The Man From The Matrix pt.3

3. Clear Reception

Gabriel looked at the time on his phone. Eight PM sharp. Brilliant.
Pretty much everybody at work would be gone and he could do some finetuning on the matrix. For a moment he fantasised....
He would be responsible for the machine that had gotten so intelligent that it had started World War 3. Then it would become the center of a new world where humans would be grown to in a cocoon with sludge in them, so that the machine could harvest their life bl**d as batteries. And then we would be kept in a perpetual dreamstate... Okay, so a net-hookup was not an option, but Gabe would finetune it just enough to provide the best service it could.
He walked into the building and and to his suprise he saw the curly blonde girl behind the reception. He walked up to her.
“Hi.” she said cheerfully in a soft girly voice.
“Hey.” he replied, “Shouldn’t you be home by now?”
She smiled and said yes, “But I’ve got some homework to do and it’s just quieter here. Shouldn’t you be home?”
“I just came from there. I live about ten minutes off. But Roxanne’s having some friends over and since I promised her privacy I figured I’d use the time to do some work on the matrix.”
“Yeah, I heard what you did for Roxanne. That was pretty cool of you.”
Gabriel didn’t really know how to handle compliments, so he just nodded, “Hey, you wanna talk over a smoke?”
She grabbed her cigarettes and he let her lead the way. So he could check her out.
She wore pinkish suede boots under a skintight pair of cuffed jeans. Above that she wore a black and white sweater, it wasn’t loose or tight – it just fitted. Gabe had already checked the frontside, which appeared young. He guessed her about 20, maybe 21, any which way her breasts were nicely ahead of her. Her face was nice too, not really Gabe’s first choice, but nothing to spit on either. Like most of the other girls here, here eyes were bright. Kinda greyish blue, she had a cute nose and full lips which were always properly moist – or at least looked like so.
As they sat down and lit up, Gabe realised he was treating her like meat... that could talk.
“Hey, I’ve been saying good morning to you for a while now, but I have no idea what your name is.”
“My name’s Eddie.” she said, “Short for Edwina, but I don’t like the sound of that.”
Gabriel hadn’t really thought beyond this point of the conversation yet and was just about to say Eddie Van Halen was called Eddie too when she saved him from himself: “And you’re Gabe, right?”
“Uhuh, how’d you know?”
“You’ve got quite a name around here.”
Gabe thought it better not to ask why.
“Everybody knows the man from the matrix.”
They chattered for a short while before Eddie put out her cigarette and went back to her homework. Gabe watched her leave and then followed her example. But with less elegance.

