2 new ladies in my life

I spend lots of time at the cottage in the summer, it was the end of the first week there and I decided to take a walk to the public part of the beech about a 2 kilometer walk in the sand. Well it turned out to be full. I did some people watching for a bit and turned to go back when 2 girls said hello one looked my age the other looked very young, I replied with a hello and a great day isn’t it. The got up from their towels and walked over to me, both very slim the older one with a figure like myself but dark brown long hair the other looked like she was just starting to develop, very pretty short pixy like blond hair and the cutest dimples the older one or s I thought said that they could not help but notice that it looked like I had an all over tan and they had such distinct lines and wanted to know were I tanned topless. With a smile and a wink I told them my deck at my cottage, after some small talk I told them if they walked to the end of the beech and took the trail my cottage was about ¼ kilometer in very secluded.
I took my time getting back walking in the water and on the sand, mixed a drink and went back to the deck took my bikini off and resumed taking in the afternoon sun. it was about an hour later that the 2 girls showed up, I was starting to think that they were not going to come. Pam looked at me and looked a little shocked that I was wearing nothing at all and was trim and a landing strip, a little shy I offered her a drink and asked how old her s****r was, the reply took me by surprise, Tammy is not my s****r she is my best friend and she is 19, I am 21 (Same age as me), she is just very late in developing. I made them both a gin and tonic and told them if they wanted an all over ta they would have to take off the swim suits. Pam did take off her top very nice but very white breasts and it took Tammy some time and some small talk but when she did she showed off fantastic very small breasts with sexy puffy nipples, I could not stop starring and AI was getting aroused. It was getting on 5 in the afternoon now and I asked them if they wanted to stay for supper, Pam said they would have to tell her parents but should not be a problem so the girls went back to the camp ground to let them know.

I took out some chicken wings and made Japanese sticky wings with rice and yellow beans, the girls returned this time with tops and short skirts, Pam asked it would be ok for them to take their bras off, not a problem I hardly every wear one, both had see-through tops on and I stated that they looked awesome. We ate more small talk and girl talk, we watched a movie and when they thought they should get back I drove them so they did not have to walk the beach at night. On the way back they asked f they could come back tomorrow for a bit since it was there last day here and with a smile and kiss on the cheek I said it would be a pleasure.
Getting back to the cottage I did not realize how wet I was, my lips swollen and my nipples hard but they had been that way since we all sat on the couch. I laid on the bed the fan blowing on me and started to touch myself, one finger then two and that did it I went into a massive orgasm with the thoughts of Tammy’s nipples. I fell asl**p only to awake in the morning still very horny.

Tammy and Pam arrived around 10 we had coffee and talked a bit then headed for the deck, this time they took off their tops and bottoms, they both had lots of hair down there, they never trimmed but both had mad comments on mine, It was about 1 when I looked at them I am sure with lust in my eyes my nipples hard and asked were they were from, it ended up they were on m y way home about an hour before my place, well if you would like to stay another week you are more than welcome to stay here with me and we can try to even out your tan lines, with sheepish grins Pam said they would have to clear it with her parents but could not see why not, but her parents would want to meet her, not a problem.
Pam and Tammy returned about 2 hours later with dad and mom, introduced themselves and asked were my parents were, a home the cottage is mine, I inherited it from my grandparents, they seemed ok with it all I gave them my phone numbers and home address and dad went to the Jeep and got 4 bags, the girls had already packed and looked exited.

Evening came we ate this time we had hamburgers, did dishes and went to the deck with Sangrias by the pitcher, it took about an hour and Pam asked me very sheepishly if I would trim her like myself, I looked at her and said most when NOW she said. As we were going inside Tammy asked if I would do her to I was getting exited now. Pam first she laid on the bed and I started, to trim. I could tell she was getting exited as well I had to use tissue to keep drying her, while I was doing this Tammy was laying beside her, both were naked, OK one down now you Tammy they switched sides and I started to do Tammy, she was so wet her clit was hard I started to trim and left her with a landing strip just a bit wider than Pam’s, done. I got between them on the bed, looked at Pam rolled a bit and kissed her, her tongue touched mine and they started to dance when I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was tammy wanting a kiss to so I rolled her way and kissed her, I had to touch her breasts though and at the same time Pam touched mine. I asked them if they had ever done this and Pam said they have only kissed each other and touched breasts and that Tammy was still a virgin.
I rolled back to Pam started kissing again and slowly kissed my way to her breasts and made my way down to her now smooth pussy, I started to lick and slid on finger in she moaned, I looked up and told them to start kissing each other and they did and touching each other and I kept licking and sucking on very wet very horny pussy lips. It took about 20 minuets and Pam had a great orgasm. I slid up and kissed them both then made my way down Tammy taking time to suck her puffy nipples and play with her lips, I got to her pussy and started licking. The rest of the evening must have gotten her so exited she had an orgasm instantly.
I crawled between them and leaned over to my night stand and took out a vibrator, turned it on put it inside me and started to fuck myself with it all the while they took turns kissing me, after my orgasm I went back down on tammy, I just had to taste more of her, and play with her breasts and nipples as well as Pam’s. We all slept in the same bed but before falling asl**p they both asked if I would share my toys and teach them to eat like that. We woke up to each other had each other for breakfast and spent the next week doing things to each other. Want to hear how the next week and 2 months went.

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1 year ago
Girls nibbling on girls is so erotic!
1 year ago
The brain is such a powerful sex organ. I was right there with you:) Great story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Really sexy story thanks. Very arousing
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
omg wish i was there i need a trim
2 years ago
Your stories leave me wet with desire for more!
2 years ago
Wow, what a sexy Summer dream come true, dear Anna!
Pam so pretty and tight Tammy so tasty to seduce.
Please let us in on your love lesson to them, love.