Number 7 Codi. Short, tight, amazing sex.

This is the true story of the girl I met online. We had sex constantly for two years. I am going to tell a few of our memorable times together.

I was single and searching the web for someone to chat with and maybe share pics on yahoo. Before going into the rooms I would look at the pictures of who was in it. I scrolled over this one girl who said she was in a town close to mine. I messaged her. We hit it off talking. The topic turned sexual and we exchanged pics. The teasing naked pics. She was so turned on after I sent one pic (me covering my cock with forearm and hand), she sent me her phone number saying "I bet you don't call me." I called her 15 minutes later while we were still talking online. She never sent a pic of her pussy that night because she was on the last days of her period. I asked her on the phone if I could come over the next day (could of been same day because it was late at night). She said yes.

All day at work I was so excited. Random hard ons all day. I got off at 5 and went home and showered and drove the 27 minutes (lol) to her apartment she was renting with two s****rs. She answered in gym shorts and a tshirt. She was about 5'3, 130 pounds, brown hair, a cute little round ass, 38b. We sat and talked for a couple minutes and I noticed how shy she was (both of our first online hookups), I asked if i could kiss her. We made out for a while and I could tell she was getting turned on. She was a very timid kisser. She didn't use as much tongue as most girls.

I started to feel her up and she started feeling my dick thru my shorts. I asked if she wanted to go to bedroom and she of course did. We laid down, kissing some more and I took off her shirt and bra. I went to finger her and she reminded me of her period. I said I didn't care if she didn't. She said ok and we laid a towel down. She sat on it and I removed all of our clothing. She couldn't stop staring at my cock and I couldn't stop looking at this perfect tight little pussy. I laid on top of her and she took my dick and positioned it at her pussy. Oh my god, she was so tight, warm and wet. I fucked her for about 15 strokes and that was it. I sprayed down her insides with the most cum I have ever had and she came at the same time.

I continued to fuck her. Getting super hard again and was trying to see get my dick all the way inside her. It would usually want to stop after 6 1/2 inches but the harder I fucked the more it went it. I kept checking my cock to see how much her period was on me and after one time of really pushing it into her there was 10x more bl**d. I thought I hurt but turns our she was cumming. I came three times in her and she came around 10 times by the time I left that night.

Of course I had to go over there the next night. Even though I missed a night of call of duty, I went over and got my first blowjob from her. She sucked dick real good but I wanted that tight pussy. She told me her period was over and I was happy but in for a rude surprise. After my first cum and her second cum of that evening I looked down and my dick is red again. I had to be hitting something and turns out I was but she didn't care. I didnt't care and we went on to have sex on her couch, bed (every position possible) and in the shower. I came in her 5 times that night and she had about 15 orgasms. I love multiorgasmic chicks!!!

I finally started letting her come over to my house and I started being a little more dominant. Fucking her harder, pushing her and manhandleing her during sex. Even biting. Turns out she hated the biting but everytime I would start biting her it would lead to sex. This one time(at band camp) I tied her arms to the bed post and flipped her over on her stomach. Using just the lube from her pussy juice, I pushed my cock into her ass. She screamed so loud but I kept going. I stopped when she finally begged without a orgasm. That was my first time in a girls ass and I didn't even get to cum. She went to the shower and we had sex again before passing out.

After a while and a time where I started fucking my number 8, we stopped fucking (another story someday). On my birthday I called her up and turns out she had surgery for gall stones. Two weeks later, she was back in town and we were at it again. Not as much this time because of school and work. We never fully got into a relationship but I did care for. Guess not enough because when school was over that semester, I was with my number 9, my wife.

About two months before my wife was the time of my life with codi. She text me one night asking me if I had a camera. I immediately grabbed camera, extra batteries and went to her place. One of the best sex times of my life. I took pictures of her as she undressed, as she started sucking my dick, and then when I entered her. After I came in her, I set up the camera on a table and on movie mode and press record. She mounted me on the couch facing away from me and probably came 5 times that way. I came from the best ride of my life.

I picked her up and got her on her knees in front of couch. Still recording, I put the camera on the floor facing up and pounded her for another orgasm. I sat down on the couch and she went right after my dick. Suking and licking me everywhere. I recorded the great head she gave me an came. I don't think anything came out but she got a great orgasm out of me. We downloaded content and watched a little. Of course this led to more sex, a change of batteries and great pictures of her ass while in doggie position.

Before I came, we got in shower. After five minutes of fucking in shower, I put her on her knees and jacked off into her mouth. We both got out, spent and went to sl**p. I fucked her at 3 am before going home because her apartment was too hot.

We had sex a few times after that, talking about going steady but then she went back to home and I was without pussy. I met my wife and broke it off with codi. I regret it, especailly after she told me the night I broke it off she sucked as dick as she was getting fucked. I wanted to do that. I still talk to her, wifey don't know. Maybe someday I will be able to feel her tight pussy again but who knows. My wife made me delete the sex pics so sorry I can't show you all her cute little body. Hope you all enjoyed, please comment.
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