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The next morning not very exiting but what we did

It was 10 after 8, I was just about to put something hard in my mouth when someone was knocking on the door, and in my head I had a few choice words. I had waked up about 30 minutes earlier stretched and rolled over to find this steel pole against me. Rick was still sort of sl**ping but had this incredible hard on so I started to play with it rubbing it and pulled the sheets back to stare at it, just as I was about to put it in my mouth that is when someone was at the door. Putting on a knight shirt I made my way to the front, it was Pam and Tammy, opening the door I said good morning a bit early aren’t we.
Meet you in the kitchen I said as I made my way back to the bedroom, leaning over I gave Rick a kiss on the tip of his erection and said we have company. Making coffee while I brushed my teeth and put my eye shadow on I told the girls that Rick was here and he would be out to meet them soon. He made his way to the kitchen just as coffee was done I introduced them and he sat down at the table between the 2 of them. We had blue berry pancakes and bacon did the dishes and Tammy Pam and I went to the deck while Rick showered, Pam said how good looking he was and Tammy turned a bit red and said that she thought he was cute to. It was now 11 and the sun was hot, I took off my night shirt and got onto my lounger, Pam took off her top and pulled her chair next to me and Tammy kept her cloths on, I looked at her and said “ shy are we “. Rick was now on the deck with his shorts on, so here is me naked Pam topless Tammy with her top and shorts on and Rick with his shorts on. Rick went to get glasses and the pitcher of Sangrias that I had made the night before when Tammy whispered I have never been naked around a guy, Don’t worry Tammy he will like the way you look.

Rick returned and before he could put the tray down I said OK let’s make a deal when we are on the deck let’s all be naked or at least topless, Rick turned to say something and I reached up and pulled his pants down, my oh my are we still a bit hard, a little embarrassed he turned red and sat on the big lounger and reached around to get a drink. I got up and got everyone a drink and sat next to Tamm and unbuttoned her top, her nipples were hard and so sexy. I had already filled Rick in on the fact that Tammy had never touched a cock and she was a virgin but he was probably too big for her anyway. It took about an hour for everyone to relax, I got up and put lotion on Rick and made my way to his cock and balls and watched him get hard, I motioned to Pam to come and join in so she started to Kiss Rick and at that time I took tammy’s hand and pulled her closer. I placed her hand on his very hard cock and she wrapped her fingers around it and started to move them up and down at the same time I put it in my mouth. Pam stood up and took her shorts off and placed one of Rick’s hands between her legs, my you are wet he said as he fingered her, I would like to put you inside me Pam said with excitement in her voice. Not until I taste you as he got up picked her up laid her down and started to suck her nipples and then he made his way between her legs and started licking and he did not stop till she had an orgasm. Moving back up he laid down and she positioned herself on top of him I sort of guided his cock into her and Tammy and I watched as we played with each other, touching breasts and nipples and her touching my pussy. Pam was riding him slowly when I said that Tammy has never seen a cock shoot a load and it would be nice if you pulled out before you cum so we can watch it. It took another few minutes and Pam got off and I started to rub his wet cock, taking Tammy’s hand again I placed it on his cock and she rubbed it her other hand was touching her own pussy and the head of Ricks cock started to swell and he got harder, Pam had her tongue in his mouth I was touching his balls and Tammy was not stopping, she kept rubbing as he shot his load straight up in the air with it landing on his tummy and her arm and hand and a bit on her chest. I looked at her, isn’t that exiting and then I licked the bit of cum off her chest.
We all now were a bit more relaxed, Tammy took off her shorts we were all naked now and Rick said this is going to be a great 2 days and Tammy I get to eat you next, and I said sorry I get to eat her first and then you can eat her while I am playing with you and if you want private time with any of us just say so.

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1 year ago
nice morning you had
1 year ago
Great story Anna I be dreaming about this happaning someday
2 years ago
You were disturbed early, but kept the initiative.
This was only sexy Saturday morning, apparently
the least exciting part of your weekend for four ;-)

Hardly can wait to read how his hard-on served
three tasty young yummies for the rest of the time.

Please tell us more, my dear friend Anna.
Your love life seems like a dream - poet Pete
2 years ago
Lucky man !!