The Man From The Matrix pt.5

5. No Particular Kind of Special

Twelve thirty, lunch time. Whatever hadn’t been dead calm for Gabriel already, calmed down now. He wasn’t expecting to have anything to do for about four hours –at least- so he went for coffee.
Walking back he tasted his steaming cup of moccacino stuff and realized there was a very good reason for not ever having tried it before, so he turned and went for a real man’s cup of coffee… But with milk and sugar. Sugar was good. A lot of sugar was better though.
With his brand new cup of girly-man coffee he went back to hs matrix-room to find Danny standing there, staring at the machines.
“Can I help ya, luv?”
Danny’s full name was Danielle, so that was okay to say. “Yeah,” she said, “I need to dump to this tape around one o’clock. Can you get a machine ready for me?”
Gabriel liked Danny. No matter how busy she was, she wouldn’t buckle under stress and she always remained friendly. In all honesty, she wasn’t even that special to look at. Very light blonde hair, regular face, regular breasts (some would even lean towards small). She was a skinny girl too, curved but only slightly. What made her so special as a human being was her friendliness, the intelligent look in her eyes, a lovely indestructible smile on her lips and just a general glow of liveliness.
Once she had gotten used to Gabe and took a liking to him, she had even occasionally sat on his lap while she waited for a tape to finish. By now that had become something of a habit, even though she still quickly jumped off when someone would come in. They’d kill the time talking about all kinds of nonsense, from tapedecks to computers and even to sex, which isn’t that far a stretch actually.
“Yah, number 42. All yours.” Gabe said and punched in a few buttons, “All done, say thank you, Gabe.”
The oddest thing was that he never had the urge to sl**p with her, hell, he didn’t even think about her when he masturbated – that was usually a vivid image of a well rounded buttock slightly sticking out from under a tartan skirt. Or, though with some shame, an image of a primal not totally agreed fuck with Roxanne. Never once had he imagined Danny panting with desire below him. He did feel something for her, a kind of glowy feeling, but he had just labeled it ‘friendship – female’ and was done with it.
She gave him a quick peck on the cheeck, said “Thank you, Gabe” and went on her way. Gabriel had hoped to talk to her some more, but meh, maybe later.

Two cups of coffee, two smokes and a dumptape later Gabe saw Danny come back with a pile of XD discs.
“Hey,” she said, “I’ll be in here for the rest of the day loading XDs, if you don’t mind.”
“Not at all, I was hoping for a bit of conversation anyway. Hold on.” Gabe called up Vernon, “Dude, it’s me. Is that XD reservation still standing? …Cancel it. …Fuck it, even if it would have been Francis Ford Coppola to make the next Godfather… Tell ‘em ours is broken. Something more important came up… Cool, thanks man.”
Gabe hung up and gestured Danny to the machine with his head, “Same set?”
She nodded and pushed in the disc. Gabriel punched the machine through, sat down and Danny jumped on his lap. She weighed about a pound nothing, so she could jump all she wanted.
“They’re about thirty minutes each,” she said, “so we’ve got time.”
“So where were we, last time?”
“We were talking about sex.”
“Are you sure? Coz everything always sex with you…”
She threw him an unconvincing offended look as she leaned into him, “Look who’s talking, you human dildo! You even made it with a lesbian.”
“Ow. You know about that?”
“Ofcourse, Rose is a good friend of mine, ever since she tried to hit on me.”
“Hit on you?! Please, do tell.”
“You perv.” Danny giggled, “It wasn’t anything raunchy, I’m not as wild as you’d like to think I am.”
She waited a moment before she continued, “Do you ever picture me… ehm,”
“No.” Gabriel replied firmly, “I think you’re a really good friend and I love you like that. I keep my private life separate from my sexlife because I don’t wanna risk fucking up a friendship like ours.”
Not entirely the truth though, as he was still friends with some girls he had sex with. However, not as good as with Danny.
“It’s a shame you’re so strict on getting romantically involved.”
“Huh? Why?”
The words that followed rang like an off-key chuchbell in Gabe’s head and the atmosphere became uncomfortable even before she said them.
“Because I think I love you.”
A burst of emotions raced through Gabriel. Goddamnit! She said the L-word. Oh no, I’m losing a friend. God help me, I don’t know what to say anymore. FUCK! If I was a duck I wouldn’t be sitting here like a dullard.
All these emotions threw a switch and suddenly Gabe saw a different girl. The glow over Danny had become blinding bright, her breasts were twice as big and her eyes oozed lust. Now he loved her too, but he knew it would be over after he’d blow his load over her stomach. She would be the skinny chick again, but instead of his friend she would be a girl he fucked once.
She started to get off his lap, but he pulled her close. She knew all of it just as well as he did. Looking at her, for the first time he saw the smile was gone.
“My dear Danny…” he started, “Please don’t think you don’t mean anything to me. It’s because you do that I can’t properly reply… You have to know that I’m pretty impossible in large doses, which would cause fights and we’d end up hating eachother. That, and the fact that I enjoy women too much to become monogamous.”
“I can live with that,” she tried, “I have for a while already. I knew what you did when nobody was watching. You can still-”
“Come on, Dan. You’re better than that. You’re a really nice girl who could get a guy better than me. I’m not that great a catch, really.”
“But whenever we get together you’re always great.”
“That’s because it’s only short amounts of time.”
Danny got up and paced around.
“Trust me, Danny. I don’t wanna put you through a relationship where we wouldn’t be more than friends that fuck.”
Tears welled in her eyes but she didn’t wanna show Gabriel, pointing at the XD machine she said “Can you, ehm…” and rushed out.

