First time I caught her cheating

Back in university, I was sharing a flat with my GF then. I had suspicion that she was cheating on me, so one day I didn't go to my lecture, instead I waited in the car round the corner. After about an hour I saw her coming out of the complex, and heading up the road in short skirts and pink tank top. No purce and wearing her sport shoes. As soon as reached the top of the hill, and began walking down out of view, I moved out and made my way to the top of the hill, she was at the bottom of the road, crossing over to the park.

I moved closer towards her, and decided to park up on a side road where I can see big part of the park without being seen. I kept looking at every guy heading towards where she was sitting, and hoping my suspicions are wrong. She was gorgeous slender iranian girl, with long jet black hair, perky titts with great huge pink nipples, and a nice bulged butt.

loads of guys tried to chat to her but she wasn't interested, I began to relax, but soon after the first black guy appears, and I can see Her figiting around, then she got up and walked towards the bushes, she got to a tree and stood. The guy arrived and he was looking around whilst unzipping his jeans, she quickly went down to her knees and was looking up at him, I can see the look on his face as he was looking around, he couldn't believe his luck.
I had perfect view from where I was, and his semi hard black cock was out. I was pissed specialy it was a random black guy, but surprisingly my cock was rock hard. i got out my phone to zoom in on the action. But when his fat cock was out, I was wondering surely my gorgeous petit Iranian GF can't Handel that.
Little didn't I know she was a pro, that cock was in her mouth faster than I can imagine, the guy was holding his shirt and pumping her mouth, but soon he had his hand on the back of her head and fucking her throat. I can see her arms moving with her hand up her skirt. She was choking badly so he took his cock out and that is when I saw his full big cock, it was at least 8 inches long, probably longer but looks smaller because it was so thick.

My gf's sliver was dripping from the tip of his bouncing cock, whilst she was slumpt down coughing and spitting in the ground. He began to slap her head with his cock, and reached down her top to grab her nipples, that when should looked again and opened her mouth for more, she was looking up at him looking for some sort of affection, but she was just a whore to him. He then took his cock out and tried to reach under her skirt while she began to stand up, but she pushed his hand away with a smile looking for a kiss, but he slapped her ass and pushed her onto the tree behind her, he lifted her skirt up, and her ass was out and no sign of knickers.
again she tried to push his hand away, and after a bit of struggle he had her hands behind her back, and began to f***e his cock in her pussy whilst she was bent over. I can see the pain on her face, that cock was stretching her tight pussy out, she had great fat pussy lips and very wet when she was horny. That guy was definitely enjoying himself, so was I surprisingly!

Few minutes later and her hand were holing her ass wide open whilst he fucked her hard, she was loving it I can tell, her tank top down to her waist and both of her tits were flying all over the place , she kept trying to hide her nipples with on arm and hold her tits in, but he was fucking her so hard, she had to submit and let him use her body as he wants.
Good ten minutes later, though to me it all happened so quick.
It was so horny, I just wanted to see her pussy and taste it, she looked so satisfied whilst his dick was dripping on the ground. He bent down to pull his trouser up, but she grabbed his cock and began to suck the tip for couple of minutes. Then he left while she was tidying her self up, looking around and her senses began to return back to her.

I looked down and my hard on was harded than ever, I decided to race back home, and wait until she gets up into the foat, before I come back. By the time I walked into the flat, she was walking back from the toilet towards the bedroom. She looked shocked as I was earlier than usual, but I quickly went to grab her before she tried to get away. She was trying to keep distance, but I was desperate to taste her pussy, so I reached into her skirt from behind as she walked away, and asked where are your knickers, she just said "huh" and began trying to make a story of how she was getting ready to go out, I was playing with her clit but she was trying to get away telling me it isn't a good idea now.

As she leant forward to push my hand away, both my hand just grabbed her bum cheeks and spread wide apart, and there it was was, her fat gaping fat brown pussy lips, I was onto it faster than a flash, running my tongue all over the lips, and rimming her ass before getting my tounge deep in her pussy, sadly if she had any of his cum in her, she must have pissed it away. All I can taste was drips of her pee, and her dried squirt all over the inside of her thighs.
I think she was surprised at first, but she was happy to lay back on the bed, with knees up and let me clean her pussy out eventually.
It was like a sweet that you didn't want to finish, I wanted that look of satisfaction in her eyes to last as long as possible. In a way it was liberating for me too. I no longer needed to be faithful, I can get my ass fucked by horny old men without guilt. Obviously I wasn't going to tell her what I knew she got up to, but we both sort of knew. We both got up to our own horny fun, but returned home for each other.
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my wife is persian and a slut too. she likes to fuck black guys in front of me. check out her pics in my profile..
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Thanks :)
1 year ago
nice story man,