my girlfriends hot milf friend

it was a saturday night and my girlfriend( ashley ) and i were invited to a bbq at her best friend christies house. not much else happening so we made our way there. we were gonna drive and stay the night. well when we got there it was a bit more than a quiet bbq there was at least 30 people there all drinking and havin the odd smoke out the back. it was already about 8ish by this stage and already some were getting loose. christy is a bit older than us and divorced (she was 45 and we were both 36 at the time). so the crowd ranged from 19/20 year old friends of her sons to 45/ 50 year old work mates and school mums but all were having a good time so we joined in and started to get into it. we were all having a ball drinking dancing singing perving on the young (and old) hotties and the evening became a bit of a blur. by about 2am most people had either passed out or gone home and ashley wanted to go to bed but i was keen to keep partying so she started trying to convince me by giving me big tounge kisses ,grabbing my cock and balls through my jeans and whispering dirty talk which i enjoyed but i knew because of the alcohol and smoke she had she would crash as soon as she hit the bed and i would be left hard and having to jerk off. so the last few of us kept on drinking while ashley crashed out on the outdoor couch. by about it 4am it was just me and christy sitting and chatting and ashley asl**p on the couch. the cops had made us turn of the music about 3 so the conversation had started to get all d and m. she wondered why she couldnt keep a guy and how her life was fucked at the moment and that shes the only single woman in her crowd and how she would love to find someone soon even if it was just a christy is what you would call a milf . long blonde hair not small but a pretty nice body for her age and great big tits which she knew and flaunted whenever she got the chance. she asked me why i hadnt gone to bed as she had been watching ashleys little show before. i told her my reasoning and how i would be left hard and frustrated. she laughed out loud as she reach out and playfully rubbed my crotch. i was a little shocked as was she when shen realised i was hard but she never took her hand off and started to slowly rub me. "wel well she did make you hard and frustrated" she said . "no actually it was you ive been perving on your tits for the last half hour, they are amazing!" . "i thought so "she said".so you like them?" . i nodded as i stared. "take a closer look " she said and without thinking i pulled down her tight white top and exposed her near perfect breasts. they really were amazing, large, firm and full with perfect sized nipples that were now standing to attention so i instinctively reach out and grabbed one in each hand and leant in and licked each nipple. she let out a low long moan of approval as i delicately worked my mouth and tongue on her big tits as she fondled at my belt trying to release my throbbing cock. it was then for some reason i realised ashley was right next to me on the couch. i was stuck in the middle my girlfriend sound asl**p and this hot milf with her tits out in my face. i paused not quite knowing what to do next. sensing this christy whispers "stand up and let me suck you" . iwas frozen. "dont worry shes out of it we'll make it quick i just want to make you cum. you can do me another time". and with that i was hooked. so i stood up and before my jeans were at my knees she had engulfed my cock to the base. then she slowly eased off and started to give me the most amazing blowjob i had ever had. not a square millimetre of my cock and balls were left untouched as she licked and sucked me to the edge. knowing i was close she would slow down her rythmn but without stopping make my load subside. "you wanna cum on my tits?" she asked already knowing the answer. and with out a word spoken she picked up her pace and started to deepthroat my cock as she jerked and played with my balls. she must have felt my cock twitch as she instinctively pulled my cock out of her mouth and aimed it at her tits just as my cumm started to shoot all over her right tit then she jerked it and aimed it at her left tit to finish me off. then she put my cock back in her mouth and cleaned every last drop of me til my cock started to soften. "that was amazing " i said . "good to see i still got it"she replied as she rubbed my cock through the cum on her tits. i stood back and watched her rub my cum into those beautiful tits before pulling her white top back up and allowing the remainder of my cum to soak in. "you better get her to bed and remember you owe me one" she said as she got up and headed inside only stopping to wipe her cum flavoured fingers over ashleys lips. i wanted her now more than ever and would definately be returning the favour ...with interest.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
wow, awesome
2 years ago
Can't wait to read more.
2 years ago
I think I wanna party with her!
2 years ago
Let us know what happens next
3 years ago
3 years ago
Hot story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Wow! very hot, can't wait to read about you paying her back!
3 years ago
great story....