Penny’s New Playmate

Penny’s New Playmate

At the end of my last account of the sexy adventurers that my wife Penny and I had some years ago, I recalled the long term affair that Penny had with her teaching colleague Rachel and how it was not unusual to find them together at home when I returned from work in the evening. You may remember me telling you how one evening I pulled in my driveway to find Rachel’s car parked together with another car I did not recognise. This then is the continuation of that episode and a true description of the events thereafter:

Parking my car and walking to my door past this strange car, it was obviously driven by a woman evident by the interior and items such as a ladies umbrella and a woman’s magazine on the passenger’s seat. I quietly opened the house door and from the hallway I could hear noises coming from the lounge. I moved silently to the lounge doorway and on peering in was meet by the sight of Rachel knelt on the settee with her arms resting on the back of it. Her skirt was pulled up over her waist showing taut white suspenders attached to her tan stockings. Penny was stood behind her fully clothed but pulling Rachel’s thin nylon black panties to one side and at the same time spreading Rachel’s cheeks apart. There was one other woman with them who I took to be the owner of the strange car. She also was fully clothed and had some of her fingers in Rachel’s pussy and was working them in and out rapidly.

I had no idea who this stranger was, however I decided not to intervene at that time and backed away quickly from the doorway. I silently retreated into the hallway and let myself back out of the front door sporting as you might imagine a very hard and erect cock in my trousers. I waited five minutes before with some noise reopened the front door and calling out in hall that I was home and made a meal of setting down my briefcase and hanging up car keys etc. Penny came to meet me giving me a long kiss and ran her hand over my still stiff cock. 'My word' said Penny, 'you seem pleased to see me and my pussy is really wet and sloppy but I will tell you why later'. 'Come in and meet my friend' said Penny.

Going into the lounge I said hello to Rachel and was introduced to Kate. The pair of them were sat on the settee looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. Kate was obviously a few years older than Penny and Rachel but was very attractive with a slim figure and smartly dressed. Kate had reasonable sized breasts but not as big as Penny’s whose were large and nothing like Rachel’s tits which were magnificently enormous. I formally shook hands with Kate and we chatted about nothing much for a while. I left them to it and went for a shower and on smelling my hand I could detect the faint aroma of Rachel’s pussy from Kate’s handshake. After my shower Rachel and Kate were about to leave so we said our goodbyes.

As soon as the front door had closed, Penny grabbed me and said 'quick upstairs', Penny went to our bedroom and flung herself on the bed lifting her dress and pulling her panties to one side said 'don’t ask questions just stick your cock up my cunt and fuck the life out of me'. Penny as I have said before had a unique ability to orgasm at will either cuming immediately or holding off until she wanted to cum. As I slid my cock effortless into her she grabbed me and pulled me hard into her and came there and then impaled full length on my cock with the most astounding orgasm. I was just a few seconds behind her and shot jet after jet into her.

After our quick sex had subsided, Penny told me what had been going on. As I have said, Penny and Rachel were both teachers and had had a sexual affair for sometime often involving me as well. By Penny’s account, that afternoon the girls had gone into the ladies room which appeared deserted and Rachel gave Penny a quick fingering which she was inclined to do on occasions. Rachel had said something along the lines of 'can I come back with you after school and push my tongue up your pussy while you dildo my cunt'? Apparently, Kate had at that moment stepped out of a cubical to find Rachel with her hand up Penny’s skirt and her fingers inside her pussy. Kate it transpired was also a teacher at the school and had been listening to Penny and Rachel and asked if she could be invited as well. Kate had said that listening to the sexy conversation had made her wet and had thought for a while that something was going on between Rachel and Penny. The rest of the day was as I have described but Penny said Kate was very frustrated that I had come home before she received the sexual satisfaction she was hoping for. Penny said that they had arranged to meet in a couple of days and would I be a darling and come home a couple of hours late. I agreed providing I got a full run down of the events.

