Fantasy meeting with JB

Fantasy meeting with JB.

it was spring in the south of France, I was staying outside of Marseille for a short break to get some sun after a long cold grey winter in London.

I had arrived that morning and checked into my hotel, my room overlooked the harbour the view was amazing, I had a good feeling about the week ahead and hopped to take in all the sights and maybe meet a beautiful women to show me her sights as well.
I unpacked and decided that a walk around the harbour might be a good start, as from my window I could see plenty of attractive women in summer dresses walking in the warm spring sunshine. I left the hotel, I didn't need a jacket the warm breeze on my skin felt amazing after a cold wet London, I strolled down to the harbour a spring in my step and a smile on my face ready for whatever or who ever walked into my life.

its then that I saw her, walking towards me was someone that I had only ever seen pictures of, although I had been talking with her for over five years on line, the tall sensual body, long black silky hair, beautiful face, luscious red lips and gorgeous eyes that always melted my soul whenever I saw them was right in front of me.
I stopped dead in my tracks, my heart beating fast mouth dry and bl**d pumping round my body as she looked at me I could feel my legs give way, its amazing how some people can have such a profound effect on you, but this was no ordinary women this was JB the women I had dreamt of for so long, she could make my legs go weak with a single look.

our eyes meet, and the smile that covered her gorgeous face said it all, she recognised me and the way she blushed told me that all those late nights talking about the naughty, sensual and seductive things we would do if we ever meet and the uncontrollable passion we would have for each other all came flooding to mind in both of us.

I walked up to JB pulling her close and picking her up in my strong arms and swinging her around her sexy body felt fabulous pressed against mine, I stood back looking deep into her eyes and she giggled so sweetly I wanted to kiss her there and then. but we had never meet and I didn't want to rush her, I asked what are you doing here sweetie, she smiled I love here silly, all those years talking and I had never asked the name of her town thinking we would never meet as she had been with someone and then when she was single I was with someone, but we were here now together and both alone, and I had her in my arms.

I had so many thing to say and so many things I wanted to do with her, but before I could utter a single word she broke my heart and said she could not stop she was rushing to get to an interview and could not stay and talk, but would I like to meet for dinner later, there was no way I was letting her get away from me now that I had finally meet her as she was more breath taking in person than any photo or text message I had ever had or seen and I new I had to be with her.

she quickly wrote down the name of a restaurant said let's meet at 8:30 gave me a long passionate kiss and was gone, I don't know how long I just stood there and watched as her amazing body and the sway of her sexy hips walked of into the distance and around the corner.

it was then that I realized that a group of young women were looking at me and pointing to the huge bulge in my light coloured pants and the dark damp patch that was growing from the excitement and passion that she had just created within me, but I didn't care, let them look I had meet my angel and she kissed me.

as it was only three in the afternoon and dinner was over five hours away I was at a loose of what to do, I knew I had to make the best impression I could, so I needed a hair cut and shave, new clothes and the biggest bunch of flowers I could find, I was a man on a mission, I also knew that after all the teasing we had done this might be a night to remember.

after running around town all afternoon I had archived everything, even to the point of stopping and picking JB up some of the lingerie that I new she loved including stockings and suspenders, we had talked so long about what I would like to see her in, I didn't know if I was going too fast but it was gift wrapped and I would leave it in my room and give it too her if we had that magic spark and meet for a second time.

I was ready early, nearly an hour early but could not wait any longer, I got a taxi to the restaurant JB had called and booked a table so that when I got there a table was waiting in a romantic corner low lighting and candles on the table, soft seductive music playing in the background. I sat and ordered a glass of red wine while I waited, it was now 8:25 and the door to the restaurant opened and there she stood looking like a goddess in a knee length red dress low cut at the front showing her ample breasts the black stockings and red high heels just the way I had imagined all those years.

all eyes were on JB as she glided across the room towards me her sexy ass swaying back and fourth captivating every man in the room, I could not take my eyes of her as I stood and kissed her on the check she said that's no way to say hello to an old friend as she placed her ruby red lips against mine and pulled me close, feeling her tongue slowly exploring my mouth devouring my very soul from deep inside me, and I was her very willing slave.

I could tell by the naughty glint in her eye that the wood that I had now following that passionate kiss was not going to go down anytime soon, she slipped her hand between us brushed it across the front of my pants and said is this all for me as she let out that's sexy giggle of hers.

we sat and I had not released her hand, feeling how warm it was in mine as I looked deep into her gorgeous eyes imagining were this night might lead. the evening passed as we enjoyed a nice meal and talked of so many things as she captivated me with her beauty.

as the meal came to an end I asked if she would like to stroll down by the harbour to feel the warm night air as we talked a little more as I hatted the the thought that our evening would end, when the taxi stopped outside my hotel and I took her hand to help her out of the car her dress rode up her shapely thigh exposing her lacy stocking top, my eyes lingered there and when I looked up JB was smiling so sweetly that I could not help but laugh at being caught but she just slid forward showing more of her milky white inner thigh as she moved to stand.

as JB came level with my face she gently kissed my neck her warm breath felt amazing on my skin, her firm round breasts pressing into my chest feeling them rise and fall this women could drive me wild with desire with just a single kiss.

it was not as warm by the harbour as it was in town so being a gentleman I took off my jacket and slipped it over her bare shoulders putting my arms around her waist and returned the favour by softly kissing her neck from her shoulder all the way up until I was nibbling on her ear which by the way she was breathing and the low moan that I could hear deep inside her was hitting all the right spots.

we walked hand in hand looking out over the water as the moon lite up the sky, we found ourselves outside my hotel JB shivered I said I had better take her home as it was already past midnight and I had already taken advantage of her too long this evening at which she giggled and said, you have not taken advantage of me yet sweetie but the night is still young and if you invite me in for coffee we could warm up and see what else this special night has to offer.

