The Man From The Matrix pt.4

4. Every Rose Has Her Thorn

“Hey Vern!” Gabe called to his friend, “Stop pretending to work and have a smoke with me.”
Vernon was the planner and he pretty much decided who would edit where, so Gabriel had decided Vernon would make a good friend. And also a bit because in addidtion to his name he actually looked like a young Vernon Wells.
“You shouldn’t talk, Gabe.” Vernon replied.
“Hey! I don’t pretend, yeah.” Gabe pretended to be offended and finished with a grin, “I actually just sit there fiddling with my balls.”
He was planning on expanding on the balls-theme, but a girl entered the office. She looked too classy for her age, but good nonetheless. Brown hair, hazel eyes, delicate features, she looked after herself. Although her clothes were totally unfit for outdoor survival, they followed an outdoorsy theme. Army green blouse under a suede vest, slightly lighter green dress down to just above her knees and heeled brown boots up to just below her knees. Her dress followed her curves properly and she was either wearing a thong or no underwear at all, Gabe estimated. In the end he went with the thong, not all women are pornstars…
“Hi there.” she said in a nice but business like voice, “I’m here for the editing set.”
Vernon was just about to answer, but Gabriel saw options and jumped in, “We’re sorry, but there’s a slight delay. Can I write down your number? My colleague will call you in five minutes.”
She didn’t seem too pleased, but decided that argueing would take longer than waiting, so she gave her number and left. Vernon slowly turned his head to Gabe with a furious look in his eyes. Kinda scary…
“What. The. Fuck! You’re gonna cost me my job, you fuckworm! Do you have any idea who that was?”
“I was just about to ask you.”
“That’s Rose fucking Buckler! Usually very nice, but if you pull a stunt like this she’ll unhinge her jaw and swallow you whole.”
If Gabe didn’t know any better he’d say Vernon was panicking, “Just put her in set 11 and I’ll be outta your hair.”
Vernon called her up and apologized. Then he apologized again. Going for a third apology Gabe slapped him on the back of his head and then he said he’d send Gabe to e****t her.
Gabriel picked her up at the reception, “Hi, I’m Gabriel, your tape-operator for today. If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you to the set.”
He walked her to the set and brought her a cup of coffee. Then he went for his smoke with Vern.
“Why set 11?”
“I control it. The wiring to those sets back there passes under the matrix-floor. I’m gonna keep an eye on her progress and when she’s some ways through her work, I’ll back it up at the matrix and unplug her. She’ll call, completely distressed and I’ll make it look like I’ve put in a great effort to get her back online. Combined with my irresistable boyish charm I shall have her sl**p with me in thanks.”
Vernon just stared at him for a while. Then he said: “You’re a sick little monkey.”
Gabe nodded, sporting an ear to ear grin.
“But you’ll never get into her panties.” Vernon continued, “Not even you.”
“Let’s just say that every Rose has her thorn.”
Gabe didn’t get it, “I happen to have a twelve year old bottle of Glen Talloch tucked away. It’s yours if you’re right.”
“I’m looking forward to it.”

Five o’clock and Gabriel had conveniently run into Rose at the coffee machine – the best spot to meet all the non-smoking editors. He had made some seemingly pointless banter with her and discovered she would be done in about an hour.
Gabriel finished his coffee and went back to start his sabotage. Lo and behold, ten minutes later his phone rang; Rose’s voice sounded as cool as she could get it, but she couldn’t completely hide the pending hysteria.
“I’ll be right over.”
Gabe mozied on down the hall and pretended to be winded when he got to her door. Inside he looked around with his professional face on – it was hardly used.
“Mmyes.” he said after a couple of minutes of pointless checking, “You see. This thing is plainly connected to that doohickey, so everything should be peachy fine. That’s in layterms, ofcourse.”
“Listen buddy, don’t patronize me. Can you fix it?”
“I think so. It’s gonna be an effort and I’m not sure if I can retrieve all your work…”
“I’ll be very, very grateful if you can do it.”
“Right on it.”
At a comfortable pace he walked back and waited a bit before turning everything back on. After he put all her work back he toddled back to the set.
“Yeah. Everything should be fine now.”
She was already checking and sighed with relief as she found that it was, “Pff! Thank you. This could have really put me in deep shit. How could I ever thank you enough?”
“Well…” Gabe started and then saw the look in her eyes.
“I know who you are, Gabriel, and I’ve heard the rumors.” She stared him down hard and made him feel a bit small, “Most of all, I know what you’re thinking about and you’d better change your mind before saying anything more.”
“I’m a lesbian.”
The thorn.
“Ah, ehm… oh.” Gabe stuttered, “You see. It’s my job after all and ehm… forget it. It was my pleasure.”

