Doing the couple thing.....part 1

It was over a year into our relationship my wife (then girlfriend) and I was the typical new couple, having sex three to four times a day, my wife decided that we should be hanging out with other couples instead of just single people. This one couple in particular (whom i will refer to as Jack and Jill) we hung out alot going to parties getting d***k and just having fun.

One summer night we were at a house party drinking through most of the night, it got late and all four of us decided to leave. My wife and I was sitting in the back seat, both my wife and Jill were really d***k with nothing else on their minds but sex. As we drove on I noticed Jill getting restless squirming in her seat, before i knew it she had her pants off with both legs on the dashboard rubbing her pussy, it was as if it was planned because not too long after my wife had her legs on the passenger seat playing with her pussy which was dripping wet. As a sat there caught in the middle of this female heat fest I couldn't help but get rock solid watching both my wife and Jill get themselves off.

The sight, the sounds, the smell of pussy in the air as i watched them both play with themselves ever so often licking their fingers off, I had forgotten I wasn't the only guy in the car as I noticed Jack who was driving at the time stroking his dick as he did he would ever so often look over at his girl and in the mirror at my girl both rubbing their pussies to orgasms after orgasms, moaning and shaking as the sheer pleasure of it all ripped through their bodies.

I watched as Jill licked her fingers cleaned unbuckled Jack's seat belt and before you knew it had his dick in her mouth slobbering all over it, at the same time almost like clock work my wife was infront of me getting in my pants pulling my dick out and into her mouth. I layed my head back on the seat my eyes closed as the warmth of her mouth took hold of my dick, I could hear both my wife and Jill sucking both dicks as hard as they could as if they were competing with each other. After a few minutes it became too much to handle but i was not ready to cum.

She felt about to explode in her mouth and in an instant she stopped then came up to me with a smirk on her face she says "not yet", I pulled my pants down and got on top of me, leaning back to the front of the car my arms around her waist while she worked her hips back and forth and my dick grinding so hard as only a d***k girl with no intentions but to get you off as quick as she can could. My eyes wondered behind her and i could see Jill nothing but her shirt on her ass in the air I could see her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy her fingers going up and down her pussy and her ass stroking Jacks dick but at the same time her eyes locked on my wife. She licked her lips slowly as she locked eyes with me, the sight of her as I watched her tongue slowly go around her lips sent a chill through my body. I couldn't hold it anymore between my wife grinding on my dick and Jill rubbing her pussy I could not hold it in as I exploded in my wife's wet hot pussy she fell forward laying on my chest I glanced at Jill once more as she winked and blew me a kiss her face covered with cum. So began the couple experience for us.

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2 years ago
I'm seriously considering getting a 2nd cock for my wife to play with... She's got a girl, but perhaps another guy will add some spice.
3 years ago
that's only part one of it all. It gets better
3 years ago
Definitely want them as friends. Hope to hear more about your friendship.
3 years ago
Sounds like my kind of friends,,keep them,,I would,thanks