Seven XD discs later and two hours into overtime, the last one popped out. Gabriel gathered them and went to Danny’s set, more so to see if she was was okay than anything else.
“Danny?” she sat there and stared at a black screen, “I’ve got your discs here. I thought I’d drop ‘em off before I went home.”
“I’m sorry I said it, Gabe.” she said softly, “I thought if I’d just get it off my chest I’d feel better…”
Gabriel sighed because he didn’t know what to do. Women usually didn’t declare love for him.
“Tell you what. I live ten minutes away from here. How about I invite you for a cup of coffee and we talk this over properly.”
Suddenly, to Gabe’s delight, her smile was back and she accepted his invitation.
Although she remained quiet all the way home, Gabe felt a bit better. Now he could properly and peacefully explain to her about why she shouldn’t be with him.
As they stepped in to his livingroom, they found Roxanne watching commercials. In her underwear.
“Rox, come on. Cover it up.”
“Why?” she wondered out loud, “I thought you enjoyed half naked women.”
“I do, but you have a great body. I don’t have enough bl**d to power my brain if you keep causing erections.” Gabe pointed over his shoulder, “And sometimes I bring visitors. You two know eachother?”
Roxanne rolled her eyes, “I’m not shy.”
With theatrical movement she stood up, walked over and shook Danny’s hand, “Yeah, we met once or twice.”
“Hey listen,” Gabe said, slightly discomforted by Roxanne’s behaviour, “tape Lost for me, will ya? I have to talk a bunch of stuff over with Danny.”
“Are you gonna fuck her?” Roxanne said, without a hint of a joke.
Gabe flared his eyes at her and hissed something he couldn’t quite understand himself either.
“I’m sorry about that.” Gabriel apologized as he led Danny into his bedroom. It was more like a livingroom with a bed in it and in a pinch it could be used as such perfectly well. There was a couch, an entertainment set, room for a laptop and even a wee fridge.
“She’s usually a lot more proper. I don’t know what’s gotten into her.”

