I left for the cottage on Friday with a longtime friend his name is Rick (Richard), upon arriving he being the gentleman he is unloaded the car and took all the stuff into the cottage. Rick is a good looking man 3 years older than me but great friends since I was 8, a fantastic body, not muscular but cut, 6 feet 2 inches, tanned, no chest hair at all, and dark very dark nipples, and he is very well hung, about 11 inches and thick, like a large English cucumber. Tammy and Pam were going to come down on Saturday a surprise for them and Rick I hope.
Groceries unloaded drinks mixed and out on the deck we went, as soon as I sat down I took of my bathing suit and leaned back on the lounger, Rick did the same on the lounger next to me but facing in opposite directions so we were looking at each other. I sort of looked at him with a grin and said are you still shy since he still had his shorts on, Rick and I had made love and fucked many times and he was still shy. He sheepishly took off his shorts to reveal a semi hard cock; I must say I think he has the most attractive cock I have ever seen smooth and long not veiny and a large purple head, not a blemish on it.
We talked, we drank, I got up to get us another drink and when I returned he was lying down and his cock was at full mast. I moved my chair away and sat on him my pussy was wet, my lips swollen and there was now on one each side of his cock. I was slowly sliding up and down sitting straight up watching as I slid to the head and then back to his balls. Leaning over to give him a kiss our lips touched then my tongue was in his mouth and his in mine, I could feel myself getting wetter and just then his hands grabbed my hips and he pulled me a bit forward I felt his cock jerk and he pushed me back and he was now inside me.
I felt a rush, then he pushed and now he was all the way in me, I sat straight up and started to move up and down, I have not had cock for some time now and this was a very special treat and I was in seventh heaven. We kept moving until I laid back down on his chest and started to kiss again the feeling was overwhelming, his tongue in one end and his cock in the other and I was wet both places. I started to feel him pick up the pace and drive further inside me it felt so good, then I felt him get harder and the head start to swell and he pushed it to the end and I could feel the warm load being shot inside me, he kept cumming and cumming. The tasty juice from the 2 of us was now dripping out of me and Rick said let’s keep him in there till he is soft and with a laugh I said you never get soft when you are in me and at that moment he rolled me over with him still inside me.
He was moving slowly in and out till the head was just about at my lips then slowly all the way back in and grinding on my clit, then a bit faster and then faster yet I could feel an orgasm coming and wrapped my legs around his waist and he started to pound like a jackhammer, I was now having an orgasm very intense and he was having another one to, the feeling of my pussy contracting and his cock swelling again was incredible and I started to scream, and moan and squeeze my legs together. All I could say was WOW, he rolled off I looked at him and said now my treat and started to lick his wet balls and his wet still semi hard cock, when he told me to turn around and share.

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1 year ago
Nice made my nipples hard. Yes it made my nipples hard which in my case is the first sign of arousal.

xoxo from a fellow Canadian
1 year ago
AWESOME I wish I was him sound like he a gentleman like I am But he so much better looking than I am
1 year ago
Great read.
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Well written, your warm wet weekend started so hot.
And the pace of your prose matches the sexy speed.

Such a sweet Saturday of cumming coming up for four.
I can hardly wait till we get to read more, love.
Your love life seems like a dirty dream come true.
Wish you many more happy endings - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
mmmm hot story thanks for sharing