Exploring different methods...

exploring alternative method to please and excite myself. in the begining; just like any teenage boy...busting that nut was the overall goal...which I can pretty much say the say the same for through out high school. My sex and jerk off session was done with very little imagination. There was those once in the blue moon; lets say at a friends house and happen to see the girlfriends used panties laying in their bedroom floor or hamper and snatch it to take home and suck the pussy juices and pretty much had those panties wrapped around my cock for the next few days.
Every once in awhile; i would do the same for my mom's and s****rs panties when i visited...which i wish i took advantage of when I was living with both of them when we all lived under one roof. Anyhow...those few incidents...i can were the begining of my panty fetish...which later on just had collections of panties from my friends girlfriends...i can say everyone of my friends gf i have tasted their pussy through their panties. actually lived with a friend who happens to live with his gf and along with his mom. loved those days...anytime i have the house to myself i would have wett thongs either with pussy juice or by my loads of my cum not too long after i have cummed on every single one of my friends gf's panites...moved to his mom's room of course bringing some of the gf's panties with and pulling the moms used thongs and along with a few i like from her drawer which was clean till i was done. would lay on my friend moms bed but naked practically buried in panties and the moms panties wrapped around my dick and the gfs thongs in my mouth sucking everyonce of pussy juice. few times i just wanted to fall asl**p their with hopes of my friends mom coming home and finding me laying in a pool of panties and my cock expose for her to grab and start sucking...then i would chicken out. Sometimes though when runing into the mom in the hallway with hard on; i would brush my cock on to her backside or hips giving her a feel of how hard she has made me. another time when the mom and I were home alone i purposely left the door open while taking a shower after i was done opening the shower door half way i dried my self in the open rubbing my cock pretty much grabing it from the base just point at her while she was laying on the couch. she got an eye full. i think if i just had the nerve i would have been fucking my friends mom right then and there...which brings me to my main point. with those experiences...my imagination has lead me to the top 3 things i love jerking off too...between the idea of my girlfriend wanting to fuck few of my close friends or either fucking my mom or let my friends tag team my mom while me watching or my gf and my mom switching from one friend to another. Actually get really excite just the thought of two of my friends just fucking the shit out of my girlfriend while i just lay there watching while either fingering my mom or my mom just suking on my cock ready toexplode with the excitement of my girl just swallowing my friends load and asking for more. i really would not mind if she wanted to fuck my friends or a complete stranger or a few guys that she wanted to fuck...just as long as I can watch and jerk off watching her or too picture of my mom next to me and few panties of my friends gf and my moms. after all my friends have cummed inside her and in her mouth then I would take her as is.
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4 years ago
I like the story coz we share panties fetishes and i also tasted so many different panties from different sexy ladies.
4 years ago
i love to read a guy talking about playing with it. You Men are so into Your penises. With Your dick in Your hand You are like in a different world. Neat!