Penny and her friend

Penny brings a friend home

Form my previous account of our meetings with Russ; you will have gathered that my wife Penny from my first marriage was a really horny lady who was also very sexually adventurous. Penny always wore pretty underwear and several months after our meetings with Russ finished I began to notice that as Penny was getting dressed in the morning after her shower, her underwear stated to get rather more saucy and revealing particularly the panties she was wearing.

I mentioned this fact to her one evening and blushing she told me she was giving a treat to a work colleague. I became a little concerned as we had agreed that our sex lives were conducted in each other’s company and not as individuals outside of the home. Penny told me that there was a young student teacher working at her school and the story was so: Penny at that time drove a little MG sports car and apparently a few weeks previously as she went to get out of her car in the staff car park, this young teacher Rachel was waiting at the car door to greet my wife. Penny said that as the car was low down it was difficult for her to get out without showing off her knickers and she would normally wait until people were away from the vehicle. On this occasion as it was another female standing beside the car, Penny swung one leg out showing her panties which I had seen happen on dozens of occasions. Penny said she caught Rachel obviously looking up her skirt for the brief moment she had her legs open but that was that and the moment passed. From then on it seemed Rachel was always at the car door every morning waiting to greet my wife who confessed that she would leave her legs open just that little bit longer to ensure Rachel got a good look. Apparently on one occasion some days previous, Rachel had remarked on the pretty panties Penny was wearing which is why my wife was dressing sexier every day to go to school.

I have to confess that my cock was straining at my trousers as Penny was telling me this and it was too obvious for her not to notice. She said 'you randy bugger, the thought of another woman looking up my skirt is turning you on'. I replied 'yes and it’s turning you on as well otherwise you wouldn’t be dressing the way you are to go to work’. Penny admitted that the thought of another woman fingering her got her juices flowing and also said that she had often speculated on what it would be like to be with another woman. I suggested she should find out if she could and thus a couple of days later, Penny said she had invited Rachel round one evening. I asked if she wanted me out of the way but Penny declined saying that we had always agreed that any sex either of us had would be in each other’s company of not at all. Penny and I had several fucks on the strength of what might happen if Rachel came home with Penny one day after their work.

On the day in question, I arrived home and with Penny was Rachel who was a very pretty young woman. Rachel had a fuller figure than Penny, straight mid length black hair and glasses which I have always found dead sexy. She was wearing a petite summer dress but what struck me was the size of her massive tits. Talk about instant hard on stuff! We made our introductions and the girls made themselves busy preparing a meal while I had a shower. My cock was ridged with excitement and I had to exert serious self restraint to stop wanking myself. After my shower I pulled Penny to one side I said 'bl**dy hell Pen, you never told me about her tits'. 'No' said Penny, 'I just hope you can get your hands around them but I really don’t know how or if this will play out'. Unlike with Russ we had not formulated a plan so everything was very uncertain.

After out meal, the women went outside to look at the garden while I cleared away and they came in and we all sat in the lounge. The two girls sat quite far apart together on our four seat leather settee whilst I was in a chair opposite. Penny had on a loose top and a mid length skirt which was flimsy and wide. Whilst we were chatting, Penny turner to face Rachel and lifted one leg off the floor and placed it on the settee. Obviously Rachel would now get a really good look up Penny’s skirt should she care to glance which I could tell she frequently was. The chat continued and after a while I said that Penny should close her legs as she would be embarrassing Rachel. Penny said I was being silly and that Rachel had seen up her skirt on numerous occasions as she was getting out of her car. I replied 'that may be so but it doesn’t mean Rachel wants to now'. Penny then said to Rachel 'sorry I thought you liked seeing my panties as you had remarked on them before'. Penny started to close her legs where upon Rachel said not to be silly and she very much liked what she was looking at. Penny then said 'ok then I will stay as I was' and in fact spread her legs wider with one still on the floor and the other on the settee. I got up to go into the kitchen and passing Penny got the shock of my life and an instant hardening of my cock over and above what it already was. Penney had on her black stockings, suspenders and the flimsiest of see through pale blue panties which were so narrow in the gusset that her cunt was openly and clearly on display. 'Christ Penny' I said, 'Rachel said she didn’t mind seeing your panties but you are showing her everything you have as well'. Penny said 'I know and I also know Rachel likes seeing it, don’t you dear'. Rachel said 'actually I do, I have caught flashes of Penny before but nothing as exciting as this'.

