The Man From The Matrix pt.1

1. Tape 42

Everything went through the matrix... Not to be the next spoof to cash in on the movie, but that’s just what the thing was called: The VTR-Matrix. Video Tape Recorder, but DVD and XD players were also patched in under that abbreviation.
Hence the guy operating it was called The Tape Operator. His mother didn’t foresee this career move and had named him Gabriel. Like the angel.
But over the past 27 years Gabe had proven to be anything but angelic. Not that when you’d meet Gabriel you’d find him evil, but like so many amongst you he had experimented with all kinds of substances, none really to his liking, and he was a great fan of the female form. Many people today still believe that’s a sin, but in a tale like this I really don’t need to go into theology and Gabe’s mother thought he was an angel anyway. And mom is always right.

As a great admirer of the female form, Gabriel loved his job. Even though days were long because there was nothing much to do and he spent most of that time in a cold room, he got to handle the tapes the editors came to deliver. And there were a lot of young female editors there.
Normally the editors would deliver their material to the Matrix Room, but to see more of the girls Gabriel had instated a pick-up and delivery service. The building wasn’t that big and he wasn’t that busy.
Another added perk was that he got to see the raw footage on a monitor in his Matrix Room and thus some great outtakes. Most people didn’t even know you could watch along there. If they did he’d probably get a whole bunch of requests not to.

One day Gabriel was working the late (or rather ‘the really really dead’) shift and the phone rang. Somewhat suprised by this sudden burst of rarely heard noise, he answered, “Matrix Room. This is the Matrix Man, ‘sup?”
“Hi,” a girl’s voice said on the other end, “This is Roxanne, in Set 7.”
“Fuck yeah!” Gabe thought happily.
“Is this Gabriel?”
“Yes it is, ma’am. What can I do you for?”
“I need to edit some, ehm, footage. Can I drop off a tape, or two?”
“I’ll do you one better. I’ll come and pick them up for you. Be there in two minutes.”
“Okay, thanks.”
From the way she spoke she didn’t quite seem the shaprest knife in the drawer, but Gabriel wasn’t one to judge and she sounded pretty enough.
Gabe knocked on the door, “Tape-guy! Picking up!”
The door opened seconds later and before him stood the prettiest little thing he had seen in a good while. She was about a head shorter than he was, but for some reason she appeared even shorter, he couldn’t put his finger on it. Any which way, she was shaped nicely. She had straight raven-black hair down beyond her shoulders and bright blue eyes, although they seemed tired.
“Hi, I’m Gabe, your tape operator for today.”
She smiled politely at him and handed him two tapes. One with a great big number 42 on it and one blank, “I’ll need tape 42 first to finish up some edits and I should be ready to dump the whole thing to the blank in about ten minutes, is that okay?”
“Sure. I’ll just wait for you to eject the tape from here and I’ll stick in the blank.”
Gabriel rushed back and insterted tape 42. He patched the machine to the set and, in preparation for what they called a dump, the set back to the machine. This also enabled him to watch along. But he didn’t turn the monitor on, outtakes were fun, but not always. He waited till he saw the machine start playing and used the ten minutes for a smoke, around the corner in the specially set up cabin.

