Wife's first MFM DP

My wife has always gotten off on anal, either masturbating or using a dildo in one hole while I fucked the other, but she had never had a live DP in both of her tight holes. We have been swingers for years but it just has not all fallen into place to give her that. My good friend over the last 12 or more years Ryan had started attending swinger events and the wife has always found him very attractive, even more exciting she has never had a black man. We asked Ryan to join us at a camp out and that he could stay in our camper (as he had done a few times). This time I was planning on giving the wife a DP with Ryan, I just had to figure out how to go about it. After the first night of partying, we all started drinking a little early to cure the hangover. As the sun went down, and the flirting had flowed all day I took Ryan aside when the wife went to the bathroom and asked if he would like to fuck my wife sometime with me, "sure, she is hot" he replied. The wife returned and Ryan said he was getting some more beer and would be right back.
I started kissing my wife and playing with her nipples, she was getting very horny so I whispered to her "Ryan said he would love to fuck you, would be a good DP", "how would we start it" she asked. "let me handle that" I told her and we began making out, her nipples were hard as ever, I could tell the thought got her hot. I took off her top and set her on the couch as I pulled her shorts of and slowly started to lick her clit, "he will be back soon" she said and reached down to stop me. I pushed her hand away and said softly "just relax". I sucked and licked her clit knowing that it would drive her crazy, as her hips began to buck I heard the door open. She didnt even acknowledge it as her head was back, eyes closed, and close to cumming. I looked over while driving my tongue deep into her wet tight pussy to see Ryan stroking his cock, I sucked her clit deep into my mouth then licked away making my wife quiver as her juice slowly poured out of her silky hole, moaning as she came.
I pulled my shorts off exposing my now extremely hard cock, turned her over doggy style as Ryan sat down in front of her, his hard black cock waiting for her. She slowly began to stroke him, and I pressed softly on the back of her head to suck his big cock. As she began to gobble him faster and deeper I slipped my cock easily into her soaking wet tight pussy. I couldnt help but ram her harder and faster the more I watched her stuff his large cock in her mouth, her spit glistening down his shaft and balls. I motioned to Ryan to lay down on the bed as soon as he did my wife climb over him and very slowly inch his cock into her sweet pussy, her swollen large lips engulfed his big black cock, I watched her bounce up and down on him for a few minutes as I stroked my cock, pre cum flowing from my swollen head. I put my hand on her ass and she knew to slow to a stop, I licked her ass while Ryan's cock pulsed as it stuffed her hole, then I pressed the head of my cock against her asshole, slowly pushing in. My head stretched her open and disappeared in her tight ass, at that moment my wife started riding that black cock faster and faster the deeper in her ass I went. I could feel our swollen cocks rubbing between her wall and our balls slapped together against her, the instant my whole cock was buried in her ass my wife screamed, her ass tightened so tight I couldnt move my cock I can assume her pussy did the same to Ryan's cock.....then she exploded a gusher of cum from her pussy and her entire body began shaking as she bucked wildly fucking both our cocks."FUCK, FUCK, Oh MY GOD" she yelled still soaking us in her hot pussy cum, "fuck my holes harder harder" she whimpered, I felt my cum began to rise and could feel my best friends cock swell thru her inner wall. "I'm gonna cum" I said my wife responded "FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR CUM" I instantly un loaded the most sperm I have shot, pulse after pulse filled her ass with hot cum. I pulled out to see my cum running out her ass and over Ryans cock and balls. A minute or so later Ryan's black cock started to pulse and a huge vein swelled as he pulled out of my wifes sweet pink pussy and sprayed it with his thick spurts of cum. My wife said her body was beat, yet cleaned both our cocks off until we both were at full attention and thanked us by sucking us off til we came again.

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6 months ago
Really enjoyed your story, very very hot indeed!!
7 months ago
You had the pest part, being deep in her ass, nice story, please let's us know if you ever repeat the D.P.
7 months ago
Awesome,,sure wish we were closer,,would luvento share also..thanks