The bottle of scotch thudded on Vernon’s desk. He looked up and saw Gabriel attached to it, not very much willing to let go.
“I found that thorn.” he said solemnly, “But it does not prick, it seems.”
Vernon couldn’t help but laugh. With some effort he took the bottle and said: “A fine choice of words, friend.”
“It’s a damn crying shame that a fine woman like that would be off limits.”
“Ain’t that the truth. Shit, you should see the girls she hangs out with. Not a dyke amongst them, all upper class lesbians.”
“And it’s all because of those arses that don’t look after a woman in bed. They make lesbians and I lost my good friend Glen because of it!”
“I don’t think you can actually make a lesbian…”
“Don’t burst my bubble! I’m mourning Glen. People say weird shit when they’re sad.”
He went back to his matrix-room.
Gabriel had snuggled into his fleece sweater and dozed off. He was lying face down on the desk when he was awoken by a tap on the shoulder. He shot up.
It was Rose who had woken him up and she sat on the desk, so close that Gabe could feel her body heat.
“I feel I owe you something.” she said. Gabe looked around and shrugged his shoulders, “Don’t worry about it. People have already given me more stuff than I can use and you know what, just having had a good look at you made my day.”
She remained quiet for a while. Gabe couldn’t tell if the words had done anything, but then she spoke: “Would you like to see more of me?”
“Ofcourse, but-”
“Have you ever been to a lesbian orgy?”
Gabriel looked at her sheepishly, “Take a wild guess.”
“Two days from now there will be one. My thanks to you will be allowing you to watch.”
Gabe still looked at her sheepishly. It was the only thing he could do; if it was the truth, it was too good to be true. If it was a joke… well, it was still too good to be true.
“Are you pulling my leg?”
She scribbled the address on a piece of paper and said: “I’m not pulling anything, I don’t touch men.”
She shot him a quick wink, “Friday, eight PM sharp. Any later and you’re not getting in.”