The girls meeting took place as arranged a day or two later and Penny gave me full details of all that had taken place which I’m sure you can all use your imagination over. By all accounts Kate had been given the fucking of her life by Penny and Rachel with fingers, dildos and anything else they could find to slip into her. Penny told me that Kate had asked if I knew what she got up to with Rachel and Penny had said I knew everything and on several occasions had joined in and fucked Rachel in front of her. Kate, who was married, had apparently said that she would love to have another man’s cock inside her and she and her husband had often fantasised about a same room swapping session. Penny had said she was game for that but Kate would need to discuss it with her husband and they would both have to be comfortable with what would inevitably happen. Kate had asked Penny if she would mind another man fucking her to which Penny had told her about Russ with the enormous cock and how she and I had arranged her to get Russ to push it up her. Penny had added that she and I were agreed that anything was OK as long as we did it in each other’s company other than her lesbian encounters with Rachel and which now included Kate as well.

A couple of weeks later on a Saturday evening, Kate and her husband Derek arrived. Derek was a similar age to Kate being a few years older than Penny and I but was smart and well presented and transpired to be a very nice chap. Kate looked stunning and had really gone to town with her appearance. We all got on well and chatted about this and that but we all knew what was really on our minds. After a while, Penny said to Kate 'come with me I have something to show you' and with that the two women left and went upstairs. Derek and I carried on chatting for quarter of an hour after which the ladies had not returned. Derek asked what they were up to and I said they were probably entertaining each other upstairs. I asked Derek if he was aware of Penny and Kate’s recent friendship and he said that Kate had told him what a group of girls got up to from time to time and that he found it very exciting and would like to be part of it. I could see he was excited as his trousers had a significant bulge in them and he was not alone as I also had a hard cock.

I called upstairs and asked if they were going to be long and Penny shouted down to give them five minutes. Shortly after I heard them coming downstairs and when Kate and Penny entered the lounge it was jaw dropping. Penny was wearing a buttercup yellow lacy suspender belt with sheer black seemed stockings over which she had on a pair of black nylon open crotch panties. Nothing else and her large tits and erect nipples looked magnificent. Kate standing beside Penny and in front of me was also topples showing her smaller but very firm tits with protruding nipples even larger than Penny’s. Kate was wearing a sexy frilly white suspender belt, white stockings and the most transparent white nylon panties imaginable. Her magnificent growth of black pubic hair was clearly viable through her panties which were in fact so sheer as to hide nothing.

I said to Penny with her black open panties, 'They are a bit revealing love, you will give poor Derek a heart attack' Penny giggled and said 'no this is what I call revealing' and with that reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart showing her very wet and glistening cunt to Derek. I stood up and made towards Kate placing my hands on her panties and quickly slipping a finger into the leg of them locating her moist pussy. She immediately had her hand on my cock and I quickly undressed to allow her unrestricted access. She was wanking me like crazy as I fingered her pussy and pulled on her rock hard nipples, I had to stop her as I was soon going to spunk all over her hand. I had forgotten about Penny and Derek and when I looked round, Penny had his cock in her mouth giving him a blow job that I knew would be fantastic for him having had hundreds from her myself.

Derek had a good sized cock which anybody would be happy with but I had an inch of so more than him so Kate thought I had a monster. Kate asked Penny if she would mind if she sat on my cock and naturally Penny had no objections as she was soon going to have Derek’s. Kate asked me to lie flat on the carpet and after removing her now soaking panties squatted over me and lowered herself down the length of my cock. As soon as the end entered her she started gasping and half way down said she wasn’t sure she could take any more, but she did and collapsed herself full length on it.

