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The second morning

I woke early as I always do it was now the second morning I showered put my makeup on and sat down for a coffee, that is when Tammy came into the kitchen and said good morning in a sl**py voice, were is Pam I asked and she said that Pam would be asl**p for a couple more hours and she went and showered. Coming back into the kitchen with only a towel and a smile I got up took her hand and we walked to the bedroom at the other end of the cottage. She laid on the bed I pulled the towel off and let my robe drop to the floor. Laying down beside her running my fingers through her short wet hair I started to kiss her my fingers playing with the back of her neck I whispered I so wanted some one on one time with you. Our lips touched our tongues seemed like 2 magnets rolling around in her mouth, my hand was now running up and down her waist and thigh. I moved down a bit to suck her super hard nipples that lay flat on her chest, they felt so good. My fingers had now made their way to her still wet pussy, Tammy may have been slow in developing waist up but waist down, her lips were swollen they were large and her clit was like tiny penis begging to get sucked, I started to go down but she puled my hair and asked if we could eat each other at the same time. I turned me on top and we started to play, I parted her lips with my fingers and started to lick her inside the taste was driving me crazy I was not even paying attention to what she was doing to me. I rolled off so she could be on top all for greed; I wanted every drop to enter my mouth. Tammy was fingering me with 2 fingers and I was holding her lips open and licking all around and inside tasting every drop, I felt her legs start to stiffen and shake, I rolled her on her back and turned around to pay attention to her, she started to orgasm, loud and hard, it seemed like she was having multiple orgasms she was squeezing her legs together and kept repeating OH MY GOD, I fingered myself to orgasm while she was having hers and exploded at the time she was just about finished. Laying there in each others arms kissing and feeling her I went back down for one more taste, just as I started to lick Pam walked in the room naked and got onto the bed with us, I moved up and started to lick her while Tammy was kissing her, she started to orgasm within seconds, after she finished she said that she had been in the doorway for the last half hour and said we put on a good show, My pleasure I said anytime. As I left for the kitchen to make us all breakfast I whispered I want you one on one to. After eating I spent the next couple hours on the deck naked looking at my 2 naked friends tanning and thinking about the last 2 days and dreaming about the next 5.
Posted by 34a 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Wow....awesome morning ;o)
2 years ago
Wonderfully written, Anna.
So sexy, tasty and intense!

I simply love your sexy Summer blog, baby.
Please post more of Pam and Tam in your cosy cabin
- porn poet Pete
2 years ago
damn beautiful hon:)
2 years ago