After a leisurely ten minutes Gabriel returned with a cup of coffee and saw tape 42 sticking out of the machine. He pulled it out and insterted the blank tape, then he called the set, “Hey, it’s Gabe. You’re good to go.”
He flipped on the monitor and leaned back with his coffee, “Let’s watch some TV.”
It took a while before anything came on and just as Gabe started to wonder wether he had made a mistake, the machine’s record and play button lit up. “Ofcourse I didn’t.” He muttered as he leaned back again.
Then the screen flashed momentarily and to his total suprise he saw Roxanne. And being a bit of a voyeur Gabe jumped up and dove into his private stash of “lost” tapes. Roxanne’s blank had been an hour and so would be his. With haste he jammed it into an empty machine and patched the monitor through to it.
By now Roxanne stood in front of the camera, almost fully visible.
“Well well, editing your vacation videos on the boss’s bill...” Gabriel mumbled, “No wonder you waited till the dead shift.”
He leaned forward again, “Let’s see if you brought your bikini.”
Roxanne smiled into the camera and said something, but Gabe had forgotten to turn on the sound. By the time he had gotten up and reached the wee volume knob she was done talking. Oh well, her voice wasn’t her best part anyway.
Although he had hoped for something spicy, he never expected it and so his eyes widened with delight when he saw Roxanne’s breasts appear from under her shirt. Okay, so it wasn’t vacation, it was a boyfriend-tape.
Roxanne turned around and bent over to take off her jeans. She revealed a heartshaped bottom and a nice view of her vagina. Gabe nodded approvingly. She was naked, apart from a black band around her neck. It looked like leather, but it could have been satin as well... It wasn’t exactly something that would keep Gabe up at night. Besides, he got another suprise – it turned out it wasn’t a boyfriend-tape either.
While Roxanne never took her eyes from the camera and responded only slightly to the jerks a stranger gave her as he cuffed her hands behind her back with leather S&M-ish cuffs. The next shot was a close up of her face and with a lovely mischievous look she said: “I’m really the bitch now.”
Gabe suddenly noticed his mouth was open and closed it.
The view was back at it’s previous angle and the stranger grabbed her by the hair only to toss her on the bed. Her hands had been cuffed on her back and she lay on them so her pelvis was pushed slightky upward. It looked a tad uncomfortable for Roxanne, but pretty good to Gabriel.
The stranger stood by her head and leaned forward to grab her ankles. When he did, his balls dangled in Roxanne’s face and everytime they touched her lips, her tongue lashed out to lick them.
The guy pulled her legs back and as he nearly folded her in half a second guy appeared. There must have been a third because someone picked up the camera and went around to the second guy to film him licking her. However, the cameraman wasn’t too interested with the licking, as the licker didn’t seem to be either. He went back to the other side to film how the first guy had stuck his dick in Roxanne’s mouth and was now facefucking her. He moved with long strokes and every time he went back in, his balls rubbed against her nose. Gabriel could hear her breath rush past them.
She wasn’t the only one breathing hard either. Her oral skills must have been quite adequate: Gabe could tell from the man’s face that this wouldn’t be a long scene. “Come on dude!” the guy said, “Fuck her. This isn’t for her fun, it’s for ours.”
He grabbed both her ankles in his right hand and started squeezing Roxanne’s tit with his left, “I’m sure she was wet enough when we got here.”
Gabriel got a strange feeling watching this. He didn’t mind the abuse of a woman, so long as there was a certain mutual agreement. It didn’t even need to be a verbal one, if you did it right and payed attention you could see the ‘fuck-me-till-it-hurts’ look in eachother’s eyes. But somehow he felt what he was seeing wasn’t going entirely according to the script.
Still, there was nothing he could do about it and there was always the possibility he was wrong, so he’d might as well enjoy it.
The second guy, a rather... sturdy fellow, had pushed his dick into Roxanne’s cunt and subjected her to a vigorous ravaging. The camera went back down there for a better look. With every pound the guy’s testicles slapped against her behind. The guy got so into it that he somewhat lost his mind, Gabe knew how he felt, and started to lick Roxanne’s foot. Apparantly this was a sweet spot for her as her moans became increasingly louder and finally turned into muffled screams.
The camera caught her face as she was overcome with an orgasm. Her eyes rolled back, her body seemed to tense up, then limp again and her lips didn’t suck down as tight on the dick in her mouth.
Then when she did suck hard again, in turn the guy in her mouth started to shock. He now kept his dick all the way in and exclaimed: “Stop it! Stop moving your tongue, bitch! I don’t wanna be the first to... aargh!”
Roxanne wanted to move her head so he could ejaculate in her face, but instead the guy stopped squeezing her breast and grabbed her hair so she couldn’t. While making odd noises he came in her throat. Roxanne moaned and tried to shake her head to escape his load, but he held on tight. She gasped for air through her nose, which in turn was partly blocked by his balls... Then finally he was done and pulled out.
Roxanne coughed and strands of saliva mixed with globs of sperm rolled down her face. “Jesus Christ!” she panted heavily as the second guy was still beating down on her. He firmly grabbed her hips and gave her everything she got, beating the breath she so desperately was trying to catch right out of her with every thrust. In the short few minutes the guy needed to finish up Roxanne seemed to tire significantly.
Then the guy pulled out and aimed his dick at her upper torso. Thick squirts of semen shot out, the main portion of it landed on her breasts, but the first two shots splattered on her chin and neck.
When he was done and all lines of fire were cleared the cameraman took a few good shots of her heaving body. Unlike the porn movies she didn’t rub the cum all over her. She looked satisfied, but not happy and for a brief moment Gabriel took pity on her.
Off camera one of the guys spoke: “Dude, give me the camera. You gotta have a taste of that!”
Roxanne looked at them. “No,” she said, “I’m too tired. Just untie me and hand me a towel. It’s dripping onto the bed.”
But the camera man had handed the camera over and was taking off his clothes, “Sorry girl, but as ong as the cuffs are on, you’re in no position to make any demands.”
The other two guys snickered mockingly.
“God, no.” Roxanne muttered and tried to get up. But as soon as she did, the third guy grabbed her and flipped her over. Her pulled her towards him by her legs, smearing the cum from her chest over the sheets, and hoisted her hips up.
“Please no.” Roxanne pleaded, but the guy was deaf to it and spat on her asshole.. Using two fingers he tried if the spit was a decent lubricant. Gabriel could see from both his and Roxanne’s face that it wasn’t. The man looked around for a moment if there was any real lube in sight, but eventually decided that a gob of sperm from her chin would do fine.
“Filthy bastard.” Gabe mumbled, but all in all the bastard wasn’t filthy enough to make Gabe turn off the monitor.
“Please guys, this isn’t funny anymore,” Roxanne started again when she felt the third guy’s dick rub against her anus, “It’s getting gross and- oohoh! OW!”
The camera captured how the dick stretched her up, but only briefly. The sadtistic bastard was more interested in the painful look on her face. “Are you in all the way?” he asked.
The third guy just grunted and nodded in reply.
“Give her a couple of hard ones. I wanna see her face twist.”
“No.” Roxanne mouthed. The third guy grabbed her hips tightly, pulled back till he was barely inside and then gave a mighty blow. Roxanne’s body rocked forward violently from it and tears seemed to well in her eyes, but she refused to cry.
“Another one! Another one! I think she’s about to weep!”
The other guy did so. Again Roxanne’s body rocked hard and again she was visibly hurt, but she showed as little as possible.
Again the guy called out for more, only briefly pausing a few times to show the actual penetration. It almost seemed like the thirty nine lashes, with Pilate counting down.
Then the third guy was done taking orders, getting close to ejaculation. He pulled Roxanne’s chest clear off the bed by her raven black hair, pulled back and thrusted into her with all the energy he had left. She let out a short scream as her head jerked back and she tumbled forward onto the bed. As the guy’s dick popped out it squirted cum over her buttocks and bound hands. The camera briefly showed the guy’s right hand and a strand of black hair was tangled up between the fingers.
Gabe’s mouth fell open again.
It took a while for the camera to fade to black and show a web address for more of movies featuring Roxanne. In that while they took a bunch of gratuitous shots of Roxanne’s body lying in the smeared semen on the bed. She wasn’t u*********s, but she lay completely still, staring at nothing, oblivious to the guys’s final taunts of prodding her and smearing sperm from her ass onto her lips, asking how it tasted. Fade to black.
Gabriel turned off the monitor and ejected his tape. He felt a bit bad for her, but he didn’t throw away the tape either. He marked it ‘Roxanne Tape 42’ and stuck it in his backpack. Bad as it was, there still was something exciting about **** and although he’d never do it, it was arousing to watch and he could always pretend it was fake anyway.
Roxanne’s tape ejected from the player and he just stared at it for a while, thinkig about it’s nasty contents. He snapped out of his meditational state when Roxanne knocked on the sliding door. It wouldn’t open from her side so Gabe let her in.
She took the tape and stuck it in it’s case. “Thank you.”
She smiled at him and walked bac to the doors. As they slid open Gabriel raised his head and said: “I’m sorry.”
Roxanne turned around with a confused look on her face, “What?”
Gabe stood up and flicked the monitor back on, it showed the last frame of her video. The second she saw it, the look on her face changed from day to night and she seemed tired again.
“I’m sorry they did that to you.” Gabe said, not really sure what kind of face to pull with it.
After a couple of seconds of silence she replied, “Please don’t tell anyone.” At first she tried to fight it, but the tears won and she started to cry.
“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Gabe said, “...But why? You’ve got a job.”
“I’m an intern. I get paid jackshit for what I do here. My parents pay for school, but I need money to pay the rent.”
Gabe didn’t know what to do with her crying and so he figured he’d do what his mother used to do and hugged her.
“Why didn’t you cut the last bit?” he wondered out loud and she really let go now.
“People pay better for ****.”
For no reason at all his hand searched the back of her head for remainders of the strand of hair. Ofcourse he couldn’t find any.
Suddenly she pushed him away from her. “Jesus, look at me... I’m sorry I cried on you. I gotta go, I have to be home in time... for...”
She didn’t finish her sentence and quickly left. There were a few wet spots on Gabe’s shirt from where Roxanne’s tears had fallen and he touched them as he stared at his backpack containing tape 42... Then his heart bypassed his brain and made his legs carry him after her.
“Roxanne wait!” his mouth called and all the while his brain was going “FUCKING NO!”, but it couldn’t regain control. She turned around and looked at him, Gabe caught up with her. “I have a spare room.”
Roxanne looked at him, not sure of what was happening here.
“You could temporarily stay with me.” Gabriel continued, “You know, till they start paying you.”
“You’re very kind, but... I don’t know.”
“Listen. I was watching that and feeling guilty enough. You’d be doing me a favor and you wouldn’t have
to get ****d anymore... So how about it? I may be odd, but you’ll get used to it.”
“You have an odd way of asking girls out.”
“And that would be rule one. It won’t be a relationship. I don’t do relationships... anymore. We’ll be
roomies, going about our own business like before. I can guarantee you your privacy.”
Roxanne smiled at him. She was touched by the offer, “Okay, I’ll do it... Thank you.”
“Ah, one thing then,” Gabe said. Roxanne’s smile went and she interrupted him, “You wanna fuck me for rent, I’m sure. I could’ve figured there was a catch...”
“Actually,” Gabe interupted back, “I’m a lousy cook. Don’t expect alot of homecooked meals.”
He winked at her and her smile came back, together with a wee blush.

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