The loud Italian from the office

The loud Italian from the office

This story is about an Italian woman I used to work with. Just to play safe I won’t mention her name.
She was an Italian woman with big tits big ass and looking for “Mr Right” to marry. Well, as this day doesn’t come. She was always looking for some action. Speaking loudly in the middle of the office there she was…curly hair, tight pants, sticking her tits out, half opened mouth and a slut looking.

Everyone in the office noticed her, and with me, it wasn’t different. We didn’t talk before, until some day I got an email saying that we would be in the same project together. We started working and she opened her life to me in matter of seconds. She was seeing an older guy who she was playing hard not having sex with him on the first month. She once told me, “I would marry him, a business man, rich, divorced…”
But after while in life, you know a woman by the way she talks, she walks and most important. How she behaves around other guys. She had such big eyes and was always checking guys out. I asked her for lunch, we went and she looked rough. I asked what happened, she told me, “the guy I was seeing, dumped me last night by text”. I tried my best to break that awkward moment saying. “How come you look so hot!” She smiled and we talked about other stuff.

Later that day, I send her an email saying that we should go for drink sometime, that I had fun with her during lunch. She replied “Sure why not, do you have any place in mind?” To be honest, I was just being polite, I didn’t really mean to go out with her. But I said “Sure some place far from work, that we can get high and no one from work can see us”. I don’t know what she was thinking but she replied.
“Bla bla bla talk and talk and maybe I go commando.” Listen, I’m from Brazil, so I didn’t know for a fact that I understood that right, so I joke once again. “What!? You just ruined my day, I can’t work anymore, just picturing you like that!” Man, she got a little wild on the following emails and we exchanged emails back and forth that evening. You got love the technology and all the texting and msn conversation. We were all set for next day. But in my mind, we were gonna kiss and that was all.

I came to the office as usual 7:30am…she got there around 9am…text me saying she would love to see me. I told her to come to the basement in the storage room. She came without a word we started making out like crazy. Fuck she was on fire, biting me, licking my face, my neck, grabbing my cock, I was grabbing her ass…the only thing she told me was…”I like your style”…

We went back to our offices….and the text and emails continued…I don’t know in which point but she mention that she was “clean plate” completely shaved. I was so horny by that point….(but I also love a hairy plate if you will). She then demanded “it has to be today” fuck, I had a girlfriend, how I would improvise like that.
So a fake “overtime” came into place….but another problem came along…where? Fuck I told her, we had a “sick room” in the basement of our office…there was just a small folding bed in there.
She asked me if it was safe and of course I told her it was super safe. That was it, everything set up, 2 condoms in my pocket just waiting for everyone to leave the office.
The craziest part about this was that the RH office was in the basement probably 5 feet away from the “sick room”.
I text and told her, “everyone is gone” the door for the sick room is opened.
She replied “k I’ll meet you there”

Five minutes later I went to the room, there she was, with a naughty smile on her face.
We started kissing and taking our clothes out at the same time. Fuck she was hotter than I thought, fucking tiny lingerie…so hot…now both of us completely naked, I want to see and taste the “clean plate” and definitely it was cleaned and shaved. I laid her on the bed and she voluntarily spread her legs wide open as saying “lick me” and I did…I barely started licking her clit and her juices was flowing. The taste of her pussy was amazing…super delicious it was perfect along with the sound of a wet pussy and her moaning…after a good while of pussy licking…she sat on the bed and I stood up.

She came forward and without a word started sucking my cock. I put my hand on her head and started forcing it back and forth…grabbing her nice and curly hair. At this point my cock was hard as a rock and once again I laid her on the bed open her legs and started putting inside her.
What a hot and warm pussy…it took my cock gracefully after few adjustments it was completely inside of her…I started swing back and forth slowly at first so she could few every inch of my cock inside of her…we were looking at each other in silence, just heavy breathing and sweat. I love ass so dog style is a must…I asked her to turn and her ass seemed to get even bigger…she bent crossing her arms, I took a great look of her ass spread her asscheek so I could enjoy the view of her asshole and already fucked pussy. I put it back in and we started over. After while she told me she wanted to ride so I laid and she came on the top. What a great view…her tits bouncing and she was riding like no tomorrow. She was about to come and started ridding harder and harder and came we kept in that position for while. She removed the condom and stated a blowjob. It took me just some pulls and I came with a nice amount of cum.
I couldn’t walk the next day, she told me her legs and back were hurt. I had the impression both of us was trying to impress the other. But yeah, it worked I was impressed. After that we had one more ride inside her car, but this is for another day…

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Dam,hot story but we need more ,,we are hungry for more,,so give it up,,,thanks
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hmmm very hot, Wish I had a girl like this at work :)