The Man From The Matrix pt.2

2. The Girl In The Tartan

The smoke corner was a simple cabin with an ashtray mounted in the middle and an airvent in the roof. Office-myth had it that as many as two people could fit into it. But Gabriel, being an expert smoker, knew the truth.
The truth was that two people could fit inside if they were either willing to have cigarettes pushed in their eye, or if they were willing to become very intimate. And there certainly were cases where Gabriel wouldn’t have minded a bit of intimacy and in some select few other cases he had managed to use these small confines to his advantage.
In any case, the smoke corner was the place to hear the latest rumors, gossip and meet new people. Alot of the editing sets had a machine right available and because of that Gabe only met some of the editors at the smoke corner. Due to his ever so “busy” schedule he usually met all of them, all the time.
It was getting late in the day and the light outside was beginning to fade. Inside, Gabe was playing shadow games with his reflection, using the bright hallogen light in the ceiling of the cabin. Sitting slightly back, only his arm and hand with the self-rolled cigarette were visible. Moving slightly forward, his face would slowly appear in the light, making him look like a Bohemian Rhapsody reject.
However, so Gabe had discovered, if he did the same move with the cigarette in the corner of his mouth, he looked like a sinister mob-boss in the smokey backroom of a dodgy bar. He tried to determine how cool he looked from the reflection in the cabin’s glass wall... Nope, not sinister enough. He tried again.
From the set across from the smoke corner a girl came and she watched him for a moment.
“You look very cool.” she spoke with a friendly smile on her lips. With a shock Gabriel sat up straight and with a shameful look on his face he greeted her. He pulled in his legs so she could sit next to him.
“Sorry about that,” Gabriel said, “I was just... well, there’s no excuse for it really. I was just being c***dish.”
She smiled again and said, lighting her cigarette: “It’s a good thing when you’re still in touch with your inner c***d.”
“As long as it isn’t the bad touch.”
She laughed and Gabe took a moment to check her out. She had honey-blonde hair to just over her shoulders, it complemented her face. Like a lot of the girls he saw here, she had very bright eyes. Odd, maybe it had something to do with monitor radiation. He didn’t mind, whatever it was, he loved pretty eyes: the more intense the look, the better... And these eyes before him... Ah! They were a vivid blue and they seemed to sparkle. She also had that lovely smile.
Her breasts were nice, but nothing exceptional. She knew how to work with what she did have quite well, however. Her bare legs ended, after an enjoyably endless distance, in a pair of brown suede boots, but what really caught his attention were what those legs stuck out from under.
She was wearing a schoolgrilish skirt sporting the tartan of clan Wallace. Gabriel couldn’t help staring at it, wondering what was going on under there.
“Hey buddy,” she suddenly said, “eyes in front. I can understand sneaking a peek, but this is just rude.”
Gabe looked up and met her eyes. Even though she still had the smile and the playful look, he apologized.
“Don’t worry,” she laughed, “I wouldn’t dress like this if it bothered me.” Comfortably she uncrossed her legs and crossed them the other way.
Gabriel’s throat went dry. Or in fact, dry didn’t even begin to describe it.
“Did you see Basic Instinct?” she asked.
Gabe nodded and fought to find something he could say to regain control of the conversation, but got distracted by wondering if he had actually been in control at all, he just said: “So, are you suggesting you’re not wearing underwear either?”
“I might.” she replied casually.
Gabriel felt an erection coming on, but his jeans weren’t designed for sudden expansion. He fought it desperately because adjustment wasn’t an option right now. Gabe was also not superhuman and, like every other man, did not have enough bl**d in his body to control both ends... So he remained painfully quiet. The girl took a good look at him and as their eyes met she raised an eyebrow and said: “Go ahead. I’m perfectly aware of what this skirt is capable of.”
She dropped her cigarette in the ashtray and walked back to the set, with a Hawaiian swing in her hips.
Gabriel leaned back and exhaled, wondering what the fuck just happened. He may not have been a great cassanova, but the way the situation shifted because of a tartan skirt was totally unfamiliar to him.
As he sat there baffled, a couple of minutes later the girl came back out with her coat and a backpack.
“See you tomorrow.” she kirred and winked at him. That wink blew him away like a point blank shotgun blast, he didn’t care how sad it was, he was gonna take ten minutes to whack off on the toilet.

The next day Gabriel arrived fifteen minutes early. He spent those fifteen minutes at the tape distribution desk talking, while he was actually on the look out for that lovely tartan skirt.
But it wasn’t till about six thirty, as he went for coffee and a smoke, that he met her again.
“Hi.” she said, as she walked towards him.