Penny by now had now stood above where I was laying and with her legs spread either side of Kate and me I was able to see straight up to her gapping cunt. She told Derek to come and fuck her from behind. Kate was by now leaning forward on me and was making small movements to keep herself impaled full length on me but at the same time allowing herself some frictional movement. I told her to turn her head and as she looked up we could both see Penny wet and open with Derek’s stiff cock about to enter her. Derek had just got his knob end into Penny when he cried 'oh fuck, oh fuck' and pulled out again shooting copious amounts of spunk over Penny’s pussy and arse. His cum was dripping off Penny and falling on Kate who still impaled on my cock was directly below. Penny screamed 'stick it back in and fuck me' and at the same time was backing up to Derek’s cock. Still dripping cum he did push it all the way into Penny who had decided she was going to instantly cum. Looking up at this fuck show from Derek and Penny made me shoot up inside Kate who was still whimpering 'it’s too big' but was not trying to get away from it. I remained rock hard after spunking in Kate and rolled her over driving my cock in and out almost full length each stroke. The combination of her wetness and my cum meant it was very slippery and in a short while Kate was bucking her arse and arching her back as her own orgasm overcame her.

We were all pretty much exhausted and Penny was lying on her back with her legs spread wide with her pussy covered in the spunk from Derek still wearing her sexy open panties. She was fingering herself gently which evidently was turning Derek on as his cock was hardening again. He mentioned how sexy penny looked and that her panties were the most erotic things he had seen. Penny said do you really like them as she found then a big turn on and would love to see a cock sticking out of them. She pulled them off herself and asked Derek to put them on. Derek looked a little embarrassed although his hard cock was saying different. Penny said 'don’t be shy, there’s nothing wrong with it and Bob often wears my panties'. At this Kate perked up and asked if it was true to which I replied affirmatively. Kate said she thought that was very sexy and would I put on hers for her. Kate’s panties were of the fuller type but completely see through and when I pulled them on my hard cock was clearly visible through the flimsy white nylon. Kate thought this was tremendous and immediately began to fondle and rub my cock through the panties.

Derek by now had decided he would play along and put on Penny’s open crotch panties which actually looked good on him with his hard cock jutting out in the open air framed by sexy black nylon. Penny wanted to be fucked badly and asked Derek to sit on the settee upon which Penny straddled him lowering her pussy onto his cock. Derek was now in better control of himself and I confess made a decent job of fucking Penny which she obviously appreciated deciding she would go in to one of her multiple climax moods. Kate looked absolutely gobsmacked watching this big breasted woman sliding herself up and down her husband’s cock and cuming almost continually.

Kate turned her attention back to my cock and said she wanted to make me cum and watch me shoot my spunk inside her flimsy panties which she had asked me to put on. That was fine by me and soon she had me shooting spunk through the material and got me in a real sticky mess. Derek was watching this and held Penny down on him tight with his cock fully up her and said he was about to cum. Penny reached behind her and gently held his balls while he shot his load as deep inside her as he could. Penny sat straddling him for a while and asked Kate to come over and feel her husband’s cock wet and covered in spunk as she lifted herself off it. Kate felt between Penny’s legs as she raised herself and gripped Derek’s cock in her hand. Penny lifted herself free but hovered above allowing Derek’s cum to drip from her onto Kate’s hand. Kate seemed enthralled by this phenomenally sexy performance and with her hand covered in spunk and Penny’s juices smeared her tits and hard nipples with the produce of a fuck between her husband and another woman. Penny never one to miss an opportunity quickly got between Kate’s legs and gave her oral sex bringing Kate to an intense climax. An excellent show also for Derek and I to watch as well.

So the evening ended and was for Penny and I a very memorable one which was repeated a number of times after that. And so ends another true account and I will need to search hard and deep to reveal anything more of my sexy life which is worthy of writing up.

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got me hard as a rock
1 year ago
hot encounter...well written
2 years ago
Another great story. Keep them cumming
Anna and Carl
2 years ago
nice. very hot. hot hard-on going.
2 years ago
Loved it! Got me hard. I'll check out the others and hope you do more.
2 years ago
Another great story!
2 years ago
Just sensational. A beautifully written horny story.