Gabriel was playing around with wires for a good ten minutes when he found a wire that he didn’t recognize. It had a jackplug at his end.
“That’s odd.”
He looked at some blueprints but couldn’t find anything. Finally, as a last resort, he moistened his fingers and touched the plug. He kept doing it and looking around until he saw some response. The response finally came from an old banged up monitor n the far corner.
With an idea in his head Gabe replaced the plug with a smaller one and started trying different outputs. Most of them gave nothing, but some seemed to show the CCTV images. He gathered this much because one of them showed Eddie studying.
Going down the line of outputs and keeping his eye on the monitor, Gabriel didn’t notice his hand was now going into the circuit board. There should have been a panel there, but he had removed it himself.
The second the plug in his hand made contact with a live wire, sparks flew and he felt a sharp pain in his arm. The same second it was thrown back, pulling Gabe along.
“What the fuck?” Gabe thought mid air, then his head hit the floor.
He was only out for a minute, but when he came to his vision was blurry... “Jesus Christ!” he grunted.
“He’s not in right now,” a bassy voice said, “but I can pass on a message if you want.”
A man was standing beside him.
“Who the hell are you?”
“I’m God, actually. Hell is more his kinda thing.”
“Hi, I’m Lucifer.”
At Gabriel’s other side stood another man, “Are you guys serious?”
They nodded.
“Am I dead?”
“If it makes you happy. Sure, whatever you want, dude.” Lucifer said. God continued, “Actually, we’re just here to show you what awaits, should you choose to pass on.”
“Cool.” Gabe decided, “Show me, I’ve got time.”
God pointed at the old monitor. Gabriel saw Heaven’s Door on it and the camera floated inside, all the way to a door marked ‘Gabriel’. It opened and on a cloudlike bed was a naked girl, lying spread eagle. She said in a dreamy, girly voice: “I’m ready for you Gabriel. I’m yours forever.”
Then the camera went out and plummeted miles and miles till it ended up in Hell, where it went through a likewise marked door. In that room were thirteen girls. Or, more precisely, thirteen incarnations of the same girl he saw in Heaven. They were all going down on eachother, forming a big daisy chain. Some of them were using their fingers, others licked gently and some buried their faces in the crotches of others. Oddly enough it was a heavenly sight and Gabe noticed he had an erection. The monitor turned itself off and God said: “Well?”
“Well what? Do you even have to ask? What’s the problem with Hell?”
“Small print, Gabe,” God said, “They’re all lesbians.”
“Dude!” Lucifer hissed at him.
“You suck, you know that?” Gabe tried to stand up, but couldn’t, “Fuck it, I choose life.”
“Fine.” God said, clearly offended, “But don’t think you’re getting an offer like this again.”
He put his hand over Gabriels eyes and when he removed Gabe was alone again, his vision blurry. The door slid open and in walked the angel he had just seen in Heaven. She was barenaked, aside from a minimal amount of pubic hair. She tread ever so lightly and her feet made no sound.
“Hey,” Gabe said and noticed he was naked too.
“Shh.” the angel had a soft, girlie voice, “Be still Gabriel.”
She knelt beside him on the cold floor and put her hand around his penis. With sure movements she stimulated him and he watched how her breasts swayed in response to the movements of her arm. Then he watched as her other hand went between her legs.
“I didn’t know angels did that.”
“I’m no angel.” she replied and as she slightly increased the pressure in her hand he ejactulated thick white cum onto his stomach. The angel leaned over and licked it all up, leaving no trace. She kissed him with salty lips and then moved back down, where she spat it all out.
“Do you know who I am, Gabriel?” she asked, “Are you okay?”
“Yes, that was great, thank you.” Then his vision returned and he sat upright with a jerk.
Eddie was sitting next to him on her knees, “What was great?”
Gabriel dropped the plug he was still holding, “I dunno. Was I out long?”
“About five minutes after I arrived, I don’t know how long before that. You thought I was an angel and ehm...” she nodded at his croth, proving the ejaculation he had dreamt to be real, “That’s what happens if you mix porn with electrics.”
“Porn? What?”
“Yeah, that old monitor was showing porn, but it’s off now.”
Gabe couldn't wrap his head around it yet and he was bothered that Eddie had been there to see the wet spot in his jeans, "Listen. Thanks for you concern, but I'm okay. If you don't mind I would like to clean up a bit."
She nodded understandingly and helped him up before going back.
As Gabe tried as good as he could to repair the self inflicted damage in his pants - ending up just hanging his shirt in front of it - it dawned on him. He hurried back to the matrix-room and examined the monitor. It was plugged in but clearly burned out due to Gabriel's electrifying stunt. It couldn't have been playing anything. He gathered his things together and headed for the recpetion.
"Feeling better?" Eddie asked.
"Yah, thanks. Sorry for asking, but what exactly did you see? On the monitor."
"A guy and a girl. She was sitting next to him, jerking him off and masturbating. Then he came and she licked it up, kissed him and spat it out over his... ehm, you know..."
"Hmm, tell me. Did these people look familiar?"
Eddie thought about it for a few moments and suddenly her eyes widened, "How...?"
“I don’t know. Maybe it actually was playing and I dreamt that…”
“No,” she interrupted him, “how was I?”
Gabriel raised an eyebrow. How do you answer a question like that? Truthfully at least, Gabe decided. He reached over the counter and pulled Eddie up by her sweater. He gave her a big long kiss and although she didn’t quite understand it, she didn’t struggle either.
“Best. Handjob. Ever.”

