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Tribute to JerseyBean

Well my thoughts of you are all about being dominated, I have never really done that so I leave myself at
your will. Your wearing a tight fitting black leather corset laced up at the back your breasts are pressed tight together and pushed up you hard erect nipples poking out over the top of the corset, You have on a black satin thong and seemed silk stockings and high heel stilettos, your hair is pulled back and you have bright red lipstick on. You make me strip before hand cuffing me to your bed face up. You run your hands over my naked skin digging your finger nails in an pulling on my nipples and slapping and squeezing my hard cock telling me that it will be a long night before you let me cum. You light a red candle and let the hot wax drip on to my hard nipples and onto the shaft of my cock and my balls, you tell me I am very naughty for teasing you for so long and not giving you my hard cock sooner to play with. You take a length of thin black rope and tie it tight around the base of my fully hard cock so it will not go down and I will not be able to cum no matter what you do to me.

You tightly grasp my cock pulling my foreskin down exposing the throbbing deep purple head a tiny drop of pre cum leaking from the tip, you slowly lick the head tasting me for the first time. You remove your thong and rub it hard over my nose as I inhale deeply, you the command me to stick out my tongue as you climb onto the bed and straddle my face, you tell me to lick your tight hot wet pussy to eat you and not to stop until you have cum. I oblige you as you lower yourself onto my waiting tongue gripping my head between your gorgeous thighs, you are facing my cock and as I devour your soaking wet pussy the juice covering my face I can hardly breath but have waited so long to taste you that I am in heaven. As I am sliding my tongue deep into your hot pussy you slap my throbbing cock so hard I cry out in pain but that makes you thrust down harder onto my face an tell me to keep eating.

As I continue to devour you soaking wet pussy you keep slapping my cock telling me I'm a very naughty boy for teasing you for so long and that unless I do an amazing job of full filling all of your needs that you will never let me cum. This makes me lick you even harder and I start to bite your swollen clit feeling you squirm on my face as I suck hard on it, I feel you begin to orgasm your hot sweet juice start to flood over my face I feel like I will choke and start to gag you tell me not to stop and to drink it all or you will punish me. I must do everything you tell me to do as I am yours completely and must obey your commands I feel you grab my cock an pull my foreskin down it feels as though you are going rip it right off but then I feel your mouth engulf me sucking hard your head bobbing up and down it feels so good but I know I am unable to cum as you have my cock tied up tied.

You climb off my face I am covered in you sweet sticky juice you look down at me at tell me I was not good enough that any women could eat your pussy better than I did and that I am not worthy to call myself your slave. You tell me that I have one more chance to redeem myself, that I am to take your largest rubber dildo in my tight virgin ass without making a single sound, I almost let out a little whimper as you show me the huge monster rubber cock you will be using. You slowly dribble lube over the tip I see it running down the massive shaft and over your hand then I feel you finger slide inside me working in and out getting me ready for what is to come. I relax slightly my eyes closed enjoying the feeling, then I inhale and go ridged as you thrust that huge rubber cock all the way inside me in one go, it feels like you are ripping me wide open I fight to breath as it fills me. You release the ropes that are tied around my cock and balls they were so tight that my balls are now blue, but I don't feel the huge rush of bl**d that makes my cock grow even harder because of the intense pain my virgin ass is taking. You smile an evil smile and tell me I have been good not to scream and that your gift to me will be the release that I desire, you climb on top of me grasp my cock and guide it towards your velvet pussy and slide down my shaft until I am deep I side you rising and falling so I go from fully in you until just the tip is touching g your outer lip you only do this ten times before I explode like a volcano huge great spurts of my hot seed hitting your curvix it is running down my shaft covering my now empty balls you whip your finger over you pussy and get a handful of my cum and slip your fingers into my open mouth and tell me I'm a good slave. And that you will be back tomorrow to release me, leaving me handcuffed to the bed naked a massive dildo deep in my ass and covered in wax and my own cum, I thank you and close my eyes waiting for your return and my pleasure to continue.
Posted by 42gary 2 years ago
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4 months ago
2 years ago
Thank you sweetie can't wait to read a new one of yours
2 years ago
well done Gareth
2 years ago
Thank you that is so sweet of you to say, I write as though I am living the event as I write it xxx
2 years ago
you seem to have an ease in expressing yourself,
the story is hard but flows beautifully
2 years ago
I hope you do take up writing again soon, I would love to read something of yours that might have me in it ;-)
2 years ago
How so sweetie?
2 years ago
you have a very interresting way of writting
2 years ago
thank you Gareth .I look forward to taking up my writting again
2 years ago
Your welcome sweetie, your very special and I can't wait to see what you would do ;-)
2 years ago
thank you Gareth for such a wonderful tribute.
I Loved it :-)