My Dream

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I dreamed I came home from work and my girl was getting fucked by a sexy female wearing a strap on. I walked in on them as my girl was getting ready to cum and as soon as the female pulled out, my girl squirted all over her face. Standing there in shock and the hardest erection, I snapped back into it and walked over and put my dick in my girls mouth. As I came, the female snatched my dick out of my girls mouth and sucked the rest out. My girl got mad and pushed me away. The female quickly grabbed my girls wrist and held her down and continued to fucked her against her will bringing my girlfriend to another squirting orgasm.
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Categories: Lesbian Sex
Posted by 2pocalypse
4 years ago    Views: 440
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4 years ago
Like Buddy said, keep it going, make your girlfriend the bitch for both of you
4 years ago
This is a great start ...