I was sitting at the bar watching her on the dance floor. She looked fantastic I thought to myself. She was wearing black high heels, they were very sexy shoes, black hold up stockings, short black skirt. When she walked or bent over you could see the stocking tops. That really turns me on I thought to myself. All the other guys in the room were watching her waiting to catch a glimpse of those sexy stocking tops as she danced. Black Basque, her hair just the way he liked it she looked fantastic, I am a lucky man he said to himself under his breathe.
The music changed and a slow song came on, will she come back to the bar or wait is she going to dance with him. Mike was his name, we had being talking to him on the internet for a couple of months, we both liked him, not to pushy understood that we had never done anything like this before and wanted to take things slowly. We had agreed to meet with him at a show in London and just see how we got on. We had all had a great day, the show was brilliant and we were now at the after show party. The more time we spent together the more relaxed we became and Ann had now taken Mike onto the dance floor, I sat at the bar watching them closely.
Ann took Mike by the hand and pulled him close; she had a look in her eye that I had never seen in the 20 years we had been together. I could see the look in Mike’s eyes too he was hers, he would do anything she asked, and he could not take his eyes off of her, he was completely transfixed.
I watched them dancing my heart beating fast, nervous and excited at the same time. Ann had now pulled Mike very close to her I could see by the look on his face that he was very excited, he moved his head down towards my wife’s neck and started kissing her as they slowly moved around in a circle. I could see her eyes were closed and she had that telling wanton look on her face. I watched intently waiting to she who would make the next move, and then it happened Ann looked up at me and smiled.
I moved forward for a better look. She moved her hand slowly down his back on to his ass, down to the outside of his thigh, moving slowly towards his cock she started to rub. The look on Mike’s face was a picture he was trying desperately hard to position his body so know one could see the bulge in his trousers. Ann looked into his eyes pulled him close and they kissed, this was it I thought, she is going to go through with it we are going to have our first threesome.
They came back to the bar, “Get the drinks in please hun, think me and Mike need a drink after that dance!” She had that look of a woman who knows what she wants, and she was going to get it. We got our drinks, Ann downed hers looked at us both,” Come on then boys lets go back to the hotel.”
We only waited for 10 mins before the cab came, I went to sit in the front but Ann looked at me and said, “Oh no you don’t I want you both in the back with me one either side”. I told the driver the hotel name and we were on our way. Ann had taken off her coat before getting into the cab she now laid the coat over all of our laps. I looked at her, she kissed me and told me she loved me. She put her hands under her coat looking straight forward, she placed her hand on my thigh, I started to become aroused straight away. I could see that she also had her hand on Mike’s thigh, she moved her hand onto my cock slowly rubbing me up and down closing my eyes I new Mike was getting the same treatment.
Ann causally chatted with the cab driver telling him what a great day she had, all the time rubbing both the cocks on either side of her. I moved my hand under the coat, placing my hand onto her thigh I could already feel that her skirt had been pulled up my hand touching her stocking tops, she pushed her leg against mine opening her legs wider, I moved my hand towards her pussy but only moved my hand an inch before realizing that Mike’s hand was already between hers legs. For the first time in Ann’s life another man was now touching her. I could tell from the way her leg was pushing against mine trying to f***e her legs wider that he was obviously doing something right! “Here we are,” piped up the cab driver.
I paid the cab driver, Ann and Mike were already on there way into the hotel arm in arm. I followed them into the bar area, “What do you guys want?” Mike asked. We both looked at one another and smiled, “Amaretto with ice please”, we said at the same time, “Can we have three of those please” Mike said to the bar man. “I have had a great day guys, thanks for inviting me I have really enjoyed today, cheers!” we all raised our glasses to a toast.
Ann looked at us both,” Come on boys lets get another one of these and go up to our rooms”, I went to the bar to order another round, is this it I thought to myself is my wife going to ask Mike back to our room! ”What would you like sir?” the barman asked, “Same again please,” I said. Ann came up to me gave me a kiss on the cheek, “Let me give you a hand with that,” taking one of the glasses. Mike and I followed Ann to the lift she pushed the button the lift door opened, “In you go” she said with a smile. We could not see which floor button Ann had pushed Mike was on the 3rd floor we were on the 4th, I watched the floor led 1…2…. Would we be stopping on the 3rd floor to drop Mike off or would he be coming up to our floor! It seamed to take forever 3….. Then it happened 4 she was planning for Mike to join us. Time seemed to have stopped the next thing I knew we were outside our room, “Come on darling open the door” Ann said.
We moved into the room this is it we had fantasized about this moment for years, what was I supposed to do! Should I take the lead? I did not have to think long,”Right you two get yourselves comfortable, sit down” Mike and I looked at one another. There were two chairs one either side at the bottom of the bed we both did as we were told and sat down.
