Penny and her first monster cock

Penny’s encounter with a monster cock

Some years ago when I was with my first wife Penny, I was working for a major UK company as regional engineer and was living in North Yorkshire from where I controlled a number of the company’s activities throughout the North of England. Part of my job was to acquisition fleet commercial vehicles and at the time many of these were purchased through a Darlington based company. They employed a senior salesman named Russ Blackstone who at the time was in his early forties and was fairly introvert but had an obvious eye for the ladies. He was of average height, slim but with a wry sense of humour and I got on with him well. On one occasion after a meeting we both went to the toilet for a pee and glancing over, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the hosepipe he has taken out of his trousers. I said nothing but thought ‘bl**dy hell what a tool’.

Now Penny was a very pretty women reasonably slim but with large boobs and was as sexy as hell. She was a school teacher working in a secondary school with boys and girls up to the age of sixteen. She would often remark about some of the boys who she would notice had an obvious hard on and I know she secretly found it quite stimulating and fortunately she took it out on me often parading herself sexily around the house which didn’t take me long to take advantage of these opportunities.

One night in bed when we were having serious foreplay, I mentioned Russ to Penny who she knew a little and told her about the size of his tool. She immediately wanted to know just how big he was and I told her I had no idea other than the fact that slack he was bigger than I was when erect. She was fascinated and wanted me to tell her how big I thought it might get which I could only guess. Over the next month she asked several times if I had seen Russ’s cock again which I hadn’t. During love making she would say things like’ if Russ’s prick is bigger than yours how big do you think it is’. Obviously she was fascinated at the thought of a monster cock and I asked her if Russ called round and an opportunity arose, would she chicken out or take advantage. She didn’t have to answer as the flushing of her pretty face and wetness between her legs was answer enough.

So we agreed we would engineer a plot and the following is how our plan unfolded remembering this part was rehearsed by Penny and I. One evening I asked Russ to call round our home to discuss some business as I couldn’t get into his office and with my work commitments it would be a day or two before I could. The evening arrived and Penny disappeared upstairs when we heard his car on the drive. Russ came in, I made him a coffee and we sat chatting. I mentioned that Penny was around somewhere and I thought she was having a shower. After 15 minutes or so I heard Penny coming downstairs and she called out loudly ‘Bob are you in there as I have a surprise for you’. I shouted out ’hang on’ but too late as she flounced in the lounge. For a few seconds I was speechless as I saw my pretty wife standing in the room wearing black stockings, a red suspended belt, the loosest of black see through chiffon panties and a red quarter cup bra which supported only the underside of her large tits leaving most of them exposed and sitting on the platform of her skimpy bra.

Penny as rehearsed looked shocked on seeing Russ sat on the settee and said ‘oh God’ and turned to run out of the room. I got up quick and grabbed her saying ‘hang on love let us have a proper look at you’. I held her arms from behind as she pretended to struggle to get away. Russ’s sat there with his mouth open not believing the site of my wife stood as she was in front of him. Penny started to relax a little and said to me ‘Bob you had better let me go quick or I will carry on with what I was intending when I came downstairs’. I replied ‘what with Russ watching’ and as rehearsed Penny responded by saying ‘if you don’t stop it soon and let me go I might want more than just Russ watching’. I told her she might regret that as I had seen Russ having a pee and what he has tucked in his trousers could do you some serious harm. Penny asked what I meant and I told her Russ probably had the biggest cock she would ever see. Still behind her I was pressed up against her bottom with my cock absolutely solid and I could see Penny’s nipples stuck out hard as iron, she did look fabulously sexy and I could tell by her flushed skin she was horny as I had ever seen her.

Penny said to Russ ‘is it really that big’ and before he could answer I let her go and she went straight to him and felt him through his trousers. ‘Oh Fuck, said Penny to me, ‘Bob you won’t believe what I am feeling here’. I said ‘well I’m sure Russ won’t mind if you have a proper look’ where upon Penny just went for his belt, button and zip and was tugging his trousers off him. She had hold of his underpants as well and when they were pulled down the awesome cock of Russ’s was stood up hard and proud. At this point Penny I swear, nearly buckled at her knees, Russ’s cock was huge. I think it could best be described as about the length and thickness of a large bottle of tomato ketchup and was certainly as solid.

Penny was rampant and grabbed hold of it just muttering obscenities and with no foreplay straddled Russ and pulled her sexy black panties to one side. I could see she was sopping wet to the point that the insides of her thighs were glistening with the wetness from her swollen cunt. Penny just lowered herself on Russ’s monster cock which despite being very thick slid easily in her. In one single downward stroke Penny took around eight inches of Russ’s cock stopped and started shuddering with a climax generated from that single stroke 3 seconds after she slid it up her. Penny was on fire whimpering like a bitch on heat with her hard tits pushed in Russ’s face. Russ held her bottom with both hands and slid her up and down his massive cock no more than four times before it was obvious he was spunking up inside her. The whole episode had lasted for no longer than 15 seconds with the pair of them having already cum.