This time she wore a tight turtleneck sweatery kinda shirt... thing and covering those gorgeous legs were dark black stockings. Gabriel assumed (actually, “hoped” was more like it) they were stockings, as he couldn’t see the end of them under her skirt. The heels under her black boots made her about as tall as he was. She caught him staring again and said: “Like it?”
“Fuck yeah,” Gabe replied softly, but loud enough, “err, I mean-”
“Don’t correct yourself, you meant ‘fuck yeah’.”
He didn’t bother denying it, she was right after all. She continued, “Are you an editor too?”
“Nah, I’m the tape operator here.”
“Ah, well, sorry. I have my own machine on the set.”
“I know. But if there’s anything you think I can do for you anyway, don’t hesitate-”
“Actually, there is. The machine’s been giving me grief the past two hours, would you mind looking at it?
After your smoke?”
Brilliant! Now Gabe had the upper hand again, she needed something from him! He knew his way around the machines perfectly well, but actually wasn’t allowed to preform maintenance on machines outside the matrix, simply because it wasn’t his job. However, for a girl in a tartan he couldn’t do anything else than break the rules.
He dropped his smoke in the ashtray and stood up, “Allright, let’s ‘avva look.”
She preceeded him into the set and waited to close the door behind him. Then she pointed at the machine, “That’s the one. I think it’s possessed.”
Gabriel looked at the machine, squinted a bit and replied: “It’s my professional opinion that possession is not the case here.”
She leaned over to reach the back of the machine, “I think it’s one of the plugs though, but I can’t feel anything.”
It would have been easier to walk around to the back of the panel, but Gabriel said nothing of it. Because she was leaning over, her skirt slid up a bit to reveal that she was indeed wearing stockings... yay! It also revealed the slightest beginnings of the curve of her buttock and it mesmerised Gabriel. He looked down his side and saw his hand moving towards it.
As it approached it’s ultimate goal an image dawned before his mind’s eye. It was that of a trashcan icon with “UN” written on the side in big red letters. “UNWISE” it said in capital letters below it. He clicked it anyway and a notification popped up: Fatal Error.
“I’m sorry.” he said shocked and jerked his hand back from her behind. She looked back over her shoulder with that vivid spark in her eyes... He waited an eternity...
“Don’t wory about it.” she aid and kept looking at him.
Gabriel realised something and pressed play. The machine popped on and played the tape... “There’s nothing wrong with it, is there?”
Still looking back she replied: “You’re cute, but none too bright.” She winked, “I was hoping you’d realise before I threw my back out.”
Though Gabe wasn’t used to women acting like this, he hoped he had interpreted her right and put his hand on her buttock again. She didn’t slap it away or resisted at all, so Gabe let a finger slide between her cheeks and rubbed a bit. She felt slightly moist through her panties. Then she stood up straight and pushed him back, “What do you think you’re doing?”
“But, you... what?!”
“Do you think that just because I wear a short skirt you can feel me up? You can just touch me, just like this?”
With those last words she grabbed him by the balls.
“How do you like it when I touch you like this?”
Baffled, Gabe replied like a moron: “Err... I kinda like it.”
“Good!” she stated and kissed him full on the lips. Her tongue f***ed itself into his mouth and she frenched him so passionately that it almost seemed she was trying to eat him. Gabriel put one hand on the back of her head and another on her ass under her skirt. Her skin was soft and smooth and it felt tender as he squeezed. His finger slipped and he thought he touched her anus, but he didn’t quite care.
When she came up for air and looked him in the eyes, he said: “Girl, you really had me going there.”
She smiled candidly in reply, “That was merely a kickstart, I have only begun to get you going.”
She removed her panties from under her skirt and pressed them in his face. Involuntarily he inhaled and if it would have anything else it would have smelled passed the date, but in this case it smelled like heaven.
She knelt before him and opened his jeans and as she fished out his dick, she appeared to have the whole thing planned, “I’m just gonna get you as hard as possible before I let you in. I don’t get this chance often, so I want it done right.”
Gabe had always imagined that “done right” meant candles and rose petals.
“But wait!” he said just before she wrapped her lips around his dick, “What do you- I don’t even know your name!”
With her right hand firmly around his penis she looked up at him with a look of contempt, “What kind of man are you? Do you want my life’s story, or do you want head?”
Gabriel suddenly realised he was being a total fuckwad, swallowed his words and thrust his hips forward a bit.
She dove onto his dick like there was no tomorrow, sucking wildly and jerking him off. This had nothing to do with erotica, love or romance. This was sheer lust, the desire to be fucked to an explosive orgasm that feels like it was tearing your nerves apart. If it has anything to do with love, it would be the love of meaningless sex. And, according to Gabe, there was somekind of resemblance to a milking machine.
