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[Story] In the back seat of the car

In the back seat of the car

This a true account of an unexpected event just two nights ago.

A little bit of background: - My wife Carol and I pretty much lead separate sex lives and she has a couple of regular boyfriends who look after her needs. They are both great guys who I get on well with. As you will know from my galleries, I have a few lady friends who likewise look after my needs. We both accept this and will often tell each other about our meetings. She has had a long friendship with Andrea (who we all call Ann). Ann is married to Steve and we have on many occasions gone ... Continue»
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[Story] The German Project

The German Project

This story is dedicated to my friends http://xhamster.com/user/gs4love

The flight from Heathrow was uneventful as usual and only reminded me that I really needed to change to Lufthansa in future who without doubt has much prettier cabin crew than British Airways. Landing and clearing Frankfurt airport was equally uneventful as was the taxi ride out to Bockenheim district where the German subsidiary of the company I work for has its offices.

It was late in the afternoon and I had a little time left to discuss a new project with Bernhard who was the senior engi... Continue»
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[Story] Penny’s New Playmate

Penny’s New Playmate

At the end of my last account of the sexy adventurers that my wife Penny and I had some years ago, I recalled the long term affair that Penny had with her teaching colleague Rachel and how it was not unusual to find them together at home when I returned from work in the evening. You may remember me telling you how one evening I pulled in my driveway to find Rachel’s car parked together with another car I did not recognise. This then is the continuation of that episode and a true description of the events thereafter:

Parking my car and walking to my door past this str... Continue»
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[Story] Penny and her friend

Penny brings a friend home

Form my previous account of our meetings with Russ; you will have gathered that my wife Penny from my first marriage was a really horny lady who was also very sexually adventurous. Penny always wore pretty underwear and several months after our meetings with Russ finished I began to notice that as Penny was getting dressed in the morning after her shower, her underwear stated to get rather more saucy and revealing particularly the panties she was wearing.

I mentioned this fact to her one evening and blushing she told me she was giving a treat to a work c... Continue»
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[Story] Penny and her first monster cock

Penny’s encounter with a monster cock

Some years ago when I was with my first wife Penny, I was working for a major UK company as regional engineer and was living in North Yorkshire from where I controlled a number of the company’s activities throughout the North of England. Part of my job was to acquisition fleet commercial vehicles and at the time many of these were purchased through a Darlington based company. They employed a senior salesman named Russ Blackstone who at the time was in his early forties and was fairly introvert but had an obvious eye for the ladies. He was of aver... Continue»
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Panty Obsession

I thought it might be interesting and especially for my friends on Xhamster to tell you how I became somewhat obsessed with feminine panties and ladies underwear in general. I should say that I consider myself to be bi-curious, that is I love women and am really into big tits and wet tunnels but I am also fascinated by men’s cocks. Now I don’t have any burning desire to have penetrative sex either way with a man but I do like to fondle a man’s cock until its big and hard and I love to wank another man’s cock until I see it spurt spunk and the more the better. If a man is disciplined and knows ... Continue»
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