My wife came over kissed me on the lips and wispered in my ear “I love you!” Taking a step back she looked at Mike with a smile on her face,”Come here loverboy!” (that was her nickname for him) Mike looked at me, not sure what he should do next, I smiled and just nodded. He was up out of the chair as soon as I had given him the all clear; I sat back in my chair my cock was already feeling like it was going to bust.
I could clearly see that Mike’s cock was as hard as mine. Ann pulled him towards her kissing him full on the lips their tongues trying to f***e thier way into each others mouths. Coming up for air Ann pushed him back, she moved her hands down to the side if her skirt undoing the zip she then pushed her skirt down and stepped out. She moved her hand towards his belt, undoing the top button of trousers. Ann pulled them down with his pants in one movement, she gasped when she saw his cock it was a good 8 inches in size. She moved back, sat down on the bed his cock was straight in front of her, she started to wank his cock very slowly moving her other hand under his balls and gently squeezing them.
By this time I was wanking my cock, it was harder than it had been for years. I was transfixed I could not take my eyes off of them. My wife pulled Mike closer, his cock now only inches away from her face, she started with his balls licking each one then sucking, moving her tongue up his shaft looking up at him. She placed the tip of his cock between her lips and slowly moved her head forward taking as much of his cock as she could. The look on Mike’s face was a picture as my wife was sucking his cock, I could see she was trying but his cock was too big for her to take the whole length. I could tell the way that Mike’s hips were starting to more in time with my wife sucking his huge cock that she was starting to get the better of him. He moved his hand to the back of her head and tried to pull away, Ann would not let him instead she placed her hand on his hips and started to pull him into her mouth this was to much for Mike’s he gasped as he started to cum in her mouth, Ann didn’t stop sucking and taking as much of his length as she could she swallowed as much of his cum as she could, taking his cock out of her mouth see looked at him while she licked him clean.
Ann stood up kissed Mike on the lips smiled and said my turn, she laid on the bed positioning her self at the end of the bed. Mike knelt at the end of the bed his hands starting at her ankles moving up onto her thighs pushing her legs wider, onto her stocking tops. Moving up his finger started to trace the outline of her knickers. He moved his head between her legs and kissed his way up her leg he traced the outline of her knickers with his tongue and started to kiss her through her knickers. Ann moved her hands down and pushed her kickers down; Mike moved back and took them off. Moving his head back between her legs he started to lick and suck, Ann hand on the back of his head controlling the pace.
“I want to suck your cock now come here” I moved onto the bed Ann took my cock in her hand placed my cock between her lips and took the whole length in one go. I could tell by the way she was pulling Mike’s hair that she was enjoying him sucking her pussy. Taking my cock out of her mouth she told us to change places, telling me that she wanted to make Mike hard again so he could fuck her. We changed places; I pulled her lips apart and started to lick her clit with only the tip of my tongue, I could here her sucking noisily on his cock looking up I could see that his cock was back to its full size as he pushed it in and out of her mouth. I started to suck her clit her hand now on the back of my head forcing me to suck harder. I put my finger inside her as I sucked, then two, I could tell she was enjoying me sucking and fingering her as she sucked Mike’s monster cock.
She pushed my head back looked at me and told me she wanted Mike to fuck her now. We changed places. I watched as Mike placed his cock between her lips, using his hand he rubbed it up and down her lips, he looked at my wife and said tell me you want me tell me to fuck you. Ann opened her eyes looked at him and said “please fuck me, fuck me now” he pushed his cock into her slowly; I saw her gasp as she closed her eyes. Mike took his time giving her a little bit more off his cock every time he pushed back into her. Anns hand was on my cock looking at me,” I want to suck your cock while he fucks me.” She started to suck my cock in time with Mike’s thrusts, I could tell the way Mike and my wife had started to speed up that they were getting close to orgasm. I started to push my cock in and out of Anns mouth knowing that I was close to cumming. Ann then moved her head back “ FUCK me FUCK me I’m coming” Mike then looked up “Yes YES” as his spunk shot its way into my wife I wanked my cock cumming over Anns tits.
Mike, Ann and I fucked for another 2 hours, waking up in the morning in the same bed, hopefully our first of many threesomes.

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always fancyed trying this with my wife, she likes me to talk about it while we have sex!!!!!!!!!!!!
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should be easy to repeat with such a sexy lady
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Great story! V x
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Good story - turned me on
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hot story, something about even catching a glimpse of a lacy stocking top thats a turn on!
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Great story!
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Fantastic read.
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Great, got me hard as hell
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very sexy night
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great story wish i was mike
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