Penny asked me why don’t we show Rachel a bit more where upon I moved over to Penny sliding my hands up her leg until it was resting on her pussy. She was soaking wet with her clit hard and protruding. I touched her clit and Penny shuddered. I told Rachel Penny was on fire and would she like to feel it as well. Rachel without hesitation made a bee line for my wife’s cunt and straight away slid two of her fingers inside Penny. Penny at that moment lifted her bottom of the settee and thrusting herself onto Rachel’s fingers came with a tremendous orgasm. 'Oh you bad girl' said Penny, 'you just made me cum and now my panties are soaking you had better take them off'. 'And just look what you have done to Bob’s cock; see how big and hard you have made it'.

Penny got up and took her loose top of revealing her full braless tits with hard protruding nipples before dropping her skirt standing there in just stocking, suspenders and her flimsy pale blue panties. It was obvious Penny was like a bitch on heat and wanting much more than she had just had. 'Rachel' said Penny, just look at these panties they really are sopping wet with my cum you made me have' and with that Penny started to push the thin gusset of her panties into her still soaking cunt. Taking her panties off Penny said to Rachel 'now it’s only fair for me to return the favour for you and with that she moved over and cupped Rachel’s very large tits in her hands. 'Fuck' said Penny, 'Rachel’s tits are tremendous, come and feel these Bob'. I was not sure really how Rachel was feeling about all that had happened so said 'I’m not sure if she would want me to' but Rachel quickly said she didn’t mind so with little hesitation I stood behind her, reached round, lifted the top she was wearing and cupped her magnificent tits in my hands through her lacy bra. My cock rock hard was pressing through my trousers into her bottom and her tits felt wonderful. Rachel groaned and when I looked down I could see Penny had her hand under Rachel’s skirt and was obviously rubbing her pussy through her panties. By this time I had her tits out of her bra and was feeling her bare flesh and very hard nipples. Rachel sunk down a little and I released she had done so to open her legs giving Penny unrestricted access to her cunt. Penny quickly had Rachel’s skirt and top off and she was stood there flushed with excitement wearing the skimpiest of black panties and her large tits exposed over the top of her matching bra.

Penny guided her back to the settee and sat her down, legs wide open and quickly returned the favour she had received by sliding her fingers round the side of her panties and into Rachel’s cunt. Kneeling in front of Rachel Penny said 'oh Bob she is so hot and wet’. 'Pull her panties off and let me see her' I said to Penny who did so and pusher her legs up and back exposing Rachel’s wonderful pussy for me to see. Quickly Penny slid some fingers back into Rachel and began to work them in and out of her slippery hole. I was as near as it gets to spunking in my trousers so took them and the rest of my clothes off, knelt down behind Penny and in one movement embedded my considerable cock to the hilt inside Penny’s cunt. This made her take her fingers out of Rachel and in thrusting up her she fell forward and had her face against Rachel’s pussy. Not waiting, her tongue was up Rachel who was by now squirming about grinding her cunt into Penny’s face. This was too much for Penny and she came immediately and about 2 seconds before I shot several strong jets of spunk inside her. Still sucking on Rachel’s clit and fanny, Rachel started to squeal and was bucking around like a mad woman as a climax hit her. Excited and spent we all calmed down for awhile. Having done so we all had a glass of wine and chatted for a while. Penny still wearing stockings and suspenders and Rachel still with her big tits hung over her bra, looking flushed and beautiful in her sexy glasses. My cock which had never really lost an erection got seriously hard again. 'Look at Bob the dirty bugger' Penny said to Rachel 'sat there with that hunk of a cock he has stiff as a board'. Rachel asked 'when you were doing you know what to me and Bob was behind you, did he have all that up inside you Penny?' Penny said of course he did and bl**dy good it felt too'. Rachel said 'I would have loved to watch you getting fucked by a cock like that'.

