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Mistress 2

Well over the weekend vickylou decided that she was going to be naughty.
She first got me to clean myself inside and out and put on a pair of panties
She tied me up. Spanked my ass a little and then started on my ass pulling the thong to one side. She was licking and tonguing my ass. The sensations were amazing. She started to penetrate me with her fingers. Alternating between her fingers and tongue. Calling me a dirty slut for liking it.
When she was sure I was relaxed enough she put the strap on on. She eased it in while I was lying on my back lifting my legs. Fucking me like I was a woman and I was moaning like a bitch in heat. The sensations were mind blowing. She fucked my ass nice and slowly and then changed position she was under me fucking me slowly. The she lay on her back and got me to ride her. While I was riding her I was wanking my cock slowly cause I knew if I went fast I would come quick. She must have fucked me for an hour at least. Then she climbed off. Made me suck and lick her sweet pussy. Then she got on all fours and made me fuck her from behind while wanking her cock. Oh it was so naughty.
Later she lay on the rug in front of the fire and got me to play with her pussy.
I put my fingers in and curled up my fingers. Rubbing her special spot. I got harder and harder with my rubbing telling her what a dirty little bitch she was telling her I am going to fuck her ass and make her such my cock after. She exploded. Squirting with such f***e it covered her legs ass tummy and boobs. She was panting so hard. I just got down and licked her clitty. Tasting her squirt juice and her creamy pussy. God I love this woman.
Posted by 40kinky 2 years ago
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7 months ago
wow! that was so horny xx
2 years ago
Sounds like our kind of fun we love it.