He thought he couldn’t get any harder, but he opted not to tell her. She was damn good!
Then Gabriel experienced a feeling he had never in his life expected to feel and was ashamed to not to mind feeling now. Her left hand, that had previously been under her skirt, cradled against the shaft of his penis, causing his bals to slap against her wrist. Her left middlefinger, however, was up his rectum and her movements caused just the kind of pressure that rapidly pushed him towards an orgasm.
But just before he would put his sperm into her mouth, she retracted her finger and slid her lips of his penis, “That’ll do.”
She bent over the editing table and lifted her skirt. Already rubbing her clit she once again looked back at him and said: “Give it to me and make me cum... Oh, and if you decide to suprise me and stick it up my ass I’ll fucking kill you.”
Gabriel felt an odd kind of special. This girl knew exactly what she wanted and Gabe was the tool to give it to her. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down through the entrance of her vagina a couple of times and then thrusted in.
“Oooh,” she cooed, “I’ve missed this so...”
Softly moaning she enjoyed every bit of him and Gabe felt proud to give her this kind of pleasure, conveniently overlooking the fact that a long time in the desert will make water taste like wine.
He reached under her shirt to hold her breasts and her nipples pressed in the palms of his hands.
“Mmm, squeeze my nipples.” she kirred.
So he did. They were hard and soft at the same time. “Wonderful things.” he thought.
Occasionally he felt the tips of her fingers against his balls and whenever she realised it too, she took a moment to tickle them by softly running her fingers over the middle.
“Ooh baby,” she sighed, “I wish I had more to do tomorrow so we could do it again... Aah yes, keep doing those long strokes, I’m coming.”
Gabe went slowly, but her hand rubbed vigorously and he imagined how she would lie on her bed on a lonely night, with a vibrator inside her and rubbing her clit in much the same way.
“Now speed it up, give it all you got.”
Gabe increased the tempo. Her body rocked to his beat and her head eventually touched the monitor control panel, changing the channel with every thrust he gave. Gabe reached over to turn it off, as he did, the girl whispered to him, “Finish it. I want to come with you.”
He put his hands on her hips and started to finish.
“Don’t come inside me.” she moaned, “I don’t care where you put it, but not inside me.”
Gabriel looked at how his dick went in and out of her to increase the pleasure even more. He looked at her asshole too. Pity he wasn’t allowed in, it looked very inviting.
“Now baby! Do it now!” she suddenly barked at him.
Gabe gave her two more firm thrusts and pulled out to finish with his hand. Or rather, just holding it and letting it all happen to him. His cum splattered all over her right buttock and someof it ran down her crack, over her labia and eventually down her leg. For a short while she kept herself standing, while Gabe stumbled backwards onto the visitors couch, then her knees gave in. Kneeling in front of the desk she rested her head on her arm on the desktop. Trembling a wee bit she let out regular, almost inaudible moans.
Watching her like that made Gabriel realise that he just had one of the best fucks in ages and he let out a sigh. In reponse her head jerked up and seemingly dazed she looked at him, “Oh I’m sorry... Hold on.”
She stumbled to her feet and Gabe could see a few drop of semen on the floor. She sat down next to him and started to give him a blowjob again. He didn’t quite get it and after a while she stopped, holding his limping dick in her hand.
“Why is it going down?” she said, “Am I not-”
“I came just as hard as you did, when you did.” Gabe interrupted her.
She reached down and ran her finger through the sperm on her behind.
“Oh man,” she smiled, “I really needed that, didn’t I...”
She grabbed a scarf from her coat pocket to wipe herself clean. Then she threw it to him, “Here, for whatever I didn’t lick off already.”
Gabriel wiped up the remainders and she started to get ready to leave, putting on her coat and grabbing her backpack. She walked to him and kissed him lightly but intimately on his cheek, “Thank you very, very much.”
Then she opened the door, but Gabe stopped her.
“Hey wait.”
She turned around and saw he held out her panties, “You, ehmm...”
“Keep them,” she said, “for your kind efforts.”
Then she really left. Gabe looked at her underwear, somehow it seemed better than prizemoney. He thought about going after her, but if he’d catch up with her, what would he say?
He knew full well that “I love you, stay with me” was not what she was after... but he didn’t even know her name! He would ask her her name, but by now he had been thinking about it too long. By the time he would have zipped up and after her, she would well be on her way.
He’d just have to live with the fact he wouldn’t see her again – probably just as she planned. He looked at the panties again and grinned. Damn, she was good.

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