Penny replied 'well why don’t you then, Bob is ready to shag again but let’s go up to our bedroom where it’s more comfortable and there’s something I want you to do for me Rachel'. So here am I following two women up the stairs, my wife slim with large tits and wearing stockings and Rachel with a fuller figure, enormous tits and half wearing a black bra which was doing nothing to support them. I was almost dizzy with the view and if I had touched my huge erection I would have spunked on the stair carpet. In the bedroom, Penny went to a draw and pulled out one of her 8 inch vibrators and told Rachel that she wanted her to rub her clit with it while I was fucking her, that way she would be able to see my cock sliding in and out of her and be close to her cunt at the same time. Penny lay on the bed on her back and I slowly feed my cock into her eager pussy. Rachel knelt to the side of her with her bottom toward Penny’s face and started to tease Penny’s now hard and swollen clit with the vibrator. Rachel was saying things 'like this is fucking fantastic, what a cock, what a cunt, look at the juice flowing'. I was slowing full length fucking Penny sliding my cock almost out of her and then back to the hilt. Penny was just swaying her head from side to side obviously loving every second of the attention she was getting. Penny had the ability to control her orgasms like no other women I have ever known. When she was sexed up she could cum simply by having her tits felt or could decide she would wait for ages without cuming and then explode the second she decided she wanted to. Just now Penny was enjoying the attention and clearly was not going to cum just yet.

Penny asked Rachel to lift a leg over her with her bottom toward her so she could see up her cunt. No sooner had Rachel done so when Penny grabbed her arse with both hands and pulled her cunt onto her mouth. Rachel just began whimpering aging as Penny’s tongue started to work on her. Penny was now controlling the situation and after a few minutes pulled her head away and said very firmly 'Bob pull your cock out of me and feed it into Rachel’s mouth. 'Rachel, stuff that vibrator as far up my cunt as you can'. I wondered if Rachel was into cock sucking but was beyond caring so I pulled out of Penny stood up on the bed and slowly began to face fuck Rachel. Penny’s tongue was now back in Rachel’s cunt. This was phenomenal and very soon I knew I was coming. I have always been a strong spunker and as I felt my balls tighten I pulled out of Rachel’s mouth, aimed my cock at her big tits and wanked my cock firing masses of spunk over them. At this Rachel went berserk with her own climax followed by Penny who decided that was when she was going to come. I stood there quivering with my cock twitching just taking in the view. Rachel was plastered in my cum, it was dripping off her tits and running down her body. 'Look at Rachel' I said to Penny. Penny pulled herself round and just said 'fucking hell' and with that took the vibrator out of Rachel’s hand and told her to ram her fingers up her cunt and push hard. Penny had only cum a few minutes earlier but as soon as Rachel pushed her fingers into her, Penny grabbed Rachel’s big tits and came again bucking her arse up and down on the bed like a woman possessed.

As Penny eventually started to calm down I began fondling Rachel’s large tits. They felt truly amazing, big and heavy with stiff nipples and slippery with my spunk starting to dry over them. Rachel reached out with both hands and with one massaging my balls, the other was slowly wanking my cock back to life. Penny by now back with us said 'Bob you should fuck Rachel with that big cock of yours, all she’s had up that slippery cunt of hers so far is my tongue and fingers and she must be in need of filling up'.

There was no question that I wanted to fuck Rachel but I had never fucked other women in front of Penny before and whilst I had seen her fucking the life out of Russ’s monstrosity of a cock and was happy for her to do so, I was unsure about this new situation. It was apparent that Penny was so sexed up she would say and agree to anything but I had never discussed this aspect with her and did not wish to do anything either of us might regret later.

I said to Penny 'what about if we introduce Rachel to Rubber Russ instead'. 'Oh yes' said Penny, 'Rachel how would you like the biggest and best fucking of your life' asked Penny. Rachel knelling there her tits covered in spunk, wanking my now hard cock said 'anything Penny I’m so horny do what you want'. Penny got up and said 'we will need some lubricant let me get some first'.

Now I will let you in to a little secret, you will all know of a product called KY Jelly which is a lubricant designed for sexual intercourse. Straight from the tube it is actually quite sticky and helps but it not perfect at first. It relies on being mixed with natural female lubricant to become less stick and more slippery. It you squeeze a good amount from the tube and mix it with a tiny bit of warm water in a ratio of about a quarter of the amount of water in relation to the amount of KY Jelly, what you then have is immediately one of the most slippery substances you can ever imagine.

