13 times 2 great guys

It was a warm Friday night, my BF and I hade just gone to a movie and stopped on the way back home for a drink, in the restaurant we ran into a long time friend of both of ours. Randy was tall and slim darkest black hair and he had always had a super crush on me. After talking for a bit we asked him to join us for a drink at my house. We all walked together my parents were away for the weekend and so was my b*****r, I had the house alone. Grabbing 3 beer from the fridge and meeting up in the games room we were all talking about our week at school when Rick ( my BF ) needed another beer, I took his bottle spun it around and it landed on him, so he had to get his own beer. When he returned he spun the bottle and it landed on me and he asked truth or dare, Dare please. He told me to take off my top and I did but I was not wearing a bra, my nipples were hard and I was now so horny. My turn! It landed on my BF and he wanted a dare, bend over and play with my breasts and suck each nipple, he did and then he spun and it was Randy’s turn, Randy he said why don’t you play with her breasts and kiss her, with a little reluctance Randy moved beside me and started to kiss me his tongue was all the way in my mouth and that turns me on, his hand reached down and started to play with my nipples, then I felt another hand on my leg, it was my BF and he started to play with my pussy lips. I pulled away from Randy stood up stripped and so did the boys, my BF has a large cock Randy had a slimmer one but long with a sexy looking curve to it. I told them both to meet me in my room and I got 3 more beers. Once on the bed I started kissing my BF, I had never seen Randy naked but I did always have sort of a crush on him as well. My BF went t the bathroom and when he got back I was o top of Randy his cock deep inside me and we were making love slowly all the way on all the way out then again. Rolling off him an onto my side he entered me from behind I could feel the bend in his cock so well, I was kissing my BF when he moved his hand down between my legs and I felt him place a finger on either side of Randy’s cock sliding in and out. Randy grabbed my hips and started to pound me deep hard and very fast, he exploded inside me I could feel it fill me up. Without breaking stride I turned over and my BF slid his cock inside me, Randy moved up and I was now sucking his still hard cock covered in cum and my juice. I rolled my head back and let my BF taste it on my lips then I went back to Randy’s cock. I could feel Rick’s cock getting bigger and then he to exploded and once again without stopping I rolled back the other way and Randy entered me again, this tim there was nothing slow at all just rammed it in and pounded me like forever and I had Rick’s cock in my moth this time and I let Randy taste it as well. This continued till 4 in the morning I had gotten fucked 13 times, Randy dressed to leave after he left my BF was getting dressed and I just looked at him and said not till I have an orgasm, I laid him on the bed and sat on him 69 and it did not take long before I exploded and had a massive orgasm. I looked at him gave him a big deep wet kiss his he tasted so good, the said you liked that as much as me. With a bit of a dreamy look I said I could handle that every weekend.
88% (13/2)
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2 years ago
so hot!
2 years ago
Mmm - I could stand an evening like that with such a pretty girl as you!