Just taken a shower, walked into my bedroom the sun was bright and beating down on my bed, I dropped my towel and laid down taking in the hot relaxing sun. I had just started to get hair down there it was soft and my nipples had just started to grow, they were nipple buds about the size of a pop bottle cap, I touched one and felt a feeling I had not felt, I was feeling aroused, I put one hand between my legs and felt a small hard bump but when my finger touched it, it felt good. I had never really felt myself in this way but I liked it, I continued to play with it with one hand and the other was touching my very sensitive nipples. I rolled over on my stomach and slid one finger into a very slippery pussy and I was humping the palm of my hand mu nipples rubbing against the cover of the bed, my legs started to stiffen my toes curled my hand was soaked and I had my first intense mind shattering orgasm. I laid there with the sun beating down on me until I thought I heard something.
I rolled over to find my b*****r standing at the end of my bed with his hand on his cock, I had never seen a hard one and was about to ask him what he was doing when it squirted all over my chest my neck and some on my lips, it sort of tasted good. I was amazed at how when he pulled his hand back to his body the head of the cock would show up and when he pulled forward it disappeared. I looked up at him and asked if I could touch it he shook his head yes, I reached our put my hand around it and pulled the skin back and it shot again but not much this time. I said I wished I had one of them to play with and he said s*s you can play with mine anytime you want if I can play with these and he reached over and touched my nipples.
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3 years ago
I still remember the first time my sister let me play with her tiny titties. And the first time she stroked my little penis and made me cum! She was 13, I was 10...
3 years ago
Very hot story. Reminds me of when my sister and I were young. Really the best free sex ever.
3 years ago
Lovely to read how your nublie nipples
taught turn-on feelings to your love lips
and unexplored craving clit! - porn poet Pete
3 years ago
Thats a hot story brother and sister I wish I was your brother
3 years ago
Whoa, instant turn on even before the brother was in the picture
3 years ago
Very good. Hope there is more
3 years ago
there is lots more and the best I can remember it is all true
3 years ago
3 years ago
Sounds like the beginning of a story. Is there more>