Construction Site Slut

I work in an office building downtown. They're building a new parking garage next door, so I have to park at the end of the block and walk past the construction site to get to and from work every day. The first level of the garage will be underground, so the men are a good 10 or 12 feet below me as I walk by and can look right up my skirt. I love the shouts and whistles I get from the workers, so my skirts have been getting shorter and shorter as the weeks go by. And every so often, like today, I wear a garter belt and stockings as a special treat for them.

But I'm disappointed. It's been raining all night, and the site looks deserted this morning. Then I spot the foreman and another guy over by the office trailer. I slow down to give them a chance to see me. When they do, they begin to stroll my way, pointing and pretending to be talking business. When they get close enough, I stop, bend slowly down, and begin to adjust the strap on my cum-fuck-me heels. But I accidentally catch my anklet and it breaks, falling through the chain-link and into the mud at the bottom of the pit. One of the men plucks it from the mud and attempts to hand it up to me. I squat and reach down but my hand won't fit through the fence.

I suddenly become aware that both the men are staring at my crotch. I look down and realize that my legs are spread far enough to give them a perfect view of my smooth, shaved pussy, barely covered by a tiny, white lace thong. The foreman slowly brought his eyes up to mine, smiled, and said, "I guess you'll have to come down here to get it. There's a ramp at the end of the fence. I'll meet you there and show you how to keep your pretty shoes from getting ruined."

I made my way carefully down the ramp. True to his word, the foreman was waiting for me when I got to the end. He looked me up and down, then suddenly scooped me into his arms and began to carry me towards the trailer. He threw the door open and carried me in, his friend (who I found out later was a driver for one of the suppliers), came in behind us and shut the door. It was then that he set me down. Seeing my distress, he explained that he brought me here so that I could use the sink to clean off my ankle chain. And that he had been wanting to talk to me about something anyway.

"Do you know how dangerous it is to stroll by the construction site looking like that? Someone could get hurt because you were distracting them!" I replied that I had no idea what kind of distraction he was talking about, and headed toward the door. He stepped in front of me to block my escape and the driver came up close behind me. My heart began to pound as I realized I had lost control of the situation. If I'd ever had control at all. He said, "We'll show you what I'm talking about." A pair of hands grabbed my ass cheeks and started to knead them roughly. I pulled away, only to have the foreman stop me by putting his hands on my breasts and beginning to fondle them. Against my will, my nipples started to harden beneath his fingers, and I felt a familiar tingle between my legs. He suddenly pulled my shirt and bra up over my head, leaving me naked from the waist up.

As he began to unzip his pants, he said to his friend, "Check her pussy!", and I felt a hand dive under my skirt and between my trembling legs. Laughing, the man said, "She's ready alright. her slutty little panties are soaked!" I heard a zipper being lowered behind me. Then the driver hiked my skirt up to my waist and bent me over. He rubbed his swollen cock head between my pussy lips, found my little fuck hole, and started to push his rock hard cock into me. "Oh fuck! What a nice tight cunt!", he said as he began to pop the head in and out. Then, just as I was getting used to being fucked with only the head, he grabbed my hips and rammed his cock all the way in! I screamed in surprise and pain as it slammed hard against my cervix. "Shut the bitch up", he growled, "If the inspector shows up now and hears this slut screaming like that, he'll call the cops!"

The foreman laughed wickedly, and replied, "I can fix that!" He reached into his pants and pulled out the fattest prick I had ever seen! I didn't even realize I had opened my mouth until I heard him calling me a cock hungry little slut and felt his dick sliding between my lips. He began to push it steadily deeper, whispering the whole time, "That's it slut. Suck my fat fucking cock. I've never been able to get a decent blowjob. You bitches always choke and make me stop." When he was 1/2-way in, I heard him say to the driver, "See if the nasty little whore can scream now."

The cock in my pussy was abruptly withdrawn. He braced his legs, lined his prick up to my fuck hole, and rammed it home again as hard as he could. My pussy began to twitch. "This little slut's getting ready to cum!" , he yelled. They both began to fuck me hard and fast, and my pussy exploded for them. My cunt muscles grabbing and squeezing that cock over and over as the foreman fucked my mouth like it was another pussy. I felt the dick in my cunt respond to my orgasmic spasms by swelling and beginning to pulse. The driver exclaimed, " Her fuck hole's trying to milk my cock!" His friend told him to go ahead and cum in my pussy, because he was going to shoot his load down my throat any minute.

But after a couple of thrusts he said, "Fuck no! I'm not wearing a condom. And no way do I want to get a filthy slut like this pregnant!" He yanked his prick out of my pussy, lined the head up with my ass hole and started thrusting. I tried to resist by grabbing on to the man in front of me and using him to pull my ass away. At the same time shaking my head back and forth, trying to say NO. That made the foreman's fat cock slide even further into my mouth. And when he felt my throat muscles opening up for it, he said, "I don't know what you're doing, but keep it up. This bitch is about to deep throat me!"

When the driver explained what was happening, the foreman told him to put his cock head against my ass hole again. As soon as he did, the man in front placed his hands on my shoulders and leaned his weight forward. He pushed with his hips and arms, causing his cock to slide down my throat as my virgin ass was f***ed onto the drivers cock. The driver grunted in satisfaction and began to pump his engorged penis in and out with gusto.

The three of us were in a sexual frenzy. Each caring only about their own needs. The men fucked my holes like a****ls, cocks swelling and pulsing in my ass and mouth, swollen balls tightening, preparing to drain themselves into me. The foreman was moaning loudly, and the cock in my mouth began to twitch and jump. I thrust my ass up. Allowing the cock there to fully penetrate me so I could feel his heavy, cum-filled balls pounding against my clit with every stroke. He growled, "That's it you filthy fucking slut. Milk my cock with your tight little ass!" He and I started cumming at the same time. My cunt squirting juice all over his balls as his prick exploded deep in my ass. I tilted my head back,reached around with my hand, slid my middle finger up the foreman's ass, and started to wiggle it against his prostate. He cried out in ecstasy as he came with us, his cock spurting seemingly endless streams of hot sperm down the back of my throat.

I licked both the men clean before the foreman carried me back through the mud and set me back on the ramp. I turned and started up, but only got a couple of steps before he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. He kissed me roughly, said, "Don't wear any panties tomorrow, slut!" Then turned and walked away.

I made my way to the office, stopping to take a whore's bath in the ladies room. And spent the rest of the day with a smile on my face, fantasizing about tomorrow.......

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2 years ago
sooo fab x
2 years ago
2nd part please? this was amazing
3 years ago
5 stars for that naughty story:)
3 years ago
I just noticed all the wonderful comments left here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am new at writing, so the encouragement means the world to me!
Love and kisses, Taylor
3 years ago
Wonderful story, well told x
3 years ago
Love It!
3 years ago
Awesome my little cock sucking spunk swallower, you can message me any time!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
omfg hot story, lucky bastards
3 years ago
what a fucking hot story! hopefully tomorrow all the men at the site take a turn in ur slutty holes!
3 years ago
fuckin awesome .. i LOVE IT!!!!.. mmmmmmmmmm you dirty filthy little slut.. ..