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It's after Midnight, you come to bed. As you come to the doorway, you see I'm jacking my cock, it looks really big and hard. I'm lost in my self pleasuring, don't notice you standing there watching me. After a few minutes of watching me bringing myself to the point of cumming, but stopping before I do, (edging it's caled). You back, back into liviving undress, and sit on the edge of the couch and begin rubbing your clit and fingering yourself. Imagining how good it'd feel to have my big hard cock deep in your pussy or to tease it with your, lips and tongue. Your pussy is hot slick with your buttery juice. After you've brought yourself to a couple of orgasms. You get up, getting the blue string, that came out of my hoodie, off the desk. Snicking up to bedroom door to see if I'm still edging. Seeing that I'm still at it, you burst into room. Startling me, yelling "what the fuck." Coming to my side of the bed, you slap my hard cock violently, back and forth. Grabbing my balls, roughly, you pull them down, saying, "you've been wanting your fucking nuts tied, well here you go." You pull the string out, procede to tie my balls and cock tightly! Where my balls are separated. You begin stroking my cock kind of rough with one hand, pulling down hard, retracting my foreskin. Exposing his head which you proceed to bite, and drag your teeth on. Then as you drag your teeth off the head of my growing purple cock head you slap my balls hard with your other hand. I jump, double up in pain, scream out, "damn baby!" Shoving me back flat on the bed, you laugh sarcastically, "awe did it hurt baby!" " Telling me, "turn over," as you dig through our toys, pulling out the strap-on harnessed, two cocks. Lubing up the smaller one, you push it in my ass, using it as a butt plug. Rolling me back over you step up on the bed. You position yourself over my face on your knees. Reaching back spreading your cheeks as you sit back burying my face into your musky sweaty ass crack. Instructing me to lick you in long slow wide licks so I don't miss any of your presious sweat, throughly cleaning you. As you tease my tied cock and balls with your vibrater. Working it up and down my shaft, over my restrained balls. My cock twitches dances like it does whenever it's about to cum! You slap my cock hard making it sting in pain, I sing out and jump; but can't make a noise, can't move! You've sat back on my face harder adding more weight to my chest, pinning me to the bed with f***e! You slide down my hairy chest over my belly, Straddling my cock taking him, reverse cowgirl deep. Your big beautiful ass pressed against my stomach. You begin rocking back and forth, leaning forward on your hands, pushing back with f***e, driving your hot wet pussy over my enraged rod. That virgin back door love hole, exposed and winking at me, as my manhood moves inside you! I can't resist, the temptation is to great. I stick my right index finger in my mouth, getting it really wet with spit. And put it against that virgin hole gently adding pressure, you moan slowling your pace as I ease my finger deep in your hot ass! Feeling your juices flow over my swollen restrained balls as you cum, I begin moving my finger back forth inside you, slowly at first, faster and harder as you increase the speed and f***e at which you are rocking your body into mine! I pass you our new Hataich Waund, "here Baby hold it against your clit. You do, I feel your pussy contract and push in it's attempt to expel my cock from inside that marvelous muff. I bridge up thrusting my cock against your quivering pussy to keep my ready to expload manhood inside you. You moan out, "oh fuck oh fuck", as you cum, in gushing squirts, my cock spewing it's hot juice deep within you. Colasp forward trying to catch your breath. My shrinking cock still oozing it's cum inside. As soon as you catch your breath, you back up over my face planting your cum dripping love box over my mouth telling me, "eat your cum from my pussy, lick me clean! Which I eagrly do! To be rewarded by you putting on your strap-on, having me turn over where you get on your knees behind me and drive your biggest cock attachment in my ass, stretching my
hole! Where you pound me, till cum is streaming from semi hard cock! I'm moaning groaning, grunting when you bottom out! You continue relentlessly fucking me till I passout, when I wake you are gone, I'm alone.

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