Gabriel had poured Danny another drink when he looked at the clock. It had seemed like only fifteen minutes since they got there, but in truth it had been two hours. Danny had seemed to come to terms with things and leisurely looked around the room, stopping at the couch.
“Who puts a couch in their bedroom?” she wondered and got up. As she slowly approached it Gabe said: “Yeah, well… I don’t use it very much. Some girls like to, you know… do it on the couch.”
Danny was intrigued. She sat down in the middle of the leather couch and put her hands flat on the seat beside her, as if to feel what had been going on there. Her fingertips slid over a stain and she got an odd look about her, “Is this…”
Her eyes moved from the stain to Gabriel… “Do you think we could be friends that fuck?”
Gabriel looked away for a second, then his eyes met hers again. He thought he could see arousal in them. God, she was cute… “You’re hellbent on getting something, huh?”
She nodded.
“You really wanna waste your time on me while you could have a meaningful relationship with someone else?”
Playfully biting her lip she nodded again. Gabe sighed with a grin and after a moment said, with a reasonably straight face: “Take your clothes off.”
She did, turned a circle to show herself and sat down again. She may not have been the next supermodel, but she sure was easy on the eyes.
“You know,” Gabriel said, looking her up and down, “Just three days ago you would have been sitting right in a pool of cum.”
Which was bullshit. The last time that couch was used for anything sexual was a month ago when Gabriel wanted to watch Best Of Jenna Jameson. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to determine by saying that, but Danny was keen on giving him something worth remembering and tried to be as dirty as she could. Somewhat to her own surprise she said: “I would have licked it all up if you’d have told me to.”
Gabriel didn’t quite see her as that kind of submissive partner, “Don’t be silly and come here. You’re too fine to fuck on a couch.”
She came onto the bed and he put her on her back, carefully enjoying how her skin felt in his hands. After taking off his clothes he kissed her.
There had been numerous girls and Gabe had boned them all. One or two of them even so that they went home walking funny, but he didn’t feel for them what he felt for Danny and he didn’t wanna bone her. He wanted to make love to her. For a moment he got naucious and quickly dismissed the thought.
He kissed Danny all over, giving her goosebumps. He started with her lips and slowly worked his way down, past her neck, nipples, making her giggle as he stuck his tongue in her navel and then to her vagina. As his tongue touched her clitoris he felt her reach between his legs. He moved his body a bit closer to her and she started to jerk him off. Her hands were soft and helping him on his way a bit too fast for his taste, so he turned around, put her legs over his shoulders and dug in.
First she started to kindly stroke his hair, occasionally using one hand to play with her nipples, but soon her breathing got heavier and she tangled all ten fingers in his hair.
“Oh my god,” she panted, “what are you doing down there! I’m coming!”
She let go of his hair to dig her nails into the mattress. Her chest rose up and her feet rubbed over his butt, lower back and near the end of her orgasm also over his hips. When her body relaxed Gabe took a moment to look at her face and she pulled him up by his ears.
“Wooh. Again!” she sighed and kissed him. Licking her lips, she added: “You taste funny.”
The head of his dick stroked passed her pussy and she got a serious face, “I want you inside.”
They both closed their eyes as Gabriel pushed in. When he opened his eyes again Danny was already looking at him and every time he moved back and pushed in again, she mouthed a moan, but he couldn’t hear them.
Danny wrapped her legs around him and pushed him deeper with her heels. With one arm around his shoulder and a hand on the back of his head she hung on close to him. She kissed him again, long and wet, using her tongue freely. She clung onto him so hard she almost hurt him and after a few minutes of quiet she let go.
“Are you okay?” asked Gabe. She smiled and nodded, “I came again.”
Gabriel hadn’t even noticed, although hindsight, ofcourse, is always 20-20. He always payed attention to it: quality-control. To see if he was doing his job right.
“I wanna be on top.” she said and pushed him off.
Gabriel lay on his back and she kneeled over him. With her left hand she leaned on his chest and with her right she held his dick upright. She closed her eyes as she lowered herself onto it – it seemed bigger now – and let out the slightest of moans.
“You’re a quiet one, aren’t ya.”
Again she smiled and nodded and then, with a naughty look in her eyes, she said: “It has some practical advantages.”
Gabe realized it all too well: A quickie behind the machine rack? Or sex behind a locked set door?
Danny had put both her hands on Gabe’s chest and rode him by merely moving her hips. It didn’t quite look like hardcore material, but on the inside it felt brilliant and quite frankly, there are but few things quite as erotic as a nice hip-sway put to good use. Her head tilted to the side and she moved a hand hand from his chest to her clit.
Gabriel looked at her. Her face, her breasts, her hand moving to the slow rhythym of her hip movements and then felt the first pangs of and arriving orgasm, “I’m gonna come.”
“Me first.”
She was amazing. The only things that changed during her third orgasm were her head slumping forward and four fingernails digging into his chest.
Danny slid off him and lay on her back besides him, “Now it’s your turn.”
Gabe wanted to roll on top of her, but she held him back. “No no, I wanna do something for you I’ve never done before. I wanna be kinky too.”
She kneeled beside him and bent over to suck him to an orgasm., meanwhile giving him a tantalizing view of her ass and pussy.
“You never gave head before?”
“Never got it before either.”
She had started to speak before she had taken his dick all the way out, which made her sound knda funny, but Gabe got the message.
Even though her lips were inexperienced, they did their new task well. For a moment Gabe’s attention was distracted by movement near the door and when he saw what it was, the sudden shock caused him to ejaculate. Catching Danny by surprise, the first shot went right in her throat and the rest on her chin and his stomach while she coughed it off.
Roxanne spoke, but instead of apologizing, she accused: “You said you wouldn’t fuck her!”
This startled Danny, causing her to cough again. In another reflex she rolled to Gabe’s other side to hide behind him. For a moment her eyes clashed with Roxanne’s icy gaze.
“What the fuck, Rox?” Gabe exclaimed. With tears in her eyes she replied: “You said you wouldn’t do it, but you did!”
“Hey, for the record, I didn’t say anything comprehensible just then.”
Now completely in shambled, Roxanne cried out: “I need you Gabe!I need you, but you hardly even look at me and fuck your sluts.”
“Now hold on, goddmanit! I will not tolerate that kind of language about my girlfriends!”
“Take a hint, damn you! What kind of a woman prances around in two hundred bucks of lingerie all day?”
Though Gabe knew full well what she meant, he was confused.
“What’s wrong with you women today?” he sighed, “Rox, get the fuck out, I’m not in a position to talk about anything right now.”
Without a word she left and he waited to hear the door to her room slam shut before he cleaned himself and Danny up. Then he fell backward and stared at the ceiling while Danny lay beside him, propped up on an elbow, staring at him.
“Thinking about Roxanne?”
“Yeah.” he said, but to say more would mean he had to explain about Roxanne’s pornmovies, so he thought about something else, “And about you. You’re my second girl with a guy name. I wonder what Freud would say about that.”
Danny put her head on Gabe’s chest and said: “Fuck Freud.”
“Hmm, yeah. I’m pretty sure sure I know what he has to say about that.”
She giggled as she fiddled with his now limp penis.
“I’m sorry your great moment of kinkiness was ruined.” Gabriel apologized.
Danny turned to look at him and raised an eyebrow, “Ruined? I had sex while I was being watched, never did a blowjob before, let alone taste myself on someone’s dick and I caught a load where I never dreamed of catching one before… I’m fine, thank you.”

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