Penny came back with a small glass in her hand and putting it on the bedside table went to a draw and emerged with Rubber Russ. Rachel looked shocked on seeing Penny’s monster dildo which was as near as dam to exactly the size of Russ’s cock and said 'Christ is that what you want to fuck me with, I won’t be able to take that'. Penny said 'don’t worry Rachel, I can take all but 3 inches of it and having felt your pussy I have no doubt you can as well, but if you can’t don’t worry we won’t f***e it'. Penny asked Rachel to lie at the bottom of the bed with her legs hung over which she did as instructed. 'Bob' said Penny, 'play with Rachel’s tits and let her feel your cock while I prepare her'. With that Penny pulled Rachel’s legs up spread them wide and asked me to gently hold Rachel’s legs in that position. Penny dipped the tips of her fingers in the glass of KY Jelly and spread easily lubricant around Rachel’s pussy lips and inside her cunt slipping three of her fingers in her easily. Drawing them out Penny poured the remainder of the lubricant in the palm of her hand and coated the large dildo from top to bottom with an extra amount around the tip.

Placing the end of the dildo against Rachel’s lips, Penny slowly and gentle rotated it until the first two inches slipped effortlessly into Rachel’s cunt. Rachel gasped and I could feel her hand gripping tighter round my cock. Penny waited a few seconds allowing Rachel to get used to accommodating the girth of the dildo before slowing easing it further into her. After taking another two inches, Penny slipped it back out slightly and then when one gentle push inserted it a full eight inches inside Rachel. The lubricant had done its job magnificently. Penny started to ease the dildo in and out rapidly getting faster in response in response to Rachel’s breathing and whimpering.

I was knelt behind Rachel’s head still holding her legs up and back with her now wanking my cock strongly in keeping with the motions of Penny working the dildo in her. Penny was kneeling at the foot of the bed attentive to her task. The sight I was getting was fantastic. I shot my spunk down the length of Rachel straight into Penny’s face and hair. Rachel was still working my cock franticly and I had to pull her hand off me so sensitive had my cock become. Penny continued sliding her big dildo in and out of Rachel, who soon started screaming obscenities, tore her legs from me and crossed them as a huge orgasm swept over her. Letting this subside, Penny slowly pulled the dildo from Rachel which was seriously slippery from the lube combined with Rachel’s juices. Sitting down on the floor with her legs bent up and wide spread, Penny wiggled the large dildo around the lips of her own pussy before pushing it in her as far as she could and cuming herself as it slid up her.

Wow what an evening, we all took turns to shower and dress after which we were all ready for some more eats and drinks. Relaxed now, Rachel on being asked said that she had shared a flat with two other girls when she was away at university and for most of the time they all had woman on woman fun together and became possibly more interested in pussy than cock.

Penny drove Rachel home returning an hour or so later. Penny told me that in the car Rachel had her hand up my wife’s skirt and Penny admitted that they had both finger fucked each other in the car before Rachel left. I mentioned to Penny that I was surprised she was so eager to do what she had to another woman to which, Penny said she felt so sexed up that a woman was interested in her pussy she went with the flow of things and in actual fact had enjoyed every part of it and wouldn’t mind doing it regularly. Penny said she was disappointed that she had not been able to watch me fucking Rachel and said she was well up for it and wouldn’t have minded as it was within our agreement. Penny made me promise that I would at the next opportunity and you might imagine I did not have to have my arm twisted up mu back to agree. On several subsequent occasions I did indeed fuck Rachel although whilst she enjoyed it, I always considered she enjoyed her contact with Penny rather more.

Penny and Rachel became very good friends for years and I agreed that Penny could do what she wanted with Rachel without me being there. Often I would arrive home from work to find Rachel’s car on the drive and on several occasions as I went in the front door Penny would call down that they were up in the bedroom having fun. After seven of eight months had passed, I arrived home one evening to find Both Penny’s and Rachel’s car on the drive and another car I did not recognise.

If you want to know the outcome of that you will need to comment on this true story and ask for more.

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Outstanding, would love to read more
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i certainly would like to read more !
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great story! id like to know who the third was..
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Wonderful. More please...
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absolutely throbbing
2 years ago
part 3 please. Nothing better than panty flashing and finding a woman likes to see too. I guess one of Rachels flatmates car is in your driveway!
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I liked it, it made me cum. What more can you ask of a story?

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Great story! I can't wait to find out what happens next!!