Wishing you a Very Sinful Sunday, My Mistress is my World
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I'm:Gareth ( * )( * ), 44
From:London, United Kingdom
Personal Information
Kids:No, and do not want any
Occupation:Design Engineer
Education:Associate degree (2 years college)
Star sign:Virgo
Physical Information
Body type:Stocky
Height:5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color:Blue
About Me
Hello, Bonjour, Hallo, Ciao, Hola

I would like to Welcome you to my page

My name is Gareth, my online name is 42gary.
I'm a 44 year old man living and working in London,
I am on here to meet new and interesting friends,
to look at and up load Erotic Black and White pictures
and read and write Sensual, Seductive and Erotic stories.

I would love for you to stop by have a look around my page,
enjoy the pictures, videos and stories...
Please please please, if you like them leave a comment and
tell me so that I know what to do for you in the future.

I am submisive,
I am allowed to be on here and to talk with you with the
Permision of My Mistress, JerseyBean.

Submission is not about sex, it's about submitting your mind and soul to your Dominant. It is about respecting your Dom completely and trusting in them to bring you to a higher level in your submission.

My Blog:-

These are stories writen for me by My Mistress:-

Disclaimer WARNING: Institutions using this or any
Adult Friend Finder site or its associated
sites for projects or any other purpose - You do not have
permission from me to use any of my profile
content, words, or pictures in any form or forum
both current and future. If you have or do, it will be
considered a violation of my privacy and will
be subject to legal action..
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14 minutes ago
:-) I am headed back for my last 3hrs work
ttyl My pet
15 minutes ago
Well I do Enjoy Teasing you MY sweet one
16 minutes ago
true my sweetone
40 minutes ago
How can a mere pet contain himself with a Goddess for a Mistress, with uncontrollable passion filling him until it overflows.
43 minutes ago
pet like when you have him by the short and ginger curlies and pulling on him taking me to the edge over and over again teasing me.
46 minutes ago
Thank you Mistress, I Love being Your good boy and giving you pleasure xxx
50 minutes ago
yes Tom ,
he tries to be patient but it's true that patience is not his Forte
as he is very Eagger :-)
I will have a couple of days off after my long weekend shift
52 minutes ago
giggling to myself :-)
53 minutes ago
My good boy
1 hour ago
Thanks for stopping by leaving me a comment .Weekend goes well ,Relaxation for this Sunday.
Hope same for you !
17 hours ago
thx Gary

all the best to you too
23 hours ago
1 day ago
The life a a working student, I am sure YOUR pet will wait for his busy bee and pleasure her when she is ready! Take care, please try not to work to hard:)
1 day ago
I will always be Yours and do as You wish and desire Mistress
1 day ago
Just as long as You remember MY sweetone
1 day ago
Hi Madonna :-)
No need to have him on a long leash
I just hold him by the short and curlies lol
have a wonderful weekend
1 day ago
Lol see everyone knows who is in charge ;-)
1 day ago
Hi Tom ,
I wish I could enjoy My pet this weekend unfortunately
I am on duty so just poping by to say hi but busy busy bee.
1 day ago
lol Mark ,
Gareth has his collar on nice and snug
1 day ago
she has you on a long leash or by your long leash?
1 day ago
You have a great weekend yourself Gary, thank for the wish. Enjoy your Mistress this weekend, be a good pet for her!
1 day ago
She is the Best, to be Her one and only pet is everything
1 day ago
She is very good Domme! :)
1 day ago
Lol, no Mistress just has me on a long leash
1 day ago
Hey Gary thanks for stopping by. BTW... Did you slip your collar? Bad boy.
1 day ago
Have a wonderful wicked weekend! XOXO
1 day ago
Thanks for popping by babes, my new pics are out now, hope you have a FAB!!! weekend xxx
1 day ago
Have fun - too - all over the weekend ;-)
1 day ago
Well you have me totally and utterly aroused and excited going out of my mind with lust and desire just the way you like me 😉
1 day ago
My long tongue would be able to tease you nice and deep
1 day ago
Mmmmm yes a nice face sitting
1 day ago
Well your heat should be on here one way or the other :D

1 day ago
How could I not enjoy having you caress my ear with all those wicked and naughty ideas you have for us, tie me down my face is ready for you to sit on...
1 day ago
I am glad to see you enjoyed our phone call
1 day ago
I am so happy for you. Funny that auto fill wanted to type horny! Guess they know us too well!
2 days ago
happy friday, honey! hugs!
2 days ago
Thank you, She has trained me very well and I am greet full to Her.
2 days ago
such hot vids n favs
your mistress has train you well
5 days ago
I hope it's an all you can eat
5 days ago
re status :
buffet is ready
6 days ago
I may have accidently made you the chef by altering Olla's comment on the video just a little bit. :D Happy cooking ... but which part will be the tenderest ?

7 days ago
Thank you sweetie, I hope you have a fabulous weekend
7 days ago
Wishing you a fantastic day!!!
7 days ago
Sounds like you two had a marvelous anniversary dinner and party last night. Too bad Gary had to head back to London today but he seems to have a new plan :D

7 days ago
Mmmmm smile at me more and lick your lips in that naughty way you do ;-P
7 days ago
7 days ago
Mmmmm you know how much I LOVE your breakfast, licking my lips my tongue flicking in and out, I'm ready to Cum get it now ;-P
7 days ago
Breakfast ... Cum and get it ;-P
7 days ago
Mmmmm yes please. ;-)
7 days ago
shall I give you something to wake up for??
7 days ago
thank you
7 days ago
I hope you have Naughty dreams ;-)
7 days ago
good night
7 days ago
They will be because you will be in them My Mistress, pet Loves you. ❤️❤️
7 days ago
sweet dreams My pet
7 days ago
I'm here if you ever just need to talk, hugs xxx
7 days ago
I know :)
7 days ago
Your welcome sweetie, I visit and leave comment because I care. I hope your well. Hugs xxx
7 days ago
Thank you Gary for visiting not just today but so many times in the past , you are truely a jem !
8 days ago
What in the world did JB think you were inviting her over for ??? :D

8 days ago
From me and my servants, thank you dear Gary.

Mistress Scorpio
9 days ago
Thank you Mistress Scorpio for stopping by and wishing boy My Mistress and I a lovely weekend and I wish you and all Your slaves the same.
It is always a pleasure to have you visit, thank you xxx
9 days ago
Passing by to wish you and your wonderful Mistress a great and loving weekend dear Gary

Mistress Scorpio
9 days ago
Weather be dammed ... we are there for you :D Rex and Gary

11 days ago
I am working on it ... this ought to fix things for blood flow to Gary's little brain :D

11 days ago
11 days ago
Well you in sexy lingerie, stockings and high heels all my blood will rush to my little head, deffinatly no shrinkage then ;-)
11 days ago
now that will be telling :-)
i want the blood flow to go to your little head
to prevent shrinkage

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