The Atonement

I kneel before You now in abject terror, Master. Knowing I must atone for my sins against You. Head bowed, I stare at the instrument of atonement. Your wrath. My salvation. The whip.
I take a deep breath to steady my nerves and reach out to touch it. Wrapping my fingers around it, I lift it skyward. Then, with trembling hands, I open my palms and offer it to You.
You make me hold it for the longest time, causing my arms to ache as I reflect on Your grievances against me. They are wholly justified. I deserve this.
Finally, You lift it from my hands, and I clasp them behind my back. You lift one bare foot to me, and I lean forward to kiss not the top of it, but the sole. To prove that I worship even the ground You walk on, Master.
You slide the foot up onto my head, and gently press down, forcing it to the floor. I arch my back painfully, to present my ass to You, and reach back to slide my silky panties down to my knees, before clasping my hands behind my back once again.
You circle me slowly, inspecting Your property. You stop behind me. I wait, trembling in fear, until I suddenly feel the feathery-light touch of Your whip tracing down my spine. I shudder and moan sweetly.
Before the sound of that first moan fades, You strike like lightening. I cry out in pain and surprise as the initial blow lands across my pretty ass cheeks. Then I am silent. I try my best not to move, Master, but as the whip cracks against my tender flesh over and over, I cannot help but flinch.
I begin to whimper softly. And, as You see a small pool of bl**d rise to the surface and trickle down the back of my thigh, the whip is cast aside. You drop to Your knees and wrap Your fist into my long, blonde hair, pulling it roughly so You can see my tear-streaked face.
Staring into my dazed, blue eyes, You shove two fingers into me. I am wet. Ready. I hear Your zipper, then feel the tip of Your manhood parting my lips. You enter me in one hard thrust. I scream as I am violently stretched around Your swollen shaft, and You begin to pump furiously in and out.
As I feel You begin to swell and throb inside me, I rock my hips back hard to match Your every stroke. You groan as Your entire body is rocked by an intense orgasm. I contract my muscles tightly, milking You, Master, as You spew stream after stream of Your essence into me.
When you have finished, You rise from me and disappear. In a moment, You return and hand me a warm, wet cloth. I gently clean the bl**d and sperm from my thighs, and You pull me into your arms, stroking my hair.
I hear You murmur, “Good girl. All is forgotten”. And I smile and sigh contentedly, as I melt into Your arms…

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2 years ago
love your stories ;)
3 years ago
good but short