My life changed by science (part 1)

For some reason i just loved science lessons at school, it had something mysterious! This lesson was as always mysterious because in the corner of the classroom stood a weird machine with several touchscreens on them and in the machine they installed a chair to sit on. As always with that kind of weird stuff it atracted me.This time i wondered what the machine could do.

The teacher came in the class room and every one sat down at their desks. as always the teacher had to ask me seperatly to sit down at my desk.

As i was walking to it i asked the teacher what the machine could do. Normally he always explaned the functionality of it but this time he kept his mouth shut. after lessons were over i walked to the science teacher and asked him the same question again. Vagely looking around himself he desided to tell me something about it.

He said it still was an experiment of his and another science teacher. If it would be fully funcional it would change a lott of things in the world he said. Not understanding what he ment i asked him to explane himself. For a moment it was very quiet and out of the sudden he said i should not play or fool around with the machine. Leaving me with more questions to begin with, he walked out of the classroom.

What could it do? That question kept racing through my mind. That night i just couldn't sl**p from quriousity. I desided for myself to break and entering the school the next night and do some research around this machine.It was the only possibility left to do for me. As another schoolday came to an end i left school keeping in mind i would come back that night. At dinner i said to my mom and dad i was going to sl**p over at a friend of mine.
They said it was okay and my plan going to my school that night had the green light simply because they gave clearance for me to sl**pover at a friends house.

During the school day i arranged a window to stay open even after school hours so i could enter with ease. Finally i could explor the machine without the science teacher standing behind my back.

First of all i would go and see if i could start it up. I thought if i could fire it up it would give a lott off answers for all my questions. After a quick research i found the power button from the machine. I pulled the lever and all sorts of beep sounds and light were showing of the machine.

Still not having an idea what the machine would be capable of i began to touch buttons on the touch screen. While doing so suddently a door opened. i had to step inside wondering if my questions were gonna be answered.

As i was wondering around inside, the machine just wouldn't reveal were it was made for. Since i wasn't gonna get some answers needed for my questions i decide to call it a night and go home. As i pushed against the outside door of the machine it was if it was stuck. With a little more f***e it will open i thought. But what kinda f***e i provided it wouldn't open again letting me out.

What to do now? i figured that it would take a while thinking of a solution what to do! lets sit in the chair. after giving it some thought the only solution would be i sneak out in the morning when school opens again. With that in mind i wondered around sitting in the chair from the machine.
Next thing that happened was me waking up in the machine because all the light of the classroom lighted up. For some reason the door that earlier was stuck now stood open a little. I sneaked out the machine and offcourse the classroom. I was lucky , nobody had seen me!

The machine only made my questions list about its purpose longer instead of shorter. There for it also came more mysterious for me. As i was walking to the lessons i had to go to the toilet. As i entered the toilet i did as i am always doing, but this time there was something different then other times. Wondering what it could be i

Walked to my lessons of that morning. It didn't take long to find out that i was peeing while sitting on the toilet in stead of the usual standing position. Why would i sit down to pee ? Walking back home out of school i couldn't give a proper reason for my behaviour.

Being home my s****r was watching a program involving a model career! As i normally would go upstairs play games on my computer i now sat down and started to watch the show my s****r found interesting. As my s****r turned her head looking at me with a look as if she were saying what did overcome you to watch this show, you normally don't care about!

Thinking about giving situation i couldn't give a normal answer back. Even more strange for me was the interest. Later that night it became even stranger then it allready was

My mind was playing with me in a way i had to do everything i thought off. And with the least doubt i gave in on all desires. It began with desires for wearing my siters panties. The strange thing was i felt normal doing so. In the next couple of weeks i kept giving in on my thought and desires. The situation now was i desides to grow my hair. And shave all of my body hair off. Panties were becoming a normal use to wear. i came more and more interested in what the girls were talking about. After a while my interest for science and boy stuff was totally gone. That night i sat at my desk thinking what could have happened to me. I was feminizing myself or something.

As weeks became months i became more girly. I allready talked to my mom and dad about me wanting to become a girl. Giving the knowledge i did everything about it to do so.

End of schools vacation arrived and in about a week we had to go to school again. What was i going to do about the fact my looks were all feminine! Not even to mention my feelings and desires that had changed. i for example begun to check out hot boys and the thought about how i would love to get fucked by them.

I desided to say i was a exchange student from another school. And offcourse the exchange would be with the boy side of me. As the alarm from my clock went off i get out of bed and stood beside my bed realizing i had to shower , do my hair, apply make up and make myself beautifull. Doing so i had to hurry to be at school in time.

Arriving at school i was a bit nervous for the fact somebody would reconize me. As i walked into school i asked a teacher were i should be for my first lesson beeing a exchange student and all. The teacher ( also my math teacher ) didn't reconize me now i were totally enfemme. Walking the direction he told me too it arroused me some of the boys were checking me out!

Now that i was the new girl in school i still had to find out what happened with me? And how could i reverse it? And would i want to reverse it?

The last question was because i strangely adapted very well with the new me. Since i had changed my interest for science was not there anymore! But there was still that machine and what it did with me.
With all that knowledge i stepped into the science class room. It was allready filled with all the girls and boys from the class from last semester. Nobody reconized me as the boy me in girl clothes so i had to be passable. They all greeted me and were nice for me. The boys were like the other boys earlier checking my ass out!

The feeling it gave me was wonderfull. As i walked to my desk i noticed the machine still standing in the corner! As i was sitting down the teacher begun to talk. He welcomed everyone and introduced me to everyone! Then he said we should let our book closed because he had an announcement to make about the machine!

Was i finally informed about the things it did to me ? Find out in the second part of my life changed by science
79% (6/2)
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3 years ago
So, slowfocus,
Wouldn;t it have been nicer to add that last line to you your comments - would have made it a lot better - and using profanity just shows your intelligence.
3 years ago
Yes Iknokia, I speak and write in English, German, and spanish very well thank you. I also understand how constructive criticism works. But I just happen to enjoy driving my point home with a little bit of humor. If that offended you, too fucking bad. We have freedom of speech and freedom of expression here. She didn't seem to upset by comment. Why were you? And it is very hard to read a story containing poor grammar, bad spelling, and improper punctuation. Mind your own business and fuck off. I did love the premise of the story Carolanne.
3 years ago
Why do people always criticize honest efforts - constructive criticism is always welcome by writers - but being mean is just another way of showing your lack of knowledge, confidence and understanding. Slowfocus, can you speak or write in Dutch or even speak more than one language?
Carolanne, just write and continue to learn as you go along, that's the most anyone should expect.
3 years ago
Your right on that! Sorry i am from holland and choose to type it in english because most people here speak english and not dutch. Again sorry for the inconvience.
3 years ago
Maybe u should have spent more time in english class. Your grammar and spelling is atrocious.