Tired and with a sore arm Gabe opened the door. Everything was quiet and he went up to Roxanne’s room. He heard some sounds so he knocked. It went quiet for a second and the Roxanna answered, “Come in!”
“Nah Rox, it’s me.”
“Like I said, come in!”
So Gabe did. There were five girls in the room,including Roxanne, all of them in bedwear or underwear – a sight for sore eyes.
“You know slumberparties are for little girls, yeah?”
“Yeah, but they don’t watch gay porn. Wanna join?”
Roxanne’s friends certainly looked worth sitting through gay porn for, but Gabe’s day really was over.
“I’d give my left foot to lie with you any other day,” he said, not sure he was doing the right thing, “but I was just electrocuted and I’m calling it a day. Just thought I’d let you know I was back.”
“Okay.” She blew him a kiss as he closed the door.
It didn’t seem to be more than ten minutes that he lay in the darkness of his room when there was a knock at the door.
“Gabe, it’s me.” Roxanne said, “There’s someone here to see you.”
“Ugh. Tell ‘em to go away. I’m not here.”
“I’ll try, but I don’t think she’ll believe me. She heard you say it.”
She? Apart from Roxanne he didn’t have any women around just for being around. “Who?”
“It’s Eddie.”
“Oh alright.”
He heard Roxanne tell Eddie to go right in and the doorhandle moved, “No no! Don’t send her in here, I sl**p in the nu- Hey Eddie.”
“Hi.” she replied, seemingly a bit impressed. Probably because she wasn’t on neutral ground anymore.
“How’d you find me?”
“Employee files.” she replied, “I have access.”
Gabe sat up on his elbows, “More importantly, why?”
She took off her coat and said: “The kiss.”
“Oh…” Gabe replied, thinking he had given her the wrong idea, “I didn’t mean to impose myself on you, it just kinda seemed like a good idea…”
Eddie continued as if she hadn’t heard him, “I had always shrugged off the things I heard other girls say of you, but I guess they stuck in the back of my mind.”
She turned off the light, but in the hallway light flooding in through the ajar door Gabriel could see she undressed herself.
“And since you kissed me I had an insatiable urge to find out myself.”
She slipped under the sheet, but her head didn’t pop up. Instead he felt how she searched her way to his dick and took it in her mouth.
“Christ, what a night.” he muttered, “Turn around, so I can help you out too.”
In a moment of time she had straddled his face and pressed her pussy on his lips. As his tongue plowed it’s way through her, Gabe realized that her lips actually felt as soft as they looked. Ofcourse, any girl that was any good at oral sex had lips that automatically felt soft. Her lips drove him wild and in a flash he found that he had put a finger up her ass. He realized because she momentarily stopped sucking.
“How do you like it? Nice or rough?” he asked.
“Just give me you.”
He figured his sudden wild streak could maybe overwhelm her, “Well, ‘me’ is probably gonna go bonkers with lust, so stop me if I go too far.”
“Yeah, yeah.” she huffed and puffed.
Gabe flipped her on her back and fucked her mouth while madly fingering her cunt and asshole at the same time. He thought he was pushing it, but Eddie was actually encouraging him by putting her hands on his ass and pushing him in. Then Gabe turned around and pushed himself inside her, his legs pulled up so that he was kneeling and he held on to her tits for dear life.
While Gabriel was fucking her, Eddie noticed movement by the door. As she looked closer she saw Roxanne insecurely leaning against the wall… their eyes met.
An audience was what drove Eddie wild and tasting Roxanne’s insecurity made her cocky. She put her feet against Gabe’s chest, pushed him on his back and mounted his face. With one hand in Gabe’s hair and the other squeezing her breasts, her body moved like that of a snake dancing to the rhythym of a flute. All the while she kept her eyes on Roxanne and now she even went as far as puckering her lips and giving her an airkiss. Only when she came on Gabriel’s face she took her eyes off Roxanne.
Then Eddie went down for the final mile. She squatted over Gabe’s hips to take in his dick and when it was in she leaned back on her arms, turning just enough for Gabe not to notice and for Roxanne to have full view. She rocked her hips back and forth, effectively sucking him off with her vagina and it wasn’t long till she heard those words: “Oh baby, I’m gonna come.”
“Come inside me.”
Grunting with each upwards thrust Gabriel emptied his balls inside her and shivered as she slid off him after he was done. Hovering slightly over him Eddie stared down Roxanne who observed the cum coming back out. She slowly stuck two fingers inside and then brought them to her mouth to lick them
Roxanne quietly left the room.
Eddie lay down beside Gabriel and put her head on his chest.
“So… Anything like you heard?”
“Hm hm, I’m happy I did it.”

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