I was standing in front of a rack of Victorian corsets in my
favorite sex shop. I have several playmates, and I'm always on the
lookout for new, exciting bits of erotic lingerie for my pets to wear.
I was fingering a particularly sexy satin corset, when a shy looking
young woman entered the store. She looked to be in her early 20s, dark
blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, and a body that sent an instant
spark to my cock. She looked around hesitantly,
obviously uncomfortable in the surroundings, before making her way to
the opposite side of the very rack behind which I stood. She was
immediately drawn to a stunning corset of deep blue velvet and black
lace. I watched as she began to stroke the velvet, a look of rapture
coming over her pretty face. I could resist no longer, and stepped
around the rack to stand next to her. Startled, she took a step back,
releasing the garment she had been admiring.
I gave her my most charming smile as I pulled the corset from the
rack. "I'll bet your boyfriend sent you here to pick out something
special for tonight.", I said. She blushed, and began to trace one
finger up and down the stays of the corset as she replied, "My
boyfriend and I broke up 3 months ago. I guess I'm just here looking
for something to make me feel sexy again." .
"I'm sorry to hear that, " I said,
"but it's probably for the best. I don't think he understood your
special needs. You see, this is a very special garment, for a very
special type of woman. It's a restraining garment, designed to give
the wearer the feeling of being tightly bound. And there are loops for
bindings to be attached." I slid one finger into a loop then withdrew
it. Slowly, in and out, her eyes never left my hand as my finger
fucked the loop. "Why don't you try
this on?"Her voice quavered as she whispered, "I think you have the wrong idea
about me." I looked into her eyes and said. "I'm seldom wrong about
these things. You said yourself you wanted to feel sexy again. So why
deny something that will give us both so much pleasure?" Her hand
shook as she took the corset and headed toward the dressing room. A
few minutes later, I slipped into the room behind her. I gazed at her
beautiful young body encased from hips to breasts in velvet and lace.
Surrounded on all sides by full length mirrors. "It's not tight
enough. Shall I show you?" She nodded mutely. The laces were in
front. I stepped between her and the mirror. Wrapping one lace around
each hand, I began to pull, smoothly, steadily, hard, until her waist
was tightly compressed. I looked into her eyes, then pulled as hard as
I could. She gasped once then let out a low moan. I stepped behind
her, and we both gazed at her reflection in the mirror. I ran my hands
up her body. When they reached her breasts, I pulled at the fabric there, and the detachable cups came away in my hands, leaving
her firm, high breasts fully exposed. Her nipples hardened instanty,
and I began to pull and twist them between my fingers to bring them
fully erect. As she stared at herself, I ducked quickly from the room
and returned a moment later with another item. I helped her into a
special pair of long black gloves with clips at the wrists and elbows.
She watched transfixed as I fastened her wrists together, then her
elbows to the sides of the corset. I grabbed her breasts in both hands
and squeezed them as I growled in her ear, " You like this, don't
you?" Before she could answer, I unzipped my pants ,pulled my swollen,
throbbing penis free, and f***ed her to her knees. I hadn't been this
aroused in a very long time, and a steady stream of precum was oozing
from my cock. I rubbed the head back and forth across her lips. "Look
up at me! Now open your mouth!" She whimpered softly, but parted her
pretty lips and allowed my fat, shiny cock head to slip into her warm, wet mouth. She began to suck as I wrapped my
fingers in her hair and fed her my hard cock. I thrust in and out,
deeper with each stroke, until she began to gag and try to push me
away. She struggled against the restraints for a moment before
submitting and allowing me to thrust my cock all the way in and fuck
her throat. The feel of her throat muscles squeezing my cock as she
sucked drove me into a sexual frenzy! I pulled her roughly to her
feet, unfastened her elbows, and bent her over the chair in the corner
of the dressing room. I parted her pussy lips with the head of my cock
and began to push. She cried out as I began to enter the tightest
pussy my prick had ever known, and I realised she was even younger
than I thought. I instructed her not to cry out again, and began to
stretch her tight little pussy open, inch by inch, feeling it wrap
snugly around my cock. She began to moan softly, and as I entered her
fully, her pussy began to twitch. I started to fuck her with long deep
strokes, I used my knee to f***e her legs further apart and began to ram my
cock in and out of her exquisite fuckhole as hard as I could. She
thrust her ass up to allow my full, swollen balls to slap against her
hard clit, and within a few strokes the girl began to cum. Her pussy
convulsing, grabbing my cock, squeezing it rythmically. It was like
nothing I'd ever felt before! My cock exploded into her tight young
cunt. Spewing huge streams of my hot cum deep into her as her cunt
muscles continued to milk me. It felt as if I would never stop
cumming, but finally my balls finished emptying themselves and I
withdrew. As I cleaned myself with my hankerchief, I asked her if she
had learned anything today. She smiled and said yes, today I learned
who I really am. I kissed her on the forhead as I put my very
satisfied cock away, unclipped her wrists, and left her in the
dressing room with my cum running down her thighs.....
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3 years ago
I thought being a guy in a lingerie shop might be fun, but..........!
3 years ago
Whoa what a fantastic story O.O too bad nobody does that in real life :/ i would love for this to happen to me
3 years ago
nice one:D
3 years ago
very hot!
3 years ago
Very good, thanks for sharing