It was five minutes to eight on a cool friday evening and Gabriel waited five minutes before going up to the door and ringing the bell. When he did, Rose answered the door. She wore a satin robe that followed her curves without being tight, it fell open around her left leg and she was barefoot. If Gabe had been an evil man he would have given into to the lust she unleashed in him and violated her right on the doorstep.
“Come in.” she said and gestured him in, “The rules are only undergarments or birthdaysuits allowed in the playroom, you are overdressed.”
“So… where can I undress.”
“Right here, but leave your shorts on. You know, coz of… penis.”
Gabe looked around. His man-clothes weren’t allowed near the girl-clothes either. He felt a bit uncomfortable undressing under Rose’s watchful eye, but he stripped down to his shorts nevertheless – somekind of walhalla lay ahead.
Rose led him into the playroom, which was actually the livingroom temporarily adapted for play. It was divided into two halves and the front end was actually a shallow pit. Two steps led into it and Rose had filled it with pillows and all kinds of soft stuff. The room had a very sixties feel to it and from somewhere came the smell of vanilla.
Gabriel gazed upon the pit, six more girls were in there, two already naked. Most of the girls looked back at him and for a moment he had to find stability by leaning against the wall. “Oh God,” he muttered, “take me now… so I may remain in this state of euphoria.”
Rose smiled, clapped her hands twice and said: “Ladies! This is Gabriel. He’ll keep a watchful eye on us.”
She planted him in the middle of a red sofa and whispered in his ear: “No touching and if you absolutely must masturbate, use the toilet. Enjoy.”
She sat down on the opposite side of the pit and grabbed a redhaired girl by the neck. As they started to French kiss another girl crawled up and opened Rose’s robe and started on her nipples. Then a third girl crawled up. She had short blonde hair and a playful, though authorative, look on her face. She pushed her face between Rose’s thighs.
Gabe looked at it and it almost seemed like a cult, with Rose as the leader. He felt like crying, but wasn’t sure if it was because he was so happy or because of being unable to give in to his body, that really, really wanted to join.
The short haired blonde looked over her shoulder at another blonde girl who had her hair in a ponytail and was playing with herself. The short haired girl snapped fingers at her and like a pet the other girl came crawling to lick her master’s snatch. But as her tongue made contact the short haired girl grabbed her by the ponytail and pulled her face up so that her pet’s tongue touched her asshole.
“Don’t make me punish you.” Gabe heard her hiss, followed by Rose: “Just enjoy it, Rhona.”
Gabe examined Rhona’s pet. She seemed too young to be there, but judging from the wee butterfly tattoo above her left buttock she was over eighteen. She was neatly shaven and moisture glistened between her legs. Her breasts weren’t big, especially compared to Rhona’s knockers, but they looked firm enough. However, the pet’s main feature was her behind: it was heartshaped and wonderfully curvatious and much like with prime cut beef grilled to perfection, Gabe’s mouth began to water.
A brunette sat down next to Gabriel, wearing only an open blouse. It didn’t look like it could have fitted closed over her breasts though. A pale black haired girl with hair down to her butt kneeled over the brunette’s lap and kissed her wildly while her hands dug through the brunette’s crotch. Gabe scootched over to the side to give them more room. After a minute of wet kisses the brunette her pushed partner over and the black haired girl’s head landed on Gabe’s lap. The brunette went down on her and Gabriel stared at the softly moaning girl’s head in his lap. Suddenly she looked at him.
“Enjoying youself?” she asked and then turned her head. Her templed now rested on his dick, which fought to get even harder. It had probably convinced itself it could convert even a lesbian if it got big enough – like all dicks do. The girl felt it and before Gabriel could say anything she said “Down boy.” and rolled back into the pit with the brunette.
Gabriel leaned his head back and then forward again, he firmly grabbed his dick through his shorts and closed his eyes. He opened them again and there was sweat on his brow. He went nuts with lust and had to do something about it, but he didn’t wanna miss anything. And if he were to go jerk off, it would be over. He’d blow his load in or on the toiletbowl and there would be, for a while, nothing interesting about lesbians rolling around in a livingroom play-pit. He had to resist…
But what if he did? These fine women were driving him so mad that he might not be able to control himself anymore. And he couldn’t very well wait with tossing the log until they were done. They’d all be waiting for him to come off the john, all flushed and stuff. Couldn’t do it at home either. If he’d be able to walk to his car at all, he might run into Roxanne and feast on her… No, now would be the best moment, but as he started to get up Rhona crawled up to him on hands and knees. Her look and body movement were like that of a sleek black panther stalking it’s prey. She put her claws… her hands on his knees and raised herself up so that her face was close to his. He felt her breath and it seemed unnaturally hot, it smelled of peppermint.