as I opened the door to my room and watched her walk in, her perfect body swaying from side to side with every step I could not believe that I could be this lucky to have my very own lady in red, you stop in the middle of the room still facing away from me look over your shoulder and tell me to shut the door and unzip you.

my chin nearly hit the floor at this as it had come out of the blue, but I did as I was instructed, I slowly pulled the zipper down and watched as your dress slid down to reveal your gorgeous body, the thoughts I had been having all evening as I imagined what you were wearing beneath your dress slowly became a reality as first your black lace and satin balconette bra came into view your breasts cupped in thin material pushed up with your now swollen erect nipples just visible over the top of the bra.

as the dress slid further down and over your hips next the suspender belt came into view and then the tiny matching thong with the thin strip of material parting your pert peach snapped ass my hand coming to rest on one of the cheeks as your dress hit the floor, I whispered into your ear, you have the most amazing legs and you know how much I love black seamed stockings, you just giggled and told me that you know what else I like.

but first your going to give me that massage you promised all those years ago, when you told me how good you are because its something I have spent many nights laying awake in bed fantasizing about, you kicked off your high heels in clipped your suspender belt and tossed it aside next wen your bra then you slowly slid your panties down deliberately keeping your legs straight as you bent right over pushing them all the way to the floor, you perfect ass parting slightly to reveal a very swollen wet pussy peaking out from beneath.

you crawled up onto the bed like a panther stalking her prey, the only thing on your seamed black stockings, you rolled over as you reached the top of the bed laying back amongst the many soft pillows firm breasts pert and inviting nipples dark red and engorged, legs pressed tight together just showing me the neatly trimmed black hair bidding your women hood.

you point a stocking covered foot at me and say, would you be a sweetie and help me remove my stockings, but first I think you should get more comfortable. I have never stripped so quickly at the command to get naked, my clothes were discarded across the room leaving me standing there in just my black Lycra underwear which was only just managing with the wood that was straying to get out.

I run my hands from your feet slowly up your legs with you gradually parting the allowing me access to your soft inner thigh as I gently peel back the top of first the left then right stocking pulling them all the way down in one very slow deliberate movement I sniff at the silky soft fabric inhaling your sweet aroma deeply.
I begin to move your legs apart exposing your hot wet women hood, but you clamp your legs shut and waggle a finger at me and tell me not so quick my naughty pet, massage first and then if you have been very good I might allow you to do more as you flash me a very wicked smile, you roll over onto your stomach and looking over your shoulder you wiggle you sexy ass at me.

you are My Mistress at this moment and I am yours to command, I have some coconut oil in the bedside cabinet that I picked up earlier as you were not the only one that had spent years imagining this massage, I put a little into my hands and warmed it up before running my hands over your shoulders and down your silky smooth back and down over the cheeks of your ass making you sigh. I worked the oil into your skin using just the right amount of pressure to ease away the tension in your back slowly moving down adding more oil so I cover your entire body.

my hands now slick with coconut oil gently move over your shapely ass as I massage and caress them between my hands my thumbs sliding between the cheeks moving deeper with every pass of my hands, gently pulling them apart exposing your tiny pink rose bud to me, I move down and between your legs so that I can properly massage them, this makes you part your legs even more and the heat and sweet aroma from your women hood is driving my crazy but I control myself as o begin massaging your legs.

starting just above your feet I massage in long slow strokes all the way up and over your ass moving my hands and fingers to cover every inch of skin, as I reach just below your ass my hand is on your inner thigh and my fingers softly brush the swollen wet lips of your pussy making your whole body tingle, I continue to move my hands between your thighs alternating between legs but making sure that I caressed your pussy with each stroke across your soft skin.

then as your legs part further I am given a clear view of how swollen and wet your hot little pussy is, beads of sweet liquid glisten on your outer lips hinting at how wet you are within, being bolder my fingers begin to part your lips every time they caress them and before you know it my fingers are inside you massaging you both inside and out, as I slide inside you I can feel your body respond to my touch as you arch your body to take me deeper making my thumb rub over your sexy little rose bud.

I'm moving in and out of you with two fingers on my right hand my thumb pressing on your rose bud and slowly and gently pushing inside as my other hand moves over your well oiled body moving up your left side before slipping beneath you and cupping your firm breast your nipple pressed into the palm of my hand as I thrust my fingers deeper inside you, and then it happens I hit your G spot and your whole body explodes as the biggest orgasm you have ever had erupts and engulfs your body your gripping onto the duvet for all your worth as you begin to gush sweet liquid covering my hand as I continue to work my magic.

as your body continues to be engulfed in wave after wave of pleasure I remove my fingers and bury my face between your soaking wet hot thighs covering your throbbing pussy with my mouth my tongue licking from your right little ass all the way to your tender swollen clit before sucking on it and letting my teeth rub across it driving you wild.

after your orgasm subsides and your breathing begins to slow which seams to take a life time as you have just had the most amazing out of body experience, you lay there recovering I move up next to you and you roll over laying your head on my chest, there are no words spoken but the look you give me says it all .

you take hold of my hand and climb from the bed pulling me up, I ask what your planning, you look so beautiful standing there naked in front of me still with the afterglow of your orgasm and tell me I want you out of your underwear in in that shower right now I need your hard cock in me as we get hot and wet together, I submit myself mind body and soul to you, letting my underwear fall to the floor before you wrap your hand around my throbbing shaft and leading me to the shower and the pleasure that awaits....

For you JerseyBean with love always,
Gareth xxx

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I Love the way you write...
very nice Fantasy