as Metallica would say.

So first and foremost, why I love this site? WOMEN The most beautiful thing on this planet, whether they know it or not. I will admire the female form untill the day I die.

Which leads us straight into the one thing that will get me hard no matter what. No matter if I have just been shot, attending the saddest funeral in the world or plummeting to my death at 374 miles per hour I will get a hardon if I see or think of a girl kissing another. It's just my thing. I'm extremely pro lesbians :P

See I'm hard

and again

and again xD

This is how I see myself and don't think it will ever change.

I am completely and utterly addicted to gaming, always have been and always will. It's even worse than my addiction to porn so call me a geek, nerd, dweeb whatever it's what i like and love. And yes scantily clad pixelated women who kicks ass also turn me on, so fucking sue me.

And since I'm into gaming that also means I'm into Sci-fi and fantasy stuff. Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of thrones that type of thing. Basically the Big Bang theory was created for me :P

Did you see the tattoos on the two girls in the previous pic? i sure as hell noticed it. Yip I go completely mental for girls with tats. Right up there with the girl kissing girl fetish. Tattoos and artfully done piercings will get me going in ways you will never understand.

And done.

And with that, I'll leave you with these few words of wisdom, uttered by people way cooler than I will ever be.

'Sometimes me think what is friendship?' and then me say 'Friend is someone to share last cookie with.' . Cookie Monster

'I am a bear of little brains and big words bother me.' Winnie the Pooh

'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.' Edmund Burke
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1 day ago
You need to update your status. It's been two weeks, love. Also, av is for you.
1 day ago
I try my best to please ;)
2 days ago
kinda forgot to mention that.
2 days ago
BTW I like seeing my name in someone status. :D
15 days ago
Your wish and all that...

Thank you for the belated birthday wishes. Did not make a fuss about it so no worries. don't ever turn 33, it's old
17 days ago
you need to change your status. Sorry I missed your birthday it seemed to came when I was at my most sick with my cold.
1 month ago
How was I a butt?
1 month ago
Stop being a butt.
1 month ago
Oooh baby, you know all the right words to say :-P
1 month ago
Too much... always find it too appealing
1 month ago
2 months ago
New avatar for me... I don't know that girl looks seriously into it. You'll have to convince me you crave it as much :P
2 months ago
Also - new avatar for you.
2 months ago
I know you're having a rotten day and I know you're probably in bed now, but I just wanted to say that I'm here for you, no matter the circumstances, and that I hope things improve soon.

All my love,
2 months ago
Hard to choose which one I prefer. I'll just take both I guess :P
2 months ago
The Poog has returned. I hope this pleases you as much as that dick-twitch inducing text from last night.
2 months ago
Thanks for stopping by
2 months ago
Awesome profile boet, love the introductory gif, so true
3 months ago
And a very happy Hallowe'en to you!
3 months ago
Happy Halloween sweety! :)
3 months ago
That is your constitutional right ma'am. You are still wrong, but it is your right :P
3 months ago
BTW i just wanted to mention. I disagree on the blu-ray comment. :P They are 1000 times better.
3 months ago
Is awesome
3 months ago
Winnie the Poog.

That is all.
3 months ago
I've heard of Mean girls, does that count?
3 months ago
Have you not seen "Mean Girls"? That's what that gif is from! Lol best movie ever.
3 months ago
4 months ago
It is not filed under BS. Feeling aren't BS, so there. You have the upper hand because you can control your feelings better than I can. So there.

And yes, I lost them... they were on my phone in that passworded app that got wiped out when my phone shit the bed a few weeks ago. Please send them again? I'll do something nice for you...
4 months ago
Your saying get's filed under BS and is thus not correct. I just have the upper hand cause I'm awesome. That simple

And you lost my photos...you lost my photos... I hope it wasn't in a cloud.
4 months ago
That would be so mean... so diabolically mean... and yet kind of funny. It's said that the person who cares least has the most control, so I suppose you have the upper hand :-P

And if you wouldn't make me beg for photos, then please resend the ones in uniform... I lost them when my phone shit the bed :-(

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