Russ was obviously suffering from over sensitivity and lifted Penny up so his still hard cock slipped out of her. Penny immediately stuck her hand down the front of her sexy black panties cramming her fingers into herself and working them rapidly till she gave herself another shattering climax. By now and visible to me looking at her from behind, her panties were soaking from the huge spunking Russ her fired up her in combination with her own juices which had been constantly flowing since she flounced into the room hardly five minutes earlier. I by now had my trousers off and I moved behind her (still on top of Russ). I pulled her sopping panties to one side and in one motion buried my own cock in her to the hilt. After no more than 6 thrusts I shot my cum inside her during which Penny still fingering her clit came for a third time. After regaining my composure I pulled out from her covered in cum leaving Penny trembling with sexual feelings. In the space of under two minutes Penny had had Russ’s huge cock and my reasonably size cock inside her, had received two significant amounts of spunk and had climaxed three times.

Enough for her? Not nearly enough. She got to her feet facing Russ who was still on the settee and took his massive hard cock in her hand and slowly wanked him for a little while before bending her head and taking his monster bell end and as much of his shaft as she could in her mouth and began to mouth fuck him. Standing with her legs spread apart I could see between them and was watching her sucking Russ of. The sight was stunning with her panties full of cum seeping from her which by now was starting to run down the inside of her legs. Unable to resist, I gently three finger fucked her unbelievably wet slippery pussy. Russ by now was saying he was ready to cum again and Penny let go with her mouth and took his mighty rod in both hands and wanked him till he shot cum in the air, over his shoulder and leaving great streaks of his spunk on the settee behind him, down his chest and what was left, running down his cock and over Penny’s hands.

15 minutes in and all fully satisfied except my horny wife. After a bit of a break and a glass of wine, Penny who had not relented was asking to be fucked again. This time Russ took her from on top and gave her the fucking of her life before spunking yet again. Over two hours, Penny was pretty much fucked nonstop by either Russ or me until eventually Russ said he had to go.

Penny was pretty worn out my now but had a smile on her face which lasted for days. During that night and in the morning she wanted more sex and continually kept talking about the massive cock she had in her and her only regret was that she could not take Russ’s full length.

Over the course of the following couple of months we had Russ over twice more instigated by Penny begging me to ask him round again. Like all things it came to an end when Russ (who was single at the time) met a woman who would not let him out of her sight and not surprising knowing what he had tucked in his trousers.

Shortly after this episode, I went into a Private Shop and brought a very large dildo which was a full eleven inches long and two inches in diameter. Fully inserted in Penny there was around three inches she could not mange which was similar to when Russ was inside her giving you some idea of the massive size of him. We called the dildo ‘Rubber Russ’ and it saw service with Penny on countless occasions.

Some months after this, penny told me about a young female teacher at her school who she was convinced wanted to get inside her panties. Eventually Penny brought her to our home but that is another story and probably the second most erotic experience of my life after Russ.

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1 year ago
good stuff,thanks.
1 year ago
To be honest it was Penny who could not believe her luck getting a cock that size or me for that matter. Pity Penny is no longer around she was one hell of a woman and permanently horny.
1 year ago
Lovely story, very arousing. I bet Russ couldn't believe his luck.
1 year ago
what a nice surprise how well it progressed . .
2 years ago
what a stud....would love to get fucked from ross too hehehehe ;)
2 years ago
Sounds like an old friend of my husband, for a long time I had heard rumors and jokes from the guys and a few of their wives about Paul. The rumors were true.
2 years ago
My wife had a fuck buddy with the biggest cock she had fucked before me! I had fucked her before she was with him. But her lips were way bigger and fatter after being fucked by him for 6 months and she said he fucked her everyday! He liked her pussy cause he could" pound and fucke her hard and take it all" . I love the fact my wife was taking a big cock and cum like that!
2 years ago
Beautiful story....Love it.....!!!
2 years ago
Proof that Fast can be Hot!
2 years ago
Wow. What a fabulously horny well written story.
2 years ago
Since I have only six inches and my wife was a virgin when we met I would talk to her about having a big cock but she always told me I was enough. I bought her a 10 inch cock shaped vibrator that was 2 inches across. She can't take the whole thing but really loves the thickness.
2 years ago
I was the third guy my wife had ever been with,and all were hung like me Average length narrow and straight as an arrow. After a few three sume's with a similar sized friend she timidly hinted being curious about bigger dicks. Well I'd seen D's dick while peeing at the plant, guessing he was an inch or os longer than me.well when the night came when I sent her down the hall to the guest bedroom naked to visit D.It turned out he was 10+inches long and made the Mrs. make all kinds of new noises.It took a few years of seasonal kinky weekends before she finally took it all.I never let her get toys the size of the larger dicks she's had over the years so It's a little challenging when the hung guys visit.