“Ever had your balls licked by a girl with a fist up her cunt?”
Gabriel tried not to be afraid of her, but her presence was impressive and he could only shake his head quietly. Rhona snapped her fingers at her pet again, “Bitch, come here.”
With a firm jerk she pulled off Gabe’s shorts and with her other hand tightly gripping her pet’s ponytail she pushed her head between his legs.
“Lick his balls. Make it sloppy.”
“Please,” she pleaded, “I don’t-”
“Do it!” Rhona silenced her, “And hold yourself open.”
Gabriel wasn’t sure he wanted to be part of this, “You know, if she doesn’t like it, I don’t mind…”
“She likes whatever I tell her to like.” Rhone said and winked at him, “And right now she just loves drooling on your balls.”
The pet’s tongue felt like a razorblade and her licking increased as Rhona pushed her fist in, finger by finger.
“Is she good?” Rhona asked. Gabe just nodded, he had momentarily forgotten how to speak. Rhona continued, “Touch her and tell me how good she feels.”
Gabriel’s eyes flashed to Rose. She watched him carefully but did not seem to disapprove. He put a hand on the pet’s head, slid it down to touch her cheek, then back up, down her neck and past her flank to hold her breast, but he didn’t have the energy to sit up for long and fell back on the sofa.
“Tell me how she felt.”
Gabriel caught his breath and did his best, though his senses were pretty fucked up, “Her hair’s soft and nice to touch. Her skin is smooth and warm and her breast felt tender. I liked how her nipple pressed into the palm of my hand.”
Rhonna grabbed his cock and fed it to her pet, then she stuck her fist back where it came from, “And her lips?”
“Are unlike anything else.”
“Do you want to cum, Gabriel?” Do you want to splash your manly seed in her face and see how submissive she’ll look then?”
Rhona looked back at Rose and nodded. Rose got up and walked to them, her robe floating behind her. She sat down next to Gabe on one knee, he felt a breast against his arm and closed his eyes. Rose grabbed his hair, pulled his head back and brought her face closer, “Look at me.”
Gabe opned his eyes and stared back at her.
“Are you going to come in her face?”
Gabe nodded.
“Show us. We wanna see you masturbate.”
Rhona pulled her pet back a bit so that her face was right over Gabe’s dick. The girls gathered around and it was surreal. It didn’t take long for him to come and in between the orgasmic moans of the pet he heard the sperm splatter in her face. Rose let go of his hair and Rhona finally let go of the ponytail. Her pet fell forward a bit as she was relieved of the pressure of the fist and Gabe’s last squirt landed on her shoulder.
“Thank him.” Rhona commanded.
Her pet obeyed by climbing onto Gabe and kneeling in his lap. His penis didn’t go in, but her warm pussy felt nice against it anyway. She put her arms loosely around his shoulders and kissed him. He felt the cum on her face smear onto his, but couldn’t quite be bothered by it. With her forehead against his she stared intensely into his eyes and said, still panting: “Thank you… very much.”
Even though she had been instructed to say it, Gabe felt she meant it. And if he was wrong he didn’t give a shit.
The girl’s head now rested on his shoulder and she breathed deep but regularly as her body pressed against his.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” Rose whispered in his ear.
“Hell yeah.” Gabe replied, “Can I come again?”
“No.” Rose simply said and looked at him.
Gabriel nodded and very gently pushed the girl off him. She had been worked like a race horse and treated like a dog and she was tired. He rested her on the couch and he couldn’t resist giving her a quick kiss on the forehead, “Thank you too.”
“My name is Anne.”she said.
“It was a pleasure to meet you, Anne.”
Gabriel cleaned himself up, got dressed and left after thanking Rose.

Vernon poured his first glass out of his newly aquired bottle of scotch when the doorbell rang.
It was Gabriel, “What are you doing here, bud?”
“Oh, I was in the neighbourhood and I figured I’d come and claim my share of the whiskey.”
They sat down in the livingroom and Gabe lit up a cigarette.
“What do you mean?” Vernon asked.
“We both won the bet.”
“I don’t get it.”
“I just came from Rose’s place.”
Vernon’s eyes widened, “No fucking way.”
“On my momma’s grave, dude.”
“She’s still alive.”
“Give it time.”
Gabe waved off that bit of conversation, “I really did just come from Rose’s. I admit that I didn’t get it from her, but I did get it good and Rose was right next to me when it ended.”
Vernon saw in Gabriel’s eyes that it was so and he knew Gabe didn’t k** around about these things. Vernon grinned, “You are impossible.”
He stood up and got a second scotch-glass, “My fuckin’ hero.”

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