mij friend

after exercise we went showering. I dropped my pants pockets, and my dick came out. I saw one in his underpants bobel arise, and I asked him if I could bring down his underpants. like he said. There was a rather large and thick penis appeared. my dick was instantly huge and stiff. My boyfriend asked if I wanted his cock and took hold of mine. Slowly we began each others dicks subtracting. I asked him if he wanted to lick my dick. He did only too happy. I began to suck his dick. We were both very excited, so it was not long before I came into his mouth. He let my semen dripping from his mouth. When I began my friend's dick and began licking him a blow. He came in my mouth. We licked each other's penis clean. We get dressed, and drove home very satisfied.
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4 years ago
This was a little too short you needed more story it could have been very good thanks