Tequila + Porn + 4 guys and 4 girls = Gang Bang

I know, this might be hard to believe because even the involved parts can’t believe still that this actually happened.

It was back in Brazil, in my neighborhood we had some kind of “porn tape sharing” one would buy or rent a porn movie and we’d make a copy and shared among all the guys.
It was a boring Friday night…everyone kind of broken, no money to go out so everyone was sitting at the corner of the street talking shit and laughing.
We were 5 guys and 3 girls talking at this time. One of the girls was the whore of the street. She had slept with most of the guys in our street plus 3 streets north and south. I didn’t have slept with her yet because weren’t that close.
The other girls were, a 17 year old (who had a body of 30) and the last one was the most beautiful and hot among the rest. All the guys in the block wanted to go out with her, but unless you had a BMW you would never touch her.

Everybody was kinda ready to go home, when my fried told me that he had recorded the tapes (porn) already, if I want them back I could go and get them. The whore girl asked him, “which kind of movie is that?” and he told her “Porn!” Everyone was laughing. She stated teasing him and saying the he would jerk off day and night but never fuck a real girl. He nicely invited us to go to his place (he lived with his entire f****y) the whore girl was the first to say yes let’s do it. The other 2 girls were uncertain. One of my friends told us he was off. He was tired and he was about to leave (he almost killed himself next day).

The whore just told the other girls, let’s go there and watch the movie guys, nothing to be worried about. Nothing else is going to happen. They agreed. We started heading to his place, when another girl from our street showed up. I’m going to be honest here, she was not hot at all, kinda fat, but had huge tits. She asked where we were going and joined us.

We got to his place, 8 of us in his tiny bedroom. There was a queen bed and a wardrobe inside. The room was so small that his TV and VCR was mounted on the wall.
We all sat in his bed, and he put the movie. Silence, no one said a word for the first 10 minutes of the movie. One of my friends, the funniest one, was trying to make jokes about it but the girls told him to shut up…the movie went on…silence in the small room.
The whore girl broke the silence! Hey guys, let’s play strip poker! My friend told her, I don’t have cards! One of the girls asked what Poker was…the inspired whore girl came up with another idea then, let’s play Rock-paper-scissors then, who ever loses take a piece of cloth. I was wearing long shorts, flip flop and no t-shirt. We stated playing, and the lucky guy I am, I lost the first round. Everybody started screaming, so I took my shorts off and was on my underwear. The came continued, my best friend lost, he took his shirt off. Once again he lost, but he didn’t want to take his pants off. He said, “fuck guys, do this shit sober is hard, if I were at least a little d***k…” the owner of the house said, I have Tequila does that help? The first bottle circulated the room like weed, everyone drank a great amount and passed to the next. The whore screamed, “let’s continue the play!” my other friend said “why waste time? If you want to get naked, let’s get fucking naked then and took his clothes off”
We Brazilians have no problem in get naked in front other people believe me, the situation was a little awkward but everyone stared to take their clothes off. Only the 2 girls were not so sure about this. The beautiful one and the 17-year-old. They agreed to be on their underwear only. And for the most of the time, both of them were asking each other, “if you take yours I’ll take mine” one of my friend told me, “just wait they will take their clothes” The whore girl went to the middle of the bed and started touching herself. The movie was on still…the fat girl was so into the movie, my friend started making out with the whore, she grabbed the almost empty Tequila bottle and said, “I want cock and Tequila” 4 of us lined up against the wall and she started, dropping a little bit of tequila in my friend’s cock and sucked, went to the next, did the same to me, and my other friend. The 2 girls were at the corner of the room, almost under the TV stand, looking in shock. The whore told the fat girl, “come you try is so fucking good” she came and repeated the same act as the whore did…while she was sucking my friends cock, my friend on my left side whispered to me, “Sid, make a fucking horny face, look how the 2 girls are carefully watching everything” as the fat girl was sucking me, I was exaggerating in the noise looking up and saying, “yes…suck my cock suck you bitch” The whore told me, “Sid is about time, finally, I want to feel your cock” My friend asked the house owner for condoms, he only had 3, I took one right away, my oldest friend said, “who fuck needs a condom” I stated fucking the whore dog style, my friend approach her and she started sucking his cock.
I look back at the corner of the bed my other friends were sucking the fat girl tits. My friend who was being sucked went to talk to the girls standing. We all kind pause to hear, he said, “guys, this a fucking one in a life time opportunity, no matter what happens people will believe you guys fucked as well, so stopping being silly and join the fuck” they look at each other again like asking permission to each other. My friend told the 17 year old, “I bet your pussy is fucking wet let me see it?” She pulled her underwear is it was dripping wet. He went down on her and started taking her bra and panties down. The other one voluntarily took hers out. I want fuck her so bad, so I left the whore and grab her, she told me something about not being sure about that…I started sucking her tits…we all went to the bed…fucking, moaning, legs up, heat, it was probably 45 degrees in there….I fucked her nicely, the fat girl came to me, asked me to fuck her, I fucking did…holding her legs up, seeing those fat and big tits bounce all over the fucking place…I told her I want to fuck her asshole at that point everything was possible…the room started to get kinda fog the sex smell was in the air…a mix of pussy, sweat and cum…We were switching and fucking as we went on…the whore girl was like the director giving people ideas and positions. When we stopped, the TV was with a blue screen and the tape ejected. Everyone got dressed and we went to the street to get some fresh air and talk about it. The whore girl screamed in the middle of the street “I fucked 4 guys whooooo” The other girls went home. The fat stayed as wanting some more. Since that day, we have tried to do the same thing, never worked out. We found other girls, other place but always something happens and doesn’t work. The result of this was, the two girls never talked to me again after that, according to the whore they said they were tricked into the situation, the whore became on of my best friend and up to this day she tells people about it, my friend who left because he was tired got pissed on the next day when we were sitting and talking about it. And I learnt a good lesson that day, sometimes things happen even though you never imagine or planned them, be prepared.

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2 years ago
yup...awesome things happen sometimes that never work out the same when you try to re-create it. good for you!
2 years ago