BDSM - Remember the Leatherparty's COC Amster

Ok, my attempt to write a story, i decided to dig up one of my true adventures. Meaning, this story is mainly true. Memory might have failed me now and then, but the storyline remains the same.

It's not so much about the sex, it's more the psychological part of BDSM, the "Mind Game" and to be more exact, how i experienced getting introduced to BDSM.

Remember the Leatherparty's COC Amsterdam ?

It was quite a few years ago, i was quite a brat then, those where the day's of my first bold steps in the world of BDSM, Leather and Kink. I just had it with the gayscene, and as said in my profile, was (and am) always up for controversial experiences. I went away for home at a young age, and thus was pretty independent. I took full advantage of it! Party a****l ? You bet! Nutcase ? Well, maybe a bit ;)

I hooked up with a serious dominant Top a couple of months before, Mark, who physically and mentally introduced me to the leather/BDSM lifestyle. In those months i started to trust and respect, even adore him...
We have been going out to clubs and bars regularly, but the BDSM play we did in the privacy of our house. The relation was pretty clear to most of who knew us... Then Mark talked about a Leatherparty in Amsterdam, a big party compared to the local clubs an bars. He told me there would be anly guy's with the same kinky mindset. I thought i was ready for the trip, anxious but excited.

So we got ourself's prepaired for the COC Leatherparty in Amsterdam. I took a shower, washed and flushed myself and put on my leatheroutfit; a harness, my new leatherjeans, tailormade (i was a size 6 (28), that just wasn't 'on stock'). A couple of worn workshoes and a jacket completed it.
The pants where as thight as a 2nd skin all over, like a glove would be an understatement. Mark thought it looked so hot he would like to fuck me right *trough* them, if he didn't have other plans... Mark ofcoures put on his full leather outfit incuding cap.
I saw Mark pack a bag with some familair toy's. Then he quickly stuffed something away from which i just saw a glimpse, but it gave me goosebumps...

I guessed this party was *not* just another night out....

When we arrived at the party, it exceeded my expectations, an old building, dimmed light, sinister music, the smell of spiled beer, leather, poppers, urine, crowded with men in Leather, Jeans, Rubber, harnas, jockstrap, or just a cockring.
Mark got us some ticket and we went to the lockers. He told me to take off my jacket and lock it away. He dropped the bag in the locker, took out a bottle of poppers, a tube of lube and some cuffs and put it in his jacket.
I raised my eyebrows, "here"? "Yes, and more" he said as he took out a big padle.
Full in sight, it send the shivers down my spine, 2,5" Wide, 12"long, and a fucking inch thick with rivets all over the dammned thing. I've been chastened with Belts, Canes even whips, and liked it. But this looked more like a bonebreaker Mark had a look in his eyes that could mean heaven, or hell, or both... "Scared ? I promise, you'll beg for it later." I didn't feel less woried, but i trusted him...

We went to the first floor, where the bar and the dancefloor where. Mark told me to pick up some beer at the bar for us. As i did, i looked around and d***k up the atmosphere.This was just surreal, i saw guys kissing, fumblin', drinking, sucking, dancing. Away with social rules, it's anarchy overhere. The air was so filled with the scent of poppers, just breathing in was enough to get high. On the way back i stopped and looked at the dancefloor, some guy seemed to have taken an interest in me and tried to grab me quite crude. I jumped away and hurried back.
Back with Mark i got reprimanded for taking so long. "Should't wander off alone here if you don't want to get harassed..." I swallowed al lump in my throat, didn't think of that!
"Guess there's a solution for that..." He said. As he took out a leash, i felt my head turning red. But embarrased as i was, i quitely let him put it around my neck. I've worn it before, but not in public. This was like the first time he put it on me, humiliating, but at the same time it was a familiar feeling. The fact everyone could see me on that leash tripled the feeling.

Mark pulled the leash and i clumsily stumbled after him because i couldn't turn that fast.
He then just about dragged me up some stairs again. On the stairs we crossed some guys who where obviously laughing at the way i tried to keep up with Mark. We ended up on a big balcony that stretched about 3/4 of sides of the dancefloor below. Along it where some pillars. Upthere it was even darker than donwstairs, Mark pushed me forwards until i bumped into a pillar, He then turned me around, pushed his body agains mine, kissed me and said "Trust me, it'll be fine, and you'll and gave me two... Started to pinch and twist my nippels, and kissed me again. "Whatever happens, you'll be fine, thats my responsebillity now, when i take over.But do as i say!" I just nodded again.

He turned me back around, unzipped and lowered my pants, unzipped and lubed himself up and fucked me in plain sight against the pillar. I went from baffled to excited in about 1/10 of a second. At least i wasn't prudish about sex in public and in this setting it was just fucking hot! Soon i was ready to cum, but he stopped and dressed himself again, "All in it's time...". I quickly pulled up my pants, afraid i'd fall when he decided to walk on. He then wandered along the balcony, dragging me behind him like a happy puppy on a too-long leash. When crossing our path, some men simply lifted up the leash to pass underneath. I assumed that in here nothing was out of the ordinairy.

I felt like a part of the scenery. I really started sinking into my role. Whenever Mark stopped to talk to someone he knew, i just stood there and waited for him. Quite some guy's gave me a second look, but walked away when the saw the leash and the man holding the other end. My head started spinning when i realised, the leash was there for more than one reason. Sure, i couldn't go astray, but it als send a clear message from Mark to others: "Stay off, he's mine!" It was keeping me safe, like a cage, to hold *and* protect...

We where close to a bar, "Promise you'll come back at once, and get us four beer" with that he held up his side of the leash and put it inbetween my teeth. i humbly Nodded. On my way to the bar i realised there was no way i could just ask for four beer with that leash in my mouth. Taking it out was surely not What mark intended when he put it in my mouth in the first place, just dropping it didn't even cross my mind. And considering the leash in my mouth i probably wasn't in the position to just stick up 4 fingers... Damn, i had to think *fast* or i would be away to long. My heart pounded as i grabbed 4 empty beerbottles from a rim and showed it to the barman. with as much request for compassion in my eyes as possible and hoped for the best.
The barman, a Big, muscular man with tatoo's over the whole left half of his torso, took a long look at me and the leash, from the part around my neck to the other between my teeth. He grinned, "Good boy..." He took the bottles from me and just turned around to put them away...
I sank through the ground, no time for second changes. This was taking to long. Now what...
Then he turned back, "..or would you have liked 4 more ? " he said with a mocking glance. I bend my head and nodded, hoping he wasn't teasing me again. I started to get worryied, it seemed to take ages. I just about collapsed as i felt the bottles drop in my arms. On the way back i saw him exchange glances with Mark. Mark then looked at me, "Smart k**... keep the one", and took 3 of the bottles, for him and his friends. I glowed!! Beer never tasted that good!

On the other side of the balcony we went dowstairs again. Halfway it had another floorlevel, just an alcove with a bench, and a door. "Convenient..." i heard Mark mumble as he walked on. I tried to look around as we walked down, Not very comfortable, but that was the least of my worries.... The image of the paddle crossed my mind. Guess this could be very Convenient...for Mark...
By now i was about hoping he would use it, just to get rid of the suspense. I felt a tickle in my abdomen thinking about it.

On dancefloorlevel Mark went to a pub-like corner where he saw some friends. One of them the Co-organiser of the party. He ordered some more beer for them and they sat down at a table. Gotten wise, i kept standing, out of view. Then Mark gestured me to sit next to him, on the floor, at his feet. And damn, i felt good and proud when i did! As the evening went i got in a kinda mood i can
still not describe; Humble, peaceful, surrendering, in-place, one-with-the-universe ? Mark put his righthand in my neck and pulled it towards his leg so i could rest my head on it. The warmth of his body, the scent of his body, the smell of the leather it just put me deeper in that mood...

<To be continued>

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2 years ago
A part of the text dropped out :

Mark pushed me forwards until i bumped into a pillar, He then turned me around, pushed his body agains mine, kissed me and said "Trust me, it'll be fine, and you'll have a night you'll never forget!". (Guess i didn't ;)) He took out the bottle of poppers, took two shots and gave me two...
2 years ago
fucking hot
2 years ago
As a piece of fiction, i would find this li'l "tease" to be quite arousing. What makes this first part of Your story even HOTTER for me, Mr. 2sb, is that according to You, its author, it is a "true, 1st hand account" relaying to U/us the R/reader one (1) of Your own Public BDSM encounters.
Fukn HOT.
The sentence where You state, "He turned me back around, unzipped and lowered my pants, unzipped and lubed himself up and fucked me in plain sight against the pillar." instantly made my submissive li'l prick go totally stiff.
***i can barely wait to read more.
Based on what i have read so far, Mr. 2sb, i am reasonably certain that somewhere in my Comments for the subsequent part(s), i will be sharing with You how my piss slit began flowing with a continuous stream of my own pre-jizz. Moreover, i am strongly aware of an unwavering feeling in me; one (1) that is deeply imbedded inside my own quivering abdomen, and one (1) which i humbly offer up to You in the form of a "gentleman's wager, Mr. 2sb.
my challenge to You, Sir, is this:
i believe that within You, You possess the ability thru Your words, and thru Your words alone, to arouse and excite me to the level that i will be given no choice but to open my legs and empty my nuts; dumping a full load of boyspunk from my submissive li'l prick.
Winner takes All and receives compensation in the form of H/his choice.
Do You accept my wager, Sir? i am as prepared as i am eager to loose. ;)
2 years ago
Can't wait to read more, son!