mi sexi dreams

ok this is what mi dream was last night....

i was in the tub then this butaful red haired women..comes up behind me and washes mi back...then another..women walks in to the room gets in the tub with me and asks me..is it ok if i joine u..i say be mi gessted...then she kisses mi neck and i look in to her pretty green eyes and say would it be ok if i wash u? she says only if i get to wash u next..so we wash echother together...my hand slids jently down her butaful tits ....she kisses mi nipals....i lick down her neck then slitly nibble on her chest...arund her nipels done bi her belly bution..i hold mi breth and go under....lick her pink pussy lips..come up 4 air and she gos down hand the red haired girl rubbs mi nippels makeing them hard..i kiss hers she mones with joy.. and then i wake up to mi lover licking me good!!!!
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Posted by 420kitty
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4 years ago
Nice dream, I wish I could join you in the tube and play with your bodies !!!
4 years ago
its nice i like it some times same me too dreaming with 3 women i like its
like you xxxx
4 years ago
excellent wonderful 5*****