A night to remember forever

Returning home after a night out I brought a friend home for the first time, made drinks and took him to the bedroom, he had always turned me on but I never have had the opportunity to get to do anything. Turning around to put on some music he walked up to me from behind held your waist kissed my neck and pushed his hard cock against my ass. I turning around and our tongues started to dance and sometimes disappear inside each other mouth. Pushing him back towards the bed we both laid down and started to neck.
Slowly opening his shirt and feeling his cock through his pants I started to kiss his nipples, he had only so far toughed me on top of my cloths. I finally had him naked and was sucking his cock stopping only to let our tongues dance some more. Standing up you took off my blouse, let my short skirt drop to the floor and with the grace of a swan I took my panties off, his cock sort of jerked itself at seeing this. Laying back down I started to kiss again, if you could call it kissing it was more like tongues dancing and every now and then licking the back of each other’s mouth. Frustrated I took his hand a placed it on my breast and asked him to suck my nipples, you laid back and as I felt his warm wet mouth on my breast my back arched and I moaned so very loud. Rolling him over I tried to mount him but he rolled me back and placed himself between my legs, slowly so very slowly he slid his cock into me and pushed it all the way in he did a couple slow strokes and then 4 o5 hard deep thrusts and my legs wrapped around his waist I squeezed and screamed oh fuck me Jesus Christ fuck me hard, I had a massive orgasm, the fastest I had ever finished, I rolled him onto his back and placed his cock back into me and started to ride him fast hard and deep till he shot a huge load into me from his swollen hard cock. The evening did not end there it lasted another 3 hours.
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2 years ago
it is all true
2 years ago
Nice story - I could feel your heat...
2 years ago
Some story!
3 years ago
sexy story & erotic
3 years ago
Lovely story!!!!!
3 years ago
oh great story!!
3 years ago
Sounds sexy, but confusing with a 'him', a 'you